Nano-Enhanced Products – Are They Worth It?


CBD is now more than ever becoming a staple in the daily rituals of many health conscious people. This means that a lot of manufacturers fight for their share of the market. It’s expected and if you think otherwise, well, then you’re not in business I guess. In order to remain competitive, many companies turn to innovation and bring new, more effective CBD-based products to the marketplace. That’s where nano-enhanced CBD oil comes into play.

Like I said, one such trend is the nano-enhancing the CBD or hemp products in order to create a more bio-available product. Here I explain the basics about nano-enhancing the CBD oil and cover the most popular manufacturers’ of nano-enhanced CBD products.

Like I said, one such trend is the nano-enhancing the CBD or hemp products in order to create a more bio-available product. Here I explain the basics about nano-enhancing the CBD oil and cover the most popular manufacturers’ of nano-enhanced CBD products.

photo of weed getting nano enhanced

The Basics About Nano-Enhancing

Any hemp-derived oil that contains less than 0.3% THC is considered safe to use and us legal across all 50 US states. The basic active ingredient in the hemp-derived oils is CBD – Cannabidiol, which has an array of useful properties and is a great help for many health conditions like anxiety, arthritis, back, and joint pain, autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and many other serious conditions.

CBD oil is usually made by using CO2 or ethanol extraction to draw out the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. In some cases, the obtained extract is further purified and concentrated, making pure CBD concentrate which is then mixed with an appropriate carrier oil to get the finished CBD oil tincture.

This is the standard and most wide-spread method of making a good-potency CBD oil tincture that has fairly good bioavailability. But some companies have gone a step further in creating an even more bio-available CBD oil. What they do is take the regular CBD molecule and surround it with tiny fat molecules that have even greater absorption in the body. This is a method called Nano-liposomal delivery system.

Nano-enhanced Has Improved Bioavailability In The Body

CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, and the nano-enhancement makes it even more easily absorbed in the body. The more of the CBD get absorbed, the more effective it will be, offering greater relief.  

Think of it as trying to sift coarse and fine salt through a sifter. The fine particles will go through easily and the coarse particles will be captured by the mesh of the sifter. The same goes for the CBD tincture vs. the nano liposomal delivery system. Also, a lot of the larger molecules won’t get absorbed at all or will simply get filtered through the body without having any effect – about 10% of the taken CBD actually gets absorbed.

The smaller nano-enhanced CBD oil particles can easily go through the membranes of the gut, getting completely absorbed by the body – almost 100% of the nano-enhanced CBD oil gets absorbed in the body.

Why Use Nano-Enhanced CBD Products

CBD oil has found great many applications as it has the ability to help with a long list of health issues and problems like anxiety, arthritis, back pain, joint pain and pain in general, diabetes, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and especially aid in better sleep.

A good quality CBD product can set you back quite the buck, but it most cases, it is completely worth it. and there are some quite pricey brands out there. Considering the extra production steps necessary to make the nano-enhanced CBD products, it should come as no surprise that it raises the price significantly.

Still, if you have tried using traditional CBD tincture and found it unsatisfactory, then you can surely try the nano-enhanced CBD version. But always consider your budget, as using CBD oil is not a one-time deal, and it is recommended to be taken daily for best results.

Buying Options for Nano-Enhanced CBD

Any CBD-based product on the market today is advertised as a food supplement and is not sported by the FDA as a remedy for any ailment or health issue. Still, many people believe in the healing powers of CBD and take it daily. When looking for the nano-enhanced version CBD oil version, you need to consider all the possibilities and make an educated selection.

From my research on the market of nano-enhanced CBD products, I’ve seen a lot of inferior and several really good and trusted sources. Here I share the best brands that sell CBD products with Nano-liposomal delivery system.

Nanocraft CBD is probably one of the best CBD brands that I recommend if you’re looking for nano-enhanced CBD solutions. I’ve literally had a conversation on the phone with the owner (Stefan) about these products and I’ve tried them myself. It’s a winning brand that #nailedit for sure.

The Hemplucid brand is a brand of CBD products that has held a prime place among the CBD manufacturers. This brand offers both traditional and nano-enhanced CBD products, so anyone considering getting a good-quality CBD product of any kind can certainly find it here.

The PrimeMyBody brand is another top-rated CBD brand that makes nano-enhanced CBD product. This company has gone a step further, offering rewards programs, healthy lifestyle guidelines and partnership programs.

In Closing

Just like the traditional CBD products, the nano-enhanced CBD products are completely legal and safe to use. The only difference is in the size of the molecules and the bioavailability. That means that if you pass a drug test when using standard CBD oil, you will also pass it when using the nano-enhanced version. But if you are uncertain, then you should not use it.

As I said above, if you have tried taking standard CBD-based products and have not gotten the expected result, then maybe the Nano-liposomal delivery system will help you by increasing the absorbed quantity of CBD in your body. Beware, as with any other natural remedy, you will have to be persistent and take it regularly to achieve the desired results. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions, please!

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