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All animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) responsible for a lot of important functions in the body. These include immune system response, pain management, metabolism speed, appetite, memory, cognitive functions, and a lot more. Any change in the normal functioning of the ECS can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms and abnormal changes in the body. In recent times, several research studies have linked the causes of several autoimmune disorders with an imbalance in the ECS.

It is easily noticeable in people, as we can note any change and seek help. But animals also experience such changes which are not as obvious, as the animals can’t exactly tell us what is wrong. But they can benefit from taking CBD as a natural supplement, as this compound helps the ECS restore its natural balance.

Like cats and dogs, horses can also benefit from daily doses of CBD. All horses can benefit from CBD, especially horses in recovery from racing, with soreness, chronic illnesses, skin issues, immune issues, and suffering from some autoimmune diseases.

How can CBD help horses?

Horses can experience a wide array of health problems. This is more evident with horses that are living in herds and are kept in stalls, and horses that are partaking in racing. The most common health issues that horses experience and that CBD can help are the following:

Digestive issues – about 80% of adult horses develop some kind of digestive issue, and ulcers are on the top of this list. If the horse suffers from an ulcer, it will stop eating, become restless, and can lose weight. CBD has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, boosting its function and improving its health. It positively affects the healing of ulcers and improving appetite.

Arthritic joints – horses commonly suffer from arthritis as they get older. This condition is caused by long-term inflammation of the joints which causes degeneration of the cartilage, resulting in painful arthritis. Living with arthritis is difficult, especially for horses that spend their whole lives standing. CBD boosts the immune system, helping with the reduction of the inflammation and reducing the progress of arthritis. CBD could also help support partial regeneration of the cartilage, helping horses stay on their feet i.e. hooves.

Heart conditions – it is very common for horses to suffer from enlarged hearts due to excessive training. This condition leads to high blood pressure and other heart diseases, and can even cause heart attack-related deaths. CBD has been linked to improving the health of the cardiovascular system in people, dogs, cats, and horses. Taking a daily dose of CBD can positively affect the heart rate, improving heart health, and normalizing the heart rates, effectively lowering the blood pressure.

Pain – pain is an inevitable part of life, but living in constant pain is not a very pleasant thing to do. Horses that have suffered from an injury usually spend the rest of their lives in pain. The normal route is for doctor-prescribed pain medication for managing pain, but die to the horses’ more fragile nature, they do not respond very well to long-term pain regimens. One of the more famous roles of CBD is in pain management, and this is also effective on horses. The great thing about giving CBD to horses is that it has no known side effects, making it an ideal long-term pain management supplement.

Anxiety – it is more common than one thinks for horses to suffer from anxiety. This is evident with horses in transport or in racing horses when faced with crowded racing arenas. The stress and fear of horses’ experience during such events can even cause them to harm themselves. If it is a racehorse before a race, the stress and anxiety can even lead to the horse harming the rider and going wild with fear.

Horses that are used to living in herds and are separated from their family can also experience separation anxiety. CBD is a known relaxant, as it binds with the natural ECS receptors and helps restore the natural balance and significantly reduce stress levels. It does not matter what the cause of the stress and anxiety is, as CBD acts on the system responsible for stress management in the body, reducing it and enabling relaxation.

Inflammation – a common problem in all animals, inflammation is a systemic response to a large variety of influences and results in many different conditions. Inflammation can lead to long-term damage to the organs, diminishing their ability of normal functioning, and causing serious diseases.

It’s very important to reduce inflammation as soon as possible before it causes more damage to the body, and CBD is conclusively linked to being able to reduce inflammation. It works through a complex mechanism, boosting the immune system and having a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Improving skin and coat health – horses can experience several types of skin issues that usually lead to dry patches on the skin and excessive itching. This is both unpleasant and painful, as people can’t ride horses and have to treat the skin issues with strong medication. CBD can help with this a lot of skin conditions, as the skin is where the majority of the CB receptors are situated.

CBD products for horses

The horses respond the best to CBD products added to their food or water. The most appropriate CBD products for horses are the CBD tinctures and the CBD hemp pellets. These are safe to use, as are developed for all types of large animals, horses included.

It is recommended that horses are given full-spectrum CBD hemp products as these have better effects on the overall health of the animals. The full-spectrum CBD products contain all the useful cannabinoids from the hemp plant and have a so-called entourage effect – the combined effect from all the ingredients in the full-spectrum product.

The full-spectrum CBD hemp products work better in helping reduce inflammation, all types of pain, help with relaxation, and improve the overall wellbeing of the body. I’m a strong advocate for using natural remedies where possible, and the full-spectrum CBD hemp products top this list as one of the best, all-rounded natural remedies.

When it comes to dosing the CBD products for horses or any other animals, the recommendation is per bodyweight of the animal. Each CBD manufacturer has a list of recommended dosages that should be followed for the best results. The owners need to calculate the exact dose for their animal per the bodyweight of that animal. It is usually in milliliters per kilogram or ounces per pound body weight. Most CBD brands recommend the number of drops per the bodyweight for very simple dosing.

I need to note here that there is nothing wrong if you miscalculate one or two doses, as CBD has no adverse effects on horses. If you give too little CBD then it will take longer for the desired effect to take place, and if you give a lot in a single dose, you will only be wasting the CBD product. For any doubts or risks involved, I encourage you to do your research and consult with your vet.

Best CBD Products For Horses

My top list of CBD products for horses will be coming soon!


As the horses have fragile health and could be more prone to serious diseases than other animals, horse owners need to take better care of their animals. This includes providing natural remedies and supplements for various health concerns like giving CBD. As outlined above, CBD can greatly improve the health of the horses.

CBD helps with inflammation, arthritic pain, general pain, reducing stress and anxiety, and several skin conditions. For best results, the horse owners need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on dosage. It is recommended that horses be given full-spectrum CBD hemp products, especially CBD pellets that can be added to the food or water of the horse, ensuring good intake and proper beneficial effects.

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