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Having spent thousands of hours researching and testing CBD brands, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about this stuff. With the rise in the number of CBD manufacturers, many look for the “edge” that will separate them from the rest of the crowd. That means companies will get into a micro-niche to inch their way into your home. Prime My Body seems to have found its niche in the innovative liposomal delivery system. Here I’ll share with you a short, quick, and dirty review of the brand as well as an overview of the products they take great pride in creating. If you’re on the market for CBD, then you’ll surely want to read this before making any purchases of any kind.

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Prime My Body CBD Review

The Prime My Body Brand Overview

I’ll kick things off talking about the company. They are very innovative-oriented/driven and they make some nice products that cater to a specific and fastidious crowd. has an advanced delivery system in place that guarantees that the CBD is very bioavailable and the user gets the most of their product.

They substantiate this claim by providing clinical test results, which proves their claims that less is more – you take the CBD oil with increased bioavailability and you have better results. The extraction process in place is the supercritical CO2 extraction, ensuring the extraction of all the cannabinoids and terpenes occurring within the hemp plant.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any recent third-party lab test results and there is little evidence of the purity of the hemp they use. That said, I have to say that some have doubts about all their claims of manufacturing a superior CBD product in comparison to others. That’s not for me to decide though, that’s your decision as the consumer.

The Products

There are some very interesting products coming from Prime My Body. There are the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, the Detox System, the Prime Protein, and the Hydrate Pure moisturizing cream. There is a special offer for Vitality – the Life Boost for men, (this a testosterone and CBD infused product) specifically designed to help boost the testosterone.

But the sad thing about the Prime My Body products is the relatively high price you will need to pay to get them. The price of the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is about $150, and that is very high compared to the competition, no matter how bioavailable the oil is.

There is the option to become an affiliate, and this way, you are able to get their products at a very discounted price. This seems unfair because the only way to purchase the Prime My Body products for a reasonable price is if you become an affiliate. But then you get saddled with the responsibility of being an affiliate and you don’t have any guarantees of earning extra income.

The Verdict

From what we gathered so far, Prime My Body is a company that is devoted to holistic health and wellness and they make interesting plant-based products. They use industrial hemp and extract the oil from which they create their products.

There are many positive reviews related to their products, but still, the high price is a deterrent for many people that may be interested in purchasing and using the Prime My Body products on a regular basis without having to become an affiliate or being a millionaire.

I’d also like to point out that they don’t have the best reviews on BBB, but again, that’s for you to check out and form your own opinion on. It’s not exactly terrible, but it’s not great.

If you want to contact the company before buying you can reach out to them at:

1501 LBJ Freeway suite #500

Dallas, TX 75234

The biggest issue I’m seeing is unpaid commissions and products not being delivered.

Final Thought: If you’re looking for a trustworthy brand that you can count on, then give Seabedee CBD a try. Either that or check out the CBD Pure review.

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