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Whether you’re brand spanking new to vaping or you’ve become a seasoned box mod specialist, there’s one thing that you have in common with one another, you look for stuff online! That holds especially true if you’re in search of vape products. When you are, you do what?

You head on over to the best vape website you can find and boom, you buy some goodies.

Here’s the problem…

A simple online search for vape products can yield a lot of results. Some of these are excellent, some are mediocre, and then some may be phony and just plain terrible. But how do you easily distinguish between them? Simple – just follow my suggestions below and you’ll be fine.

I’ve set up some basic criteria and looked at many, many websites and have created a list for you that you can follow and be satisfied with the results. The websites have been judged according to their product offer, the design of the online shop, customer service, pricing and shipping options.

Top List Of The Best Online Vape Stores

And without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Direct Vapor

This online store is an excellent example of a properly done business. They have an outstanding customer service. Another outstanding thing about this store is their product offer which is specifically designed for all stages of users: beginners, intermediate and expert users can easily find some specific products.

The customer service is something a company should be proud of. This is the service that keeps the customers satisfied, along with good products and affordable prices. The Direct Vapor company and website has a customer support service that answers all the customer requests in almost real time.

Free shipping on all U.S. orders. Oh, yes. While many other online stores have a prescribed amount that one needs to reach in order to qualify for free shipping, the Direct Vapor people offer free shipping on all items, no matter the money spent. You can order a simple coil or a single e-juice bottle and you still have free shipping – how great is that.

Affordable prices on all items. Direct Vapor has a policy that is directed at satisfying the buyer’s needs instead of making instant profit. They will match the best price of a product, and their wish is to have more satisfied customers while carrying a large product offer.

A proper 15-day return policy without a restocking fee. Another plus, Direct Vapor accepts any return and they always deliver what they advertise, no clones, replicas or replacement items. None of that garbage, just straight wins!

  1. VaporFi

VaporFi is a huge brand name in the vaping business. They’ve recently been acquired by an even bigger company called Vapor Beast! They are producing some of the nicest devices on the market which are very reliable and consumers seem to love them. The greatest thing about VaporFi is their e-liquids. They have about 30,000 flavors of e-liquids made in the USA. Yes, you heard that right, I said 30,000!

The VaporFi company products are aimed towards ex-smokers that like to try new things. They sell only their own products or those associated with the parent company. In other words, none of that crap that most shady vape companies try to push your way.

The product designs of VaporFi follow the ever-changing trends and satisfaction of the customers based on their feedback. They welcome any feedback on their devices, and they usually incorporate a good suggestion or two in their new or redesigned devices.

What about the e-juice? Well, they’ve got e-liquids with amazing quality and flavor – a huge selection. The VaporFi e-juice blends are expertly created and you always get an amazing flavor with each and every pull. There’s also the option to mix your own blend – well you tell them what you want, and they mix it for you. And the e-juices don’t have any diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, so no need to worry about getting that dreadful popcorn lung disease.

Did I mention that the VaporFi customer service is excellent? Judging for their many options that depend directly on the customer’s wishes, they are quick to respond to every question.

VaporFi devices come with what I’d consider an amazing guarantee. Because they only sell their own devices, they can afford to give out rock solid warranties up to 90 days and a 30 day return policy. Even if their prices are on the higher side compared to other manufacturers within the industry, there are some things that can’t be overlooked – a) excellent customer service and b) high-quality products. I suggest checking out my Vaporfi review before making a purchase.

  1. Mount Baker Vapor

Mount Baker Vapor has a selection of offers for the devices that they sell. Unlike the regular pricing, they have a selection of some of the lesser known brands, those of which are interesting, unique products that you’d have a hard time locating otherwise.

They have a nice selection of mechanical mods that many expert vapers actually prefer over the more well-known products.  Oh, and they have very reasonable price ranges for products offered along with some amazing shipping options, you can be sure to get a nice deal.

Does customer support matter to you? If so, their customer support is always available via email, phone, and live chat. They have answers to all your inquiries and offer advice on all vape related questions.

Another plus is the great selection of wide variety of amazingly priced e-liquids. The flavors are amazing, but the downside is, based on my research, that they don’t carry a zero nicotine offer, so if you are only for the vaping without the nicotine, then you should look elsewhere. If not, then by all means, give these guys a try.

  1. JUUL Vapor

JUUL has been some nice devices, e-cigarettes, and pods that have unique designs and amazing performance. The design of the JUUL website and online store is welcoming, along with the nice little pod mods that everyone is talking about, this is an excellent online store.

What the guys at are masters at is keeping costs low with the auto-ship discount. If you have a JUUL device, then you can get your pods shipped to you on-time, every time, and you’ll get a 15% discount on monthly shipments. If your order qualifies, you can even get a free shipping option.

The JUUL pod is also known for delivering a proper throat hit. They use nicotine salts and efficiently prepared mixes in their pods for a uniquely balanced throat hit that will mimic the hit of a cigarette, but without the many harmful chemicals in an actual cigarette.

