At TruthAboutHemp.org we specialize in reviewing CBD brands but we do so much more than that. Truth About Hemp is a privately-funded research company that publishes reports, news, and information on the cannabis industry. Did we miss a brand or CBD product? Let us know and we’ll add it to the queue for testing.

Our Mission

To help consumers better understand the truth about cannabis, hemp, and CBD oil.

When we started this site, there were not a lot of products on the market. There also was not much in terms of clear and concise info that one could rely on. The hemp oil industry resembled the Wild West. As a result, many companies and brands decided to enter the market.

The idea to build a resource that people could trust without question was quickly born. TruthAboutHemp.org was expanded into what’s known as being a truthful source of information for those looking to learn about natural CBD and hemp remedies.

We evolved our nearly decade-old resource (started in 2011) into what’s become the tried and tested publication for the truthfulness and evidence-based facts on hemp and CBD oil.

Why People Trust Us


  • Do our own research
  • Cite publications written by medical professionals
  • Avoid fluff and stick to the facts
  • Cover CBD, hemp, cannabis, nature, body, and mind – because it’s all important

Our reviews are…

  • Written uncomplicated and simple for all to understand
  • Never sponsored or paid for – EVER
  • Published with confidence and thorough research
  • Meant to help you make better decisions

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