Earnings Disclaimer

How do we make money?

Running a website costs a lot of money. In order to pay for those costs, we have ways to earn income throughout the site. Not all, but many of the links on our website contain various unique IDs. When a consumer clicks on said links, if they purchase a product within a certain time period, we may be compensated.

Purchasing products from our site will not cost you an additional cost. If anything, most of the time, we provide consumers with cheaper price points and more affordable buying options. We’re able to get more competitive pricing from companies due to the relationships that we have. This leads to better savings and more deals for our users.

Does that mean your reviews are biased if you’re earning a commission from various hemp oil, CBD and CBG companies?

Not at all. Our reviews are 100% unbiased and the compensation does not influence how we rank and recommend CBD products. If readers enjoy our blog posts, guides, reviews and content updates, then they’ll feel more inclined to buy products from the links posted on the site.

We refuse to be bought and will not make any recommendations for any price if we feel they’re doing something that we don’t agree with. If it doesn’t meet our high expectations and requirements, then it’s not recommended.

Why post these links at all?

Well, as previously stated, these sites are expensive to run and this helps us pay for hosting, review team payroll, content writers, researchers, and more. Every single site on the Internet is collecting money one way or another from some sort of affiliate relationship. This is how we’re able to survive.

We’re a small team that has been operating in the hemp industry for years and people buying products help us exist. So we ask that consumers visiting our site, please, if you see some piece of advice or information that’s helpful. Buying from that link is a way to show appreciation for the information provided.