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Smoking a joint is still notorious and frowned upon. Do you know that there are joints that contain hemp flower instead of a marijuana flower? Yes, there are, but these are not called joints but pre-rolls and can be a real treat for the CBD connoisseurs.

Smoking a CBD-rich flower is just one of the ways through which you can take CBD and there is nothing wrong with it. it can be quite beneficial to take CBD this way. Here we’ll explain the benefits of smoking a CBD pre-roll and provide you with suggestions for the top-rated CBD pre-rolls on the market now.

Why Use CBD Pre-Rolls?

Smoking a CBD-rich pre-roll is one of the several ways of taking CBD.  It has a lot of benefits over other methods of using CBD. Smoking could be unpleasant for some people, but no one can deny the time it takes for the CBD to reach your blood.

Using a CBD pre-roll is also natural, as it only contains dried hemp flowers and nothing else. The extraction methods used for the production of the other CBD products, no matter how pure they are, cannot extract all the ingredients from the raw hemp flower.

Another thing that makes CBD pre-rolls very effective is the fast action of the CBD-rich smoke. The smoke is inhaled in the lungs where it gets absorbed directly in the bloodstream. Unlike the other more conventional CBD products that get absorbed through the digestive system and need time to act, smoking CBD-rich flower has almost immediate effect.

Among the many benefits of CBD, here we need to mention that this compound is quite useful for people that look to quit smoking tobacco. Some studies research the effectiveness of smoking hemp instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes, and these show significant promise. Smoking hemp could be useful and beneficial, and could potentially replace smoking tobacco. Hemp has CBD that is good for the body, and tobacco has nicotine that slowly poisons the body.

So it makes absolute sense to smoke CBD-rich hemp flowers. And nothing beats the convenience of the pre-rolled hemp joints. No hassle with grinding and dividing the flowers, selecting the right paper, and trying to roll the perfect joint. Getting an already made hemp pre-roll is easy and you can enjoy the CBD-rich smoke right out of the box.

The thing to consider when shopping for hemp pre-rolls is the strain of hemp that is in the pre-rolls. This is important as each strain has different terpenes that affect the taste and the intended effects. Plus, by buying from reputable brands that use US-grown hemp, you support local agriculture and domestic companies.

We need to note here that like all the other CBD products on the market today, the CBD pre-rolls do not contain a THC amount that could potentially get you high. Instead, the industrial hemp strains that are grown in the USA today have less than 0.3% THC. This is within the legal limit and is not an amount that you will feel. But this small amount of THC can activate the other cannabinoids from the hemp plant and improve the beneficial effect of the hemp pre-rolls.

The Best CBD Pre-Roll Joints

Here is our selection of the best CBD-rich hemp flower CBD pre-rolls. We have made this list based on several factors like hemp flower used, the average amount of CBD in the strain, where the hemp was grown, size of pre-rolls, price, and several others.

Blue Ridge Nutrition Blue J’s

Among the other Blue Ridge Nutrition CBD-based products, they sell CBD-rich pre-rolls. The company calls these Blue J’s, for convenience and fun. The pre-rolls are packed in travel-friendly tins that hold five joints. There is a selection between several strains like Hawaiian Haze, Kush Hemp, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, Special Sauce, and Lifter. Each product page holds a good description of the effects of the strain and the CBD content you’ll get with each joint.

Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls

Secret Nature CBD is a relatively young brand that uses indoor-grown industrial hemp to make its products. We selected their CBD pre-rolls made from organically-grown hemp. These are made with pure hemp flowers and packed in packs with two or seven joints. Customers can select one of their many CBD-rich strains. The official Secret Nature CBD website offers a detailed description of each strain along with info on the amount of CBD and the total amount of active cannabinoids in the hemp flower.

CBD American Shaman CBD Joints

CBD American Shaman is a very good CBD brand that has a variety of products. They sell CBD pre-rolled joints made with pure hemp flower buds from the Cherry strain. These are made with 1 gram of flower per joint and are a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Packed one per tube for convenience, you can get these CBD American Shaman pre-rolled joints to ease your pain or anxiety.

Pure CBD Exchange – Pre-Rolled CBD Hemp Joints

Produced under the brand Aspen Valley Hemp Company, these pre-rolled CBD joints are a good product made from pure hemp flower buds with all the terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp.

