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Vaping has become a substitute for smoking, with an array of manufacturers of vape juices the choices are plentiful. In recent times, people have begun using CBD-infused vape liquids, not as a substitute for smoking, but for the health benefits CBD can provide.

Here I’ll share precious information on the benefits of CBD and the effects you can get by using CBD vape juice made by a quality manufacturer.

CBD Vaping Basics

CBD is a compound with amazing properties derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is present in both marijuana and industrial hemp in different concentrations. The CBD industry uses CBD that comes from the industrial hemp, as this plant produces high quantities of CBD and very little THC, grows easily and yields high amounts per acre.

CBD is extracted either with ethanol or via CO2 extraction. This extract is blended with a carrier oil and packed as a tincture, or is added to various other types of CBD-based products. Most people have probably heard of CBD oil tinctures. These are taken orally and can be added to foods or drinks. Here I need to note that only specific brands offer CBD oil tinctures that can be used as vape liquids, while the majority of the CBD oil tinctures are not to be used as vape liquids.

CBD Vape Liquid

For the people that prefer vaping to other delivery methods, there is a separate product for vaping – CBD vape liquid, aka CBD vape juice, or CBD e-juice. Many brands offer plenty of choices when it comes to CBD vape liquids.

The composition of most of these is simple and contains CBD along with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Many companies have a specific ratio of VG and PG, which affects the taste of the vapors. If you are considering the safety of PG and VG, rest assured as both PG and VG are used in the food industry and are non-toxic ingredients.

These are added as carriers for the CBD and act as a base for other flavorings. Propylene glycol is thinner in consistency and does not clog up the vape pen as much. Plus it adds a bit of a throat hit when you vape an e-juice with a bigger PG concentration. This is appealing to smokers, as it reminds them of the cigarette hit.

The vegetable glycerin is a bit thicker in consistency and an e-juice with a lot of VG will gunk-up the vape pen faster. But this is the more “natural” ingredient, plus it makes thicker clouds, making it the better choice as a base in a CBD vape liquid.

Many CBD vape juices come in various flavors and can have added terpenes that correspond to specific strains. The flavors are food-safe and are used by the food industry. These add a little fun to the vaping experience, as you get to select from a multitude of flavors. If you opt for a terpene-infused CBD vape juice, you can expect additional effects from the terpenes in the blend.

The other ingredient in the CBD vape juice is CBD. This can be pure CBD isolate dissolved in a carrier oil or it can be full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. If the vape juice is made from CBD isolate, then you are only getting the relieving properties of CBD. In the case of the CBD vape juice being made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, you are getting the entourage effect – the combined effect of all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant.

Rest assured that vaping CBD will not get you high at all. Even if you are using CBD vape juice made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, you still are getting only 0.3% THC, which is so very low and has no psychoactive effect.

CBD Vape Experience

Many people that have used CBD vape juice report that it instantly brings an air of calmness over them. This is due to the mechanism of actions of the CBD vapors. Once the CBD vape juice gets heated to the correct temperature in your vape device, you can inhale the vapors that are rich in CBD.

The CBD reaches your lungs where it gets absorbed directly in the blood, getting distributed throughout the body. This way you get instant relief from CBD without having to wait a long time. Depending on your symptoms and the concentration of the CBD vape juice you use, the effects can vary.

Always look for CBD vape liquids from respectable manufacturers. Because both the CBD and the vape industries are relatively new, you need to look for products from respected brands with an emphasis on quality. Look for brands that publish their lab test results online and ones that have strong policies on using natural ingredients and GMO-free hemp.

After a lot of work, I’ve come with a list of the best CBD vape juices on the market today. Here are my recommendations.

Best CBD Vape Juices

CBD vape juice brands to be provided in a top ten list soon!


If you are looking for an instant hit of relief from CBD, then your best option is to use CBD vape liquid. I’ve covered some important information about these and provided my recommendations of the best CBD vape juices on the market today.

Please note that I’m not a medical professional and I only convey information and knowledge, and you need to make your decision whether CBD is the right product for you. Still, I hope you find relief from your symptoms with CBD, and if you have already tried CBD vape juices, please share your experiences with my readers.

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