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CBD is now put in many, and we mean many different types of products. Ranging from simple CBD tinctures to CBD topicals and CBD vapes as more “traditional” CBD products, to more “exotic” CBD products like chocolates, CBD suppositories, and even CBD eye drops.

We are not joking, as there are actual CBD products intended to be used in your eyes. Normally, we are all about CBD use, as it can have beneficial effects on the body. Still, before you go and start using this type of CBD product on such a delicate tissue, read the following information we’ve prepared for you.

Why Use CBD Eye Drops?

Eye drops are a regularly used product by people with allergies, red eyes, dry eyes, and glaucoma. Marijuana was said to have glaucoma-relieving properties. Since then, it has gained legal status in most US states, helping plenty of people with eye issues.

But marijuana is not for all people, as it has psychoactive effects and it is most effective when smoked. But its close relative, industrial hemp has also shown to have relieving effects, on more than the eyes.

CBD and the various CBD-based products can reduce pain, inflammation, help with anxiety, PTSD, and plenty of other health concerns. What this means is that CBD can be used in eye drops and help with recovery, improved vision, and normalizing ocular pressure.

How CBD Eye Drops Work?

Dry eyes happen when the normal function of the tear glands gets disrupted. These glands produce an oily substance that causes the tears to evaporate too fast, leaving dry eyes. And when the eye is dry, it does not have enough lubrication, which we feel as a scratching feeling.

When administered in the eye, the CBD eye drops bring the much-needed oily compounds that prevent the eyes from drying out. Even if you administer another topical CBD product near the tear glands, the CBD can help restore the normal functioning of the tear glands, helping with dry eyes.

Risks Involved With CBD Eye Drops

There are some risks involved with CBD eye drop use, just like with any type of medication. Unlike marijuana with a high THC content that indeed reduces the ocular pressure, in some cases, CBD can increase eye pressure.

In such cases, instead of helping with glaucoma, CBD can worsen this condition. Unlike its effect on the occurrence of dry eyes, CBD could potentially have adverse effects.

CBD is rated as a no identifiable risk substance by the WHO. As such, there should be no issue with its use. While this is true for most uses, we are still a little skeptical of the use of CBD eye drops. Healthy eyesight is important, so putting things in your eyes with unchecked long-term effects is not advisable.

CBD Eye Drops – Final Thoughts

Medical researchers work on discovering the effects of CBD on the eyes and checking whether or not it is safe to use CBD eye drops. The results are contradictory, as some research points to the benefits of CBD eye drops, and some research has shown not so promising results.

At the moment, only a few companies sell CBD eye drops, and these are made with ingredients found in regular eye drops plus CBD. While the other ingredients have beneficial effects on the eyes, we think it is better to wait for more substantial evidence that will support the beneficial effects of the CBD eye drops.

Until then, we recommend you stick to the more traditional uses of CBD, as even when taken orally, CBD can have a good effect on eye health. Plus, we’ll always keep you in the loop for the latest news related to CBD.

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