How To Remove THC From Your Body


When using marijuana for recreational purposes, it may be enjoyable at the time, but it is not as fun when learning you need to take a drug test. What’s worse, having the THC immediately becomes detectable and it resulting in a positive test. Luckily, there are some ways to speed up the removal of the THC from your system.

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The Basics Of A Drug Test

Drug tests have become a standard practice in many work environments. That is a disappointment if you like to light up a joint from time to time. In order to keep your job, you will need to flush your system from the THC.

The Mechanism Of Drug Tests

Any drug test identifies the metabolites from the drug they are testing for, which in this case is THC. Once you inhale the THC, it gets processed by the body. The main metabolite, THC-COOH (or THC-11-oic acid), gets absorbed by the fat in the body and slowly gets metabolized and leaves the body.

The main three tests used for detecting drugs are urine, blood and hair tests. The most common, simplest and cheapest one is the urine test. Because the THC-COOH needs to show at least 50ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) to test positive, you can get away with a little amount of THC in your body.

THC Elimination

When consuming THC, it takes about 5 to 6 days for the THC to get reduced by half its original amount. After the next 5 to 6 days, THC levels reduce another half. It takes about a month for the THC to completely leave your body, assuming you don’t smoke in the meantime.

The THC can be detected in the blood and urine for up to three weeks and in hair tests, up to three months after use. This time is even longer for people that are using marijuana more frequently. There are factors that influence the removal of THC from the body.

The Frequency And Amount You Use

The more you take, the longer it stays in your body.

The Type Being Used

If you eat edibles or concentrates, these take longer to pass through your system. Dabbing and vaping cannabis crystals also delivers a lot of THC, while smoking a joint/bong delivers somewhat less THC and it takes a shorter time for his to evacuate your system.

The Amount Of Body Fat

The more body fat present, the more metabolites get stored. They will remain detectable longer.

The Rate Of Metabolism

This is completely out of your control, as there is nothing you can do to quicken the way your body processes foods.

With drug tests usually done unannounced, there may not be time to wait for your body to naturally cleanse itself from THC. We offer a few suggestions to speed up the process. Keep reading to find out.

Flush Your System


In order to increase your chances of passing a THC drug test, you need to flush the THC out of your system.

Here are a few ways to increase your chances when you are faced with an impromptu test with only a couple of days notice.

If you have a scheduled test coming up, or you are applying for a new position, avoid using THC-based products so you won’t risk testing positive.

Drink Water In Abundance

Dilute the urine to get a very dilute solution where the number of THC metabolites will be below the traceable amount. This means that you should “drown” yourself with water or another hydrating liquid.

Translated to quantity, this means that you will need to drink about three liters of water the day before and on the day of the testing. This way, there will be a lot of water in the urine, and any amount of unwanted substances will be diminished.

Make sure you take vitamins and creatine (a common part of urine) so there is no suspicion of your actions and the test will show that you have normal urine with an obsession to staying hydrated.

Sure you can take one of these drinks to detox from THC if you’d like as well.


Do a detox routine a few days before your test. This method should be done at least two days before the test.

Your best option is to visit a pharmacy and ask for a recommendation for a detox plan and make your selection. There is even a same-day detox plan that claims to clean your urinary tract and help improve the results of the drug test.

Artificial Urine

Take a fake sample. This is the oldest trick in the book when having to pass a test. Obtain a synthetic urine kit, a liquid that resembles real human urine. You need to be careful and provide the sample in private without making it obvious.

If you are going to be facing a regular drug test, but still want to light up a joint or two, purchase a quality product that contains all the ingredients of urine.

Some people claim that Test Clear is that way to go.

Helpful Tips To Pass The Test

There are a few things you should be aware of when faced with a THC drug test with THC in your system.

Avoid Strenuous Workouts

Before any tests, avoid high-impact exercises. Workouts demanding high activity burns the fats that store the THC metabolites. This may cause your sample to be positive.

Urine Sample

When collecting urine, perform the “clean catch” method. Avoid collecting the initial release and the very end as these can contain high levels of THC metabolites and other toxins.


We’ve discussed a few things you can do to test negative for THC for an unexpected drug test when you have smoked a joint or have consumed anything containing marijuana.

The flushing of your body with copious amounts of water will help dilute the urine, as will a detox plan. Both methods seem to be the ideal and deliver the best results.

You can also take vitamins while still having normal urine, but diminishing the content of THC metabolites.

Remember, refrain from working out before a drug test to avoid burning necessary fat. Eat foods rich in fats because they are beneficial and can assist with speeding up the metabolizing of the THC.

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