Detox Drinks For THC Drug Tests


If you enjoy taking advantage of smoking marijuana on occasion, but a drug test is in the near future, consider having a detox drink to help with the removal of THC from the body. I’ve done what I can to cover the basics here as well as specific ingredients and drinks that may be considered.

Detox Drinks Can Help

Many employers have their employees take a mandatory drug test to ensure they are mentally stable to perform the responsibilities of the job. Companies actively hiring request potential employees take the same test for the same reason.

Even if we don’t agree with this, there are places where it is completely unacceptable to enter the workplace while still under the intoxication of THC. There are also some companies that aren’t bothered by it. We will not judge. We’ll outline some of the detox drinks you can drink to significantly improve your chance of passing the THC drug test.

THC Testing

As we mentioned above, many employers test their employees for THC, but surprisingly don’t test for alcohol or heavy drugs. Yet, cannabis gets the short end of the stick and is said to be “socially” unacceptable. Yeah, right.

Even still, many people know the real benefits of cannabis and decide, against all the socially frowned upon norms, to smoke a joint or two for a number of reasons. There are people dealing with severe pain that need to take medical marijuana and the same people are risking their employment by taking a “drug” that is completely natural, actually helpful, and greatly beneficial.

Some people smoke herbs to help them sleep instead of poisoning themselves with sleeping pills. Others do it to stimulate their creative minds. In fact, people suffering from depression, epilepsy and anxiety should consider cannabis products to improve the quality of their lives.

A Chance Against The Test

No matter the purpose of your cannabis intake, there is the possibility of failing a drug test for employment. The companies usually perform a urine test. It’s the cheapest, simplest, and easiest way to find out if someone is THC-positive.

Depending on the metabolism of the body, diet, the frequency of use, and the strain of cannabis you have smoked, THC can be detected 4 to 10 days after your last consumption.

You can help yourself by drinking a detox drink. Which one is the most successful?

The Chemistry Behind Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are a mix of substances that help the body remove THC metabolites as fast as possible. Since there is no magic pill that will suddenly remove all the THC from your system, it’s best to be wise about the timing. If your office conducts drug tests randomly, become better acquainted with the Human Resources department (or the person responsible for organizing the tests) to get an idea of when the next scheduled test is to be expected and simply avoid marijuana a week before testing.

If you have a few days to spare before a drug test, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and boost your metabolism to help the flushing of the THC metabolites. Drink an appropriate detox drink. Several options to detox will be listed below.

The Best Detox Drinks

detox drinks


The simplest option seems to be the most obvious, right? Drinking a lot of water will flush out impurities and produce clear urine to excrete all the unnecessary water from the body, along with the unwanted metabolic toxins that would prove a positive drug test.

You will need to consistently drink excessive amounts of water and relieve yourself as often as possible to avoid build-up of toxins in your bladder. After several liters of water pass through your body within 2 days, the more likely you will test negative for THC.

Cranberry Juice

As a very useful and popular detox juice, cranberry juice is tart, yet full of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. It helps to cleanse the intestines and kidneys, rapidly removing THC metabolites while keeping organs in good health. This option will show a significant reduction of the THC metabolites after a single week of regular use.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is known as nature’s best detox juice. This is recommended by trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and doctors for improving the body’s ability to remove toxins. With this juice, a little goes a long way.

Small sips from concentrated lemon juice help tremendously. Just add a tablespoon of lemon juice to half a liter of water and sip often. We recommend drinking about 4 liters of this juice to get the full effects. This has shown to reduce a considerable amount of THC metabolites in your body. This juice is also loaded with vitamin c, adding to the list of benefits.


Coffee has been used to start the morning right for ages. Not only does it help with stimulating our minds and getting us ready for the day, but amazingly it helps with the flushing of THC from the body, too.

It has diuretic properties and assists with water balance in the body. With the regular drinking of coffee in addition to a glass of water, it speeds up the time it would normally take the body to naturally remove toxins in the body.

Rescue Detox Ice

This is a product pack that makes a natural detox routine simple and easy. These flavored drinks eliminate toxins and pollutants, assisting with removing THC metabolites. All the while, it supplies important electrolytes that support the balance of the body.

Stinger Detox

This 1-hour liquid drink is a product tested by reporters on Vice that helped them pass a drug test for THC. It should be taken with plenty of water and you should urinate as much as possible. Continue to drink this detox juice to stimulate the removal of the THC from your body.

When In Doubt, Wait It Out

If you have a drug test scheduled, it’s best to put a hold on the cannabis intake. Wait for the test to come back negative. When appropriate, celebrate accordingly. If you are not careful and don’t limit your use of cannabis, be sure to always hydrate and drink plenty of fluids. Keep in mind the detox drinks we’ve discussed.

Stock up on water, cranberry juice, lemon juice, coffee, and some Rescue Detox Ice or Stinger Detox drinks to have on hand for the days when you need an extra boost to withdraw the THC from your body.

Have you used something else? If so, please let me know how it’s worked out for you!

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