Free Trial CBD Oils: What You Must Understand Before Buying!


Is there something like a completely free trial for a product? When you see an offer for a free bottle of CBD oil for you to try, it just seems too good of an offer to let it pass without a second look. Completely free, they said. Only pay for shipping, they said. We all have encountered this so many times and decided to inform you of the real issue behind this statement.

Free Trial CBD Scams Online

Why Is The Free Trial CBD A Scam?

When you see an advertisement for something free and you are required to make an account to claim it, this should be warning enough. But here we will explain it further.

The “free bottle of CBD oil” notion is loaded with hidden fees and some people have ended up paying up to $100 a month for something they did not want. After you make an account and claim your free bottle, you only have a very narrow window to cancel your subscription, or you will end up paying an overpriced monthly subscription.

You do, however, get a product, but this is a low-quality CBD oil with very little actual CBD in the blend. You even don’t have someone to complain to, as the companies that offer this are not concerned about customer complaints, they simply choose to ignore them. You get a phone number for complaints, but most complaints fall on deaf ears.

The ultimate solution to this problem, coming with a great inconvenience to you is to call your bank, cancel your credit card and get another one issued. And pray that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Brand names associated with this scam are True CBD, Optimal Choice CBD, Miracle CBD, Assure CBD, Divine CBD, Pure Med CBD, Organix CBD, Isolate Direct CBD, Pure CBD, XPR CBD, Zen Labs CBD, Sky CBD, Star CBD, Serenity CBD, and Serene CBD.

We are certain that there are more, but this list contains only the ones we are currently aware of. Be sure to always read the terms and conditions clause so you don’t end up as another victim of this scam.

How To Proceed If You Fall Victim To This Scam?

There are very few things you can do to fix the issue, even if you are the unfortunate victim of a “free bottle of CBD Oil.”

The first thing to do is not to stress over falling a victim to this kind of scam. Many, and we mean many people are looking to start using CBD oil and are looking for a beginner’s cheap trial, so they can see if it will work for them. And what better way than getting a completely free trial bottle, right? Well, don’t get a headache, and consider this a learning experience – if something is completely free – then always look for the hidden agenda. And be sure to warn friends and family, so they will not make the same mistake as you.

Next thing, call the company that sold you the free trial bottle of CBD Oil and ask for a full refund, except the initial shipping charges. Then warn them that you will be filing a fraud chargeback with your bank/credit card company and you will be filing a complaint to the attorney general as well as the if they are non-responsive to your request.

Call the bank/credit card company and authorize the charging of only shipping costs, and no additional charges to the specified account. Also be sure to log in a fraud chargeback against the account/company and be eligible for a refund for any additional charges that may have happened.

Cancel the credit card so no more charges can be made to that card, and have your bank/credit card company issue you a new card. This is the safest way to ensure you will not be charged for anything else that you haven’t willingly bought.

The Final Chapter

You should always read what you are putting your signature on. Whether it is a Terms and Conditions page or anything similar, when you are putting your personal and credit card info, you are signing a legal document and may be held accountable.

And if something is free, then you are the product – that means that you should be aware what you sign up for and check your credit card info to keep track of your expenses and charges, so you will know if you have been scammed by the “free bottle of CBD oil” trial scam.

If you have, cancel your credit card, get another one issued and find a respected and reputable source of proper CBD oil, as it is not the CBD oil that is the problem, but the people behind the petty companies that put a bad name to this business.

Looking to avoid all the nonsense and bullshit? Great, then just head on over to the homepage and check out one of the brands listed there.

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