CBD vs. Kratom: Pain Relief


Managing pain with natural remedies has been around for over 5,000 years and people have tried an infinite amount of herbal treatments. Many were immediately discarded, but a few are still being used today. The most known alternative pain relief medicines are CBD and kratom.

What’s The Difference?

While most of us have heard about CBD and have tried it, kratom is less known out of the two. CBD is one of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant that is beneficial to the health of the body.

Kratom is not a derivate or an isolate, but the herb itself. It is potent with opioid properties and stimulant effects. This is a well-liked herb in alternative medicine rotation and is slowly gaining popularity.

Types Of Pain

You may think that pain is pain. Although the body may feel it the same, there are actually 2 types of pain— neuropathic pain and nociceptive pain.

The simplest definition for neuropathic pain is pain that can be felt when there is damage or dysfunction of neurons. The neuropathic pain is usually the chronic pain that is felt when the brain sends messages that something is not right.

The simplest way to describe nociceptive pain is the pain you feel when you hit your finger with a hammer, stub your toe, or hurt yourself in any way. This is physical damage to the body and is almost always acute.

This being said, there needs to be different types of relief for different types of pain. Fortunately, there is. Just like modern medicine that prescribes certain medication for the different types of pain, alternative medicine is dealt with differently.

When you are dealing with chronic pain issues, it is more adequate to take CBD. The mechanism of action of the CBD is such that it can affect the pain receptors and help lessen the neuropathic pains. CBD affects the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, stimulating the body’s natural response to numb the pain.

On the other hand, when faced with acute pain, kratom seems to be more effective. The composition of kratom is such that it has opioid molecules that numb the affected area, providing relief from the pain. Due to the opioid content, overuse of kratom may pose problems like addiction and withdrawal.

CBD does not cause severe physical addiction and it is the safer option. It is safer to use CBD instead of any other opioid substance when it comes to pain relief. Since kratom has opioid effects, many people that have suffered addiction to prescribed drugs like morphine, codeine or other painkillers find it as an effective natural remedy that helps with dealing with their addiction and can possibly assist with discontinuing any type of drugs. It can also help victims of heroin addiction.


kratom powder

When you are dealing with pain, there is alternative medicine to consider. You no longer have to reach for prescription painkillers. We have covered 2 alternative options that offer pain relief, whether it is acute or chronic pain. CBD is available to use for any chronic pain you may have, while kratom may be worth trying for any severe acute pain.

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