Is CBD Good For Dogs?


CBD and dogs are all the rage these days. People love their pets, especially their dogs and they’re turning to cannabidiol oil. This the next big hit in the veterinary business – no doubt about it.

Everyone loves dogs, right? A lot of people are proud owners of a dog or two and there is little much they wouldn’t do for their furry little friends. This means that they are likely to be following the emerging trends in dog health.

The passionate pet owners spend a lot of money, about $30 billion a year in the USA, for the needs and health of the dogs. This is used for dog food, toys, supplements, visits to the vet and medication. So anything new and interesting in the dog health and wellbeing, the people are going to love it.

And one trend that has seen a significant rise in recent years has been the introduction of the hemp-based products that promote the wellbeing of people and pets. While people have been using cannabis as a recreational drug for years, the cannabis derivates for medicinal purposes have seen a rise in the past decade or so. The most used product is the cannabis terpene CBD – Cannabidiol, which is the most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. The good thing about this one is that it does not cause the high of THC, but brings a wealth of health benefits. So dog lovers have started giving CBD to their dogs. Seems logical to do so.

Hemp and cannabis culture boom

Many people still stigmatize the whole cannabis-for-medicinal-purposes and think that people using anything derived from cannabis are a bunch of flower-loving hippies. But there are no negative effects from using CBD hemp oil and it has some amazing health benefits and virtually risk-free. The THC is another story, but to clarify, CBD and all CBD-based products that are sold in the US are THC-free.

The people in the USA have accepted the use of CBD, still partially, but the number of people pro-CBD is slowly and steadily growing. Still, many people avoid using CBD oil due to its connection, even only by name, with marijuana. And the lack of funds for extensive research doesn’t do any favors to the hemp-based culture.

The changing trends in the acceptance of hemp as an industrial crop in the USA and the changed farming legislation regarding this plant have changed the opinions of a lot of people. More and more people turn to CBD for pain relief, sleep aid or the treatment of epilepsy (and a number of other ailements).

The benefits of CBD

We can go on for pages about the great benefits the CBD intake has on the health of the people. Even though there is a lack of scientific data, there are practical examples from people that have seen significant improvement in their health and wellness with the use of CBD hemp oil and other CBD-based products.

The human body has the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for most of the bodily functions, and this system is governed by CBD-like chemicals. Thus, CBD has a role in the healthy workings of the human body. The online media and social networks have enabled the spreading of the word about CBD and many people have found their salvation from long-time suffering through medical conditions for which modern medicine has no answer to.

And why just people? It has been shown that dogs also can benefit from using CBD-based products. And today there are CBD tinctures especially concentrated for dogs, CBD-infused animal treats and other pet-oriented CBD products.

Where to find CBD?

CBD is now legal all across the USA and with the emergence of many manufacturers, CBD is now easier than ever to find. You can buy CBD oil and other CBD-related products directly from the manufacturers and have them delivered right to your door.

The same goes for CBD products for dogs. Most of the CBD manufacturers carry a CBD pet program that usually contains CBD oil for pets and CBD treats for dogs and cats. There are companies that make special blends of dog treats that can be compared to gourmet food for dogs, with the added benefit of CBD.

Giving CBD to dogs

There would be no point in doing something without getting the desired results. This goes for giving CBD products to dogs. Many dog owners have written testimonials online telling and even showing via videos the benefits CBD has on dogs.

There are improvements in the mental state of the dogs, and if you question how do people know, here is the answer. Dogs become more calm and steady, are less anxious and less aggressive. This is also evident in older dogs that have started to lose their memory and abilities and have become more anxious and distressed. The CBD acts as a calming agent, bringing them to a more relaxed state and improving their lives.

People that have been giving CBD to their dogs have noticed improvement of the health of dogs with serious health issues like cancer or arthritic pains, from which unfortunately many dogs suffer. Many dogs have made amazing come-backs and with some help from the vet, some have made full recovery.


Even though usually people leave a lot to faith and look for a cure when they need to look for a priest, many have seen the benefits CBD has to offer and have started spreading the good word about CBD. And the same goes for dogs, as they also deserve our love and respect. So if CBD is good for promoting the health and wellbeing of people, there is no reason why we should not give it to dogs.

Satisfied pet owners have been giving their dogs CBD, noticing improvements without any potential risks. Even if you are skeptical about the whole CBD hype, you should know that most of the claims are actually founded with legitimate notions and this is not an elaborate scam, but people and dogs do in fact benefit from the regular use of CBD in their everyday lives.

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