Customers can select from several strains like Lifter, Hawaiian Haze, Suver Haze, Frosted Lime, Space Candy, and Siskiyou Gold, all CBD-rich strains that have between 15 and 21% CBD and are grown in Colorado. The THC amount in each is less than 0.3%. Depending on your smoking habits, you can buy a tube with 2 joints, a pack of 12, and a box of 10 packs with 12 pre-rolls each.

Plain Jane CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints

Plain Jane is a CBD brand that has made great efforts to show that using hemp-based products is not just a trend but could be a really helpful habit. Here we present their classic CBD flower pre-rolled joint that is made from Oregon-grown industrial hemp.

Each joint has 1 gram of CBD-rich hemp flower and customers can select one of the many offered strains. The selection of strains is wide and includes CBD Blend, CBG, Charlotte’s Web, Stress Killer, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, CBD Kush, Lifter, Wife, Elektra, Trump, Golden Cherry, and Rogue. Plain Jane packs them one per tube in a plain package, so the delivery is easy and discreet.

Game Up Nutrition CBD Pre-Rolls

Game Up Nutrition sells CBD pre-rolled joints made with 0.75 grams of hemp flower, packed in travel-friendly tubes. Game Up Nutrition offers all the popular strains like Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Elektra, Pineberry, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Cherry Limeade, and Frosted Lime. The CBD and THC contents in each of these are clearly outlined on the official website.

Terp Nation TKO Pre-rolls

Terp Nation makes various CBD and terpene vape products from US-grown hemp. For this list, we have selected their TKO Pre-rolls. These are made with different strains of industrial hemp, but the real winners are their TKO CBD Caviar Pre-rolls and the TKO CBD Kief Pre-rolls. Their CBD Caviar pre-roll is made from pure industrial hemp flower, then coated in CBD concentrate and topped with CBD isolate. The CBD Kief pre-roll is made from pure industrial hemp, coated in CBD concentrate, and dipped in CBD kief (the natural resin from the hemp plant). Both versions pack a high CBD punch.

Empire Wellness CBD Pre-rolls

Empire Wellness is a CBD brand that offers a variety of products on the CBD market. This company has several strains in its offering, and these come as raw hemp flower and CBD pre-rolls. Each CBD pre-roll is made with about 1.3 grams of CBD hemp flower from one of the strains outlined on the official website like Tropicano, God’s Breath, Monroe CBD, Waldo CBD, and CBG Glee. For convenience, Empire Wellness packs the pre-rolls one per pack in an airtight bag.

CBDoobie Jack Herer CBD

The CBDoobie brand makes artisanal blends from its CBD products. They use pure CBD isolate and infuse high-quality hemp flowers with it to achieve an even more potent effect with their pre-rolled joints. CBDoobie is famous for its Jack Herer strain infused with 60 mg of CBD. This CBD-rich pre-rolled joint has all the active cannabinoids and terpenes from the famous sativa strain but has very little THC and a lot more CBD. If you’re looking for another company that has Jack Herer based products, then check out CBDistillery.com.

FlorBiz CBD Joints

This CBD brand makes several types of CBD hemp products, but their main effort is on CBD pre-rolls. Among their vast selection, we selected their single joints to present here. These come in five strains like Lifter, Kush, Hawaiian Haze, Suver Haze, and Special Sauce. Each has 1 gram of raw hemp flower and about 150 mg of CBD. For ease of use and convenience, these are packed in a smell-proof tube that can be used again.

What To Know When Selecting CBD Pre-Rolls?

The CBD joints are made with pure, raw hemp flowers. This means that there is a very different effect than what you get with other CBD products. So, you need to be aware of the type of strain you are buying and the expected effects.

This is closely related to the purpose of using the CBD joint. Whether you want pain relief, anxiety relief, or other effects, you will also get other effects from the active terpenes. Some of these include uplift and energy boost, or sleepiness inducing effect.

You also need to be careful and look for producers that grow their hemp in the USA. This is related to the amount of THC in the buds, as the legal limit in the USA is 0.3%, which all the hemp farmers closely monitor. This small amount of THC will not cause any psychoactive effects, so you don’t have to worry and can freely give CBD pre-rolls a try.

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