Best CBD Bath Bombs


CBD has become a buzzword recently, and I can say rightfully so. This amazing molecule has excellent medicinal properties and is completely natural, derived from the hemp plant. It has plenty of health benefits that can help people with different conditions, from nausea, pain, and arthritis, to PTSD, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD can be taken as an oil tincture, a gel capsule, an edible gummy, inhaled via a vape, rubbed on the skin as an ointment… But here we will talk about a specific delivery method of CBD, and it includes the bathtub. You guessed it; taking a soak in a CBD-infused bath can do wonders to your skin, and soothe your muscles and nerves. Also, a warm bath after a particularly tiring day sounds heavenly.

Fill your bathtub, drop in one of the CBD-infused bath bombs outlined below, slip under and let it do its magic. But before you start the tap, read on and learn how a bath bomb can bring its benefits and what the best CBD bath bombs on the market are today.

How CBD Bath Bombs Help (Your Mind & Body)

Soaking your body in warm water is an amazing way of melting away the stresses of the day and relaxing your body. Add to that the soothing, pain-relieving effects of CBD, and you have a spa-like treatment into your home. The CBD along with the essential oils and Epsom salts that are in the bath bombs help the body get rid of stresses, lessen pain, soothe inflamed muscles and joints and nurture the skin, leaving it softer, smoother and rejuvenated.

To give the CBD, essential oils and other ingredients enough time to do their thing, it is recommended that a CBD-infused bath should last at least 40 minutes, and more if you have the time. If the aim is the relieve pain in sore muscles and joints then the soak can last even longer, giving the CBD enough time to soak and the warm water enough time to deeply relax the body.

If you are using more concentrated CBD bath bombs, you can sit in the tub for about 30 minutes, but any less than this, and you are wasting precious CBD and nurturing essential oils. Many people have said that they practice taking a long CBD-infused bath once a week while relaxing with good music, treating them to a luxurious experience that has both medicinal and relaxing effects.

The List of Bath Bombs Containing CBD Oil

I’ve looked over many CBD manufactures and discerned the ones that have CBD bath bombs in their repertoire. Then I’ve reviewed each one and consulted user reviews to make a list of the top five CBD bath bombs on the market today.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs – this company makes bath bombs in different CBD concentrations and with different colors and scents. There are bath bombs with names like relax, relieve, sleep, love, citrus, matcha, earl grey, and even café latte and anyone can select their product based on the effect they are after.

On occasion, Kush Queen offers limited products like their pumpkin spice bath bomb. There are 25 mg and 100 mg CBD options, some of these contain THC and can be distinguished by the label and are legal and sold only in states where THC is legal (for example, California, Alaska, Arkansas, etc). There are pet-friendly bath bombs so the furry little friends can reap the benefits of CBD.


  • A lot of color options
  • Products with different benefits
  • 25 mg and 100 mg CBD
  • Organic essential oils


  • Fairly expensive
  • Made with CBD isolate

cbdMD Signature Collection – this product provides a refreshing way of relaxing and revitalization of sore muscles and joints while invigorating the senses with amazing essential oils, Epsom salts, and natural aromatic fragrances.

These are made from all-natural ingredients, with only natural colorants that leave no stains. Each bath bomb contains 100 mg CBD and is safe to use for all skin types. The combination of CBD, Epsom salts and essential oils in warm water is an excellent way to achieve a full-body relaxation.


  • 100 mg of CBD per bath bomb
  • Only natural colorants
  • Essential oils and Epsom salts
  • For all skin types


  • A limited selection
  • Four scents only

Cannabidiol Life CBD Bath Bomb – these are made from all-natural ingredients and offer a full-body enjoyment and a “relaxation base type trance.” Each bath bomb is made with 100 mg of pure CBD oil extracted from hemp. There is also sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Epsom salts, citric acid, magnesium sulfate, corn starch, coconut and almond oil for nourishing the skin and 100% natural food coloring and 100% organic essential oils that add subtle