Treating Arthritis With CBD


A condition that affects the joints, causing inflammation is arthritis. More than 50 million people in America suffer from this painful joint disease with 300,000 of them being children. However, many of them choose to tolerate the pain and suffer instead of finding solutions to alleviate the persistent pains due to this condition.

cbd pain cream for arthritis


In addition to those affected, arthritis is a disease that impacts the greater community and the economy overall.

It is one of the leading causes of disability, disadvantaging families because they can no longer work due to the immobility or limited mobility needed to perform daily tasks, becoming a burden to the family and the community.

Joint Pain

Although this is not a life-threatening disease, the pain associated with it can lead to stress, which can cause high blood pressure and muscle tension, causing pain to worsen.

As time progresses, the symptoms increase with age. The arthritic joint is described as being stiff and having limited motion abilities. The joints most commonly affected by arthritis are the joints in the hands, wrists and the knees.

CBD & Arthritis

The link between alleviating the arthritic pains and the intake of a CBD supplement has been the target of many studies and the results are promising.

A 2006 study has definitely shown that taking a CBD supplement regularly significantly alleviates the pains caused by arthritis and participants saw an improvement in their sleeping patterns. Furthermore, many users have claimed that there are no side effects from taking CBD.

Another study that focused on the effects of a CBD-based salve found that pain was significantly reduced and there weren’t any adverse effects from using the CBD cream. The inflammation of the joints was treated with a CBD salve and the pain was significantly lessened, delivering much-needed pain relief.

How It Works

CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, effectively reducing the swelling in the joints and helps with receding pain. The human body has its own endocannabinoid system that governs many important functions in the body, one being the sensation of pain.

The CBD binds with the appropriate receptors, regulating the pain response of the affected cells and reduces the inflammation. The body’s pain receptors get desensitized and the body becomes more tolerant with the pain caused by arthritis, successfully diminishing the symptoms.


Arthritic pains can be managed naturally with CBD products. If you are suffering from arthritis, there are options available to help with your symptoms and help manage the pain. You have the choice to take a CBD supplement, use a CBD vape, or to apply a CBD pain cream (made by Medterra). If you’re undecided about which option is right for you, each type will work. I suggest using a CBD-based pain salve/cream would have the best option for alleviating pains associated with arthritis.

With the large numbers of CBD manufacturers on the market today, you can easily find good quality CBD products. Although I can’t speak from personal experience, people who are experiencing joint pain from arthritis recommend CBD Distillery and Nanocraft brands. They’re said to be beneficial by offering products that help with arthritis.

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