Best CBD Inhalers


When we talk about CBD, surely none of you has thought about using a CBD inhaler, right? Did you know that the fastest way to get CBD into your system is by inhaling it? Yes, by getting CBD into your lungs, you will feel its relieving effects almost immediately, as the CBD gets into the blood and is distributed throughout the body.

So it makes sense to use a CBD inhaler, right? Yes, it really does. Inhalers have better effects than the more traditional way of inhaling CBD by vaping. Plus, with inhalers, you get a convenient way of taking the same precise dose of CBD every time, taking the guessing out of the equation and having all the benefits from CBD.

Here is a more in-depth knowledge of how CBD inhalers work along with our selection of the best CBD inhalers you can find on the market today.

Best CBD Inhalers

Health Benefits of CBD Inhalers

If you haven’t heard about the endocannabinoid system, you’ve been robbed of a crucial piece of information about your body. The endocannabinoid system or ECS is the system that governs plenty of important functions in the body, like pain, appetite, temperature, memory, anxiety response, and more. The ECS is governed by endocannabinoid substances that are produced in the body.

If the normal production of the endocannabinoids gets disrupted, the body will experience various symptoms. The good news here is that the cannabinoids like CBD found in hemp and marijuana have a similar composition as the natural endocannabinoids. Taking CBD supports the ECS, helping the body reclaim its natural balance easier.

Once in the body, the CBD molecules bind with the CB receptors from the ECS, helping with reducing inflammation, improving relaxation, relieving pain, improving the health of the neurons, and more. Among these, CBD also has beneficial effects on the lungs and helps with the health of the respiratory system.

Once in the lungs, CBD helps dilate the airways, easing the passage of air through them, and facilitating breathing. This has been noticed back in the day in the early 1900s when people were prescribed cannabis medication for severe coughs. This effect of CBD is especially important for people with asthma, as they usually suffer from congested lungs and have difficulty breathing.

Many people have reported success in quitting smoking cigarettes once they’ve started a CDB regimen. This is more expressed with people who have used CBD inhalers. The direct administering method of the CBD inhaler means that your lungs will get an infusion of an exact dose of CBD, which can suppress the need for a cigarette. Look into CBD inhalers if quitting tobacco is on your agenda.

Little To No Side Effects

CBD is rated as a substance with no risk of developing addiction by the WHO. As such, CBD has almost no side effects and is safe to use. Unlike the prescription medication that comes with a long list of possible side-effects, the only things that could happen if you overdo it with CBD are drowsiness, sleepiness, and in some cases diarrhea.

But in the case of inhaling CBD, the side effects are even less pronounced. Since the CBD in the lungs gets instantly absorbed in the blood, there are no known side effects. The only thing you can have to happen with excessive use of your CBD inhaler is to get a little sleepy, so this makes the CBD inhalers among the safest CBD products to use.

Top CBD Inhalers

Now that you know how CBD inhalers work and the effects and side-effects, lets’ move on with our list of the best CBD inhalers on the market today. These are not arranged in any order, as each has its merits.

Vapen Clear Inhaler

Vapen is among the pioneers in the CBD inhaler business, and they bring their Vapen Clear Inhaler made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Each canister holds 1000 mg of CBD, which is enough for about 100 puffs with 10 mg of CBD per puff.

The aerosol distribution helps with absorption, as about 95% gets absorbed, and less than 5% gets exhaled. Vapen Clear Inhaler has a discreet design, and among the CBD it also comes in several terpene profiles.

You can select terpene blends for Daytime, Afternoon, Nighttime, and THC/CBD hybrids, and CBD hybrids. In each case, you will get medical-grade ingredients that will help you breathe better.

Santana Smooth Inhalers

The Santana Smooth Inhalers are the result of the cooperation between Marisol Therapeutic and the famous guitar player Carlos Santana.

After watching his mom make and use cannabis extract to get relief from lifelong arthritic pains, he decided to help more people with products from this amazing plant. Unlike the other products on this list that contain purely CBD or full-spectrum CBD extracts, the Santana Smooth Inhalers are made from cannabis and contain a fair amount of THC.

That makes them illegal in some states. Still, the composition makes them quite effective in helping with lung issues and people looking for the combined relieving effect of CBD and THC. Each Santana Smooth inhaler has about 1000 mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes and is enough for about 100 puffs.

CBD Luxe Inhalers

CBD Luxe makes four different CBD inhalers. These are made with premium ingredients that support health and wellbeing. The CBD inhalers disperse the CBD into small particles that are easy to absorb, which increases its effectiveness and absorption.

CBD Luxe has named the CBD inhaler options by the effect they support and you get Be Active, Be Calm, Be Well, and Be Clear options. Each has 1100 mg of CBD, which gives you 200+ doses with about 5.5mg of CBD per dose.

Final Recommendation

Inhaling CBD is one of the most direct ways of using this compound. This is very effective, especially for people that don’t like the taste of CBD in the mouth or don’t like to vape CBD juice.

By using a CBD inhaler, you also get the same dose of CBD with each puff, getting the boost and all the benefits without using too much of this precious compound. The list above is our selection of the best you can find on the market today, as each of these has a fair price, excellent ingredients, and a great amount of CBD with each puff.

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