A website with an online store designed to bring all the best deals to its customers. They have designed the website for the visitor to see the newest and best in low-priced deals and new products. They carry a lot of products from many manufacturers and you can easily find all you are looking for.

And they only carry authentic devices, no replicas, and no replacements, they swear by the quality of the devices they sell. And by not selling clones, they keep the authentic product and give respect to the people that designed and made the devices.

Another great example of a proper customer support service. They are available by a toll-free phone number and via email and even a live chat. The live chat is an excellent way to ask a question and get an instant answer.

A great return policy (30 days), and not just the unopened items, but all items. If you don’t like it, return it, no questions asked. You’ll only need to pay the 15% restocking fee, which is only fair and an industry standard to be quite honest.

  1. Vape Bright

This is a company that carries an amazing range of products and they’re doing a great job of raising awareness about CBD and the whole cannabis culture in general.

The CBD is the most abundant part of the hemp plant, and it has some awesome health benefits. There’s no risk of getting high, as there is no THC in this form. If you’re a fan of THC and you’re looking for weed options, give these marijuana pens a shot. So by using CBD, you are getting the health benefits of the hemp plant: pain relief, relaxation, help with inflammation and much more.

Vape Bright sells pure CBD. They don’t compromise with quality and aim their efforts to high-quality products – pure CBD is very healthy and useful. You can vape pure CBD and get all the health benefits that come along with doing so.

The online shop offers solid discounts for those willing to push through a bulk order and they have good customer service that caters to all their customer’s demands.

  1. Vapor DNA

I love the minimalist design of the VaporDNA store. That is what you first notice when you visit Vapor DNA. The simplicity of the design makes it really easy to navigate and find all the interesting deals and offers without confusing the visitors.

They have good customer support, but not as fast as the other entries on this list. They do have a phone number for taking orders, but it does not say customer support number. They do have a good free shipping offer – on all purchases over $49. This is adequate when purchasing a vape kit along with some e-juice and you can easily qualify for the free shipping.

They have amazing product offer, with a nice selection of tanks and mods, hot new releases and classic items. They are always supporting the new upcoming devices, and this is a place where you can certainly find all that is new on the market.

They have a lot of integrated YouTube videos for all the items in their offer. The embedded videos are always related to the products, they are usually reviews and testimonials, which is very good for people that don’t have previous knowledge about an item they are thinking of getting.

Their return policy is easy to spot but lucky for you, I’ve covered the basics. They accept returns up to 45 days of the date of purchase, but only for unopened and unused devices. I should mention that you don’t have to pay a restocking fee. If you want to return an opened device, you’ll have to send them photos of the device and clearly state the reason why you are returning it. If they accept the return, you have to pay a 15% restocking fee.

  1. Central Vapors

They have an amazing deal on e-liquids, and their e-liquids are made in the USA. The e-juices made by Central Vapors are masterfully blended and balanced in flavor.

They also have a selection of nicely priced mods. Their selection includes all kinds of mods, and they all have very affordable pricing that may seem that they are on discount, but are actually their regular prices.

The website is simple and not designed for flair. But where they lack in website design, they reinforce in other areas. Like free shipping on orders over $50. Most orders are usually over $50 (vape mod + e-juice bottle), so customers get great deals.

What I can recommend is that they up and redesign their e-juice bottles as they are plain, simple and not flashy enough. Many people get a product based on the packaging, so it would be good for Central Vapors to implement this kind of policy.

  1. Vista Vapors

The last entry on our list is the Vista Vapors online shop. They are here because of their offer to mix your own e-juice and make your own personal flavor. With a simple, but perspicuous design it is easy to look through and find everything you are looking for.

The mixing of the e-liquids is something every passionate vaping enthusiast would like to try, and besides the VaproFi option, this is the second online shop that allows you to do this. The mixes come in bottles of 17 and 32 ml, and you can always come upon a mix that will become your staple flavor.

The Vista Vapors mod offer features some nice devices, although they have been known to carry some less known brands and cater to a more picky audience. And they do have the most famous brands available, so everyone can find their favorite.

A free shipping option for offers over $50 is amazing. As noted above, this is the price limit that most offers overcome, so customers can often get the advantage of this.

  1. My Freedom Smokes

The website is an online vape shop that carries a wide selection of products and has been around since the beginning of the vaping movement. MyFreedomSmokes is a retailer with focusing on the health of their customers, and they’ve crafted their products to reflect this.

They’ve got amazing customer support as well as a live chat option on the website that’s perfect for asking/answering questions. The company sells dry e-juice supplies, you create your own blend here as well.

As for site design, the website seems a bit confusing at first and it takes a little getting used to, but when you get the hang of it and find all those crazy deals, you’ll be glad that you did! See my full review here.


This list is just a basic top list of the best sites where you can purchase solid vape mods, e-liquids, and e-cigarettes. If you know of any other sites out there that you believe should be added to the list, please contact me and I’ll be sure to add them! Be on the lookout for more advice on which local shops to hit that meet all the needs of most vaping enthusiasts.

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