Can You Fail A Drug Test On CBD?


Taking certain supplements and consuming certain foods can be a bit risky at times, especially if you’re lined up for a drug test in the near future. With the growing popularity of the use of CBD in our everyday lives, there is a slight concern of the legality of this substance and the consecutive drug testing that companies demand today. What if you fail a drug test when taking any CBD-based product? Is it possible? What are the consequences? I’m going to cover it all front to back, top to bottom, right here, right now.

passing a drug test using CBD

CBD & Failing Drug Tests

CBD is taken by many people for helping them deal with different ailments or conditions. It’s used for managing chronic pain, managing the symptoms of arthritis, and especially by people suffering from anxiety, having trouble sleeping and people with post-traumatic stress disorders. And a bunch of other more serious health issues.

Many doctors even suggest to patients that they should take CBD-based products as part of their daily health routines. And most, if not all of the companies selling CBD products say that their products do not show up on a drug test, so if you take them, you will not fail a drug test.

Even though this is correct, in one sense of the word, there are many examples that people who have used CBD-based products have failed a drug test and had to suffer the consequences.

The Legality Of Consuming CBD

According to the federal government, CBD and its related products are not exactly legal, but they are not completely illegal. Even though this is a shady or somewhat gray area, the use of CBD (and CBD-based products) is not prohibited nor is it a federal offense. The growing popularity of CBD and the growing number of CBD manufacturers has led to the widespread availability of CBD-based products and today we can find them under every rock in the United States of America. If there’s one thing I love it’s the USA!

However, the majority of the CBD products on the market are not FDA approved and are sold as dietary supplements, and in no way whatsoever are these considered cures or medical treatments. The rules state that to be eligible for selling the CBD-based product should contain less than 0.3% THC which should not show up on any standard drug test.

So when people take a reasonable amount of any CBD product per day, there is a very slight chance that it will show up on a drug test. When consumers up the dosage to a larger quantity per day, the chances of showing up on a drug test increase quite a bit.

How To Fail A Drug Test Using CBD

There have been some concerning reports by people that have never in their lives used marijuana, but have shown positive results for THC on a drug test. Miracle? No, Simple biology.

A report from an unfortunate woman from the Atlanta area who used her doctor-recommended CBD-based products for managing stress and anxiety and has failed a drug test during an interview for a new job. She did not get the job as she was disqualified due to her “use of marijuana.” Yes, you read that right, she was denied coverage even though she never used it.

This is always a possibility when dealing with CBD-based products, especially from unverified sources with poor standard manufacturing processes, and lack of testing, and no quality control. Most reputable CBD and hemp-based retailers warn their customers of the slight, but still the possibility of showing up positive for THC on a drug test.

The cheaper brands usually skip important steps like quality and consistency control and people end up getting low-quality products with very little CBD and some THC in them. Quite frankly, this pisses me off. In fact, sometimes they don’t use CBD at all. Instead, they use a synthetic substitute that can even lead to poisoning, which was a case for some 50 plus people in Utah. So, if you’ve used this kind of product, it is likely that your drug test will come back positive for THC. Does it make sense to only use CBD products from those you trust now? Of course, it makes plenty of sense!

There is a slight possibility that even though you take pure CBD products, the drug test will still show that there is THC in your body. This is a very, very rare occurrence and is due to biology and the metabolic processes that occur within the body. Either that or the person just lied and they did, in fact, smoke a joint in the last week or so.


When taking CBD or any CBD-based product, then there’s always a possibility that you’ll turn up positive on a drug test, though it’s low, it’s still there. Lower quality brands that manufacture CBD with poor standards and zero testing and bad quality control have a bigger chance of leading to positive results from a drug test.

The high-quality CBD manufacturers that employ high manufacturing standards, consistent quality control, and continuous testing have a less of a chance to turn up positive on a drug test. So next time when you are in the market for a CBD-based product, make sure you purchase from a verified source that has been tried and tested and skip the gas-station brands.

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