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I’m not only a paper-chasing but a cloud chaser as well! If you’re a typical cloud chasing enthusiast, then you will definitely need the right equipment to do so. The best mod to produce the clouds you need is not the one just with the highest wattage. Sure, that’s pretty important too, but it’s not everything. You’ll need the proper output of vapor, the correct wattage and a consistent heating element that will provide the most reliable cloud for you – all while preserving the flavors.

Doing what I do as an overly interested consumer, I’ve done in-depth research and come to several conclusions about the best mods used for cloud chasing. Keep reading and find out what I typically recommend.

best cloud chasing mods
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The Best All-inclusive Cloud Chasing Mod

The best is none other than the Wismec Reuleaux Rx Gen 3. This is my opinion and I’ll give you an in-depth explanation here. Actually, before I do that, I’m going to suggest you read this page to learn all about mods in general before buying anything. This mod operates on three 18650 batteries and has an amazing power output of 300 watts. And due to its sleek design, it fits nicely in your hand and weighs less than many other 200 watt mods.

The usual vaping power is at about 200 watts and this mod is perfect for that application. The three batteries and the max power output of 300 watts make it a very reliable choice. And it still packs the extra punch when necessary, going up to 300 watts, producing the really big cloud when you need it.

The basic specs are as follows: 1 – 300 watts wattage range; 200 – 600F temperature range; 145 grams weight; dimensions: 69mm x 39.3mm x 48.8mm.

The RX Gen 3 by Wismec is the next level vape mod, as it features a very reliable, powerful and consistent chipset for vaping. Its display is located on the side, not in your line of sight while you use it. There are no fluctuations at all, and you get the same output every time. it is designed to fit with all kinds of tanks found on the market. We should note that you will need to be careful when you select a tank, as the quality of the tank is what will greatly affect the quality of your clouds.

The Second Best Vape Mod

I have to give this to none other than the SMOK GX350.  This is especially adequate if you are going to constantly vape at power over 200 watts. Unlike the RX Gen 3 with its three 18650 batteries, the SMOK GS350 uses four battery cells. These can support the high power output without quick draining of the batteries.

It has a nice, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands, and due to the large battery pack, it weighs more. Its main specifications are as follows: 1 – 350 watts wattage range; 300 – 600F temperature range; 280 grams weight; dimensions: 84.5mm x 59mm x 40.4mm.

It has an OLED screen that is positioned on top, so it will be visible to you as you use it. Due to its varied power output, you can use it with two or four battery cells. If you use it with four batteries, you get the full power of 350 watts. If you only put two battery cells then you can use it up to the power of 220 watts, shedding quite much of the weight of the device. And used this way, you can have a very long battery life.

The SMOK GX350 is good, but a little on the heavy side vaping mod. If you don’t mind the extra weight, then we recommend this device for vaping at higher wattage ranges. As noted above, the quality of the tank also has a big influence on the quality of the vapors.

The Best For Massive Cloud Production

That is why we’ll get into outlining my selection for the top three vape tanks out there, along with some basic info on all of these.

SMOK TFV12 – the best choice for producing the massive clouds that will fog up any room. It is designed to produce the massive clouds chasers love, and here are its main specifications:

  • 6ml capacity
  • Top filling system
  • Coils: T12 0.12 ohm (60-350W)
    X4 0.15 ohm (60-220 W)
    Q4 0.15 ohm (60-190W)
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow
  • 510 thread
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) – 20mm x 70mm x 20mm
  • Weight – 15 grams

Wismec REUX – another great option for producing massive clouds. This is the first high-performance tank by Wismec, and it is very nicely designed, reliable and powerful enough to accommodate even the craziest vape enthusiasts.

  • 6ml capacity
  • Top filling system
  • Coils: RX triple coil 0.15 ohm (60-160W)
    RX Ceramic coil 0.5 ohm (40-80 W)
    RX Dual coil 0.15 ohm (100-260W)
  • Dual massive bottom airflow control
  • 510 thread
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) – 25mm x 68mm x 25mm

Eleaf Melo 300 – this one wraps up my choice for the top three vape tanks for massive cloud production. This one handles powers up to 300 watts and is very reliable and consistent in its vapor production.

  • 5ml or 3.5ml capacity
  • Top filling system
  • Coils: ES Sextuple coil 0.17 ohm (100-300W)
    Other coils available, but not provided in the pack
  • Dual massive bottom airflow control
  • 510 thread
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) – 26mm x 60mm/55mm x 26mm
  • Weight 68.5 grams/66 grams


The products mentioned above are by far the best vape mods and vape tanks for producing thick clouds for all cloud chasers to enjoy. All the mods have high power outputs, and the tank selection here is specifically chosen for the same purpose – the massive clouds they can produce, preserving and enjoying the flavors of your favorite e-juices.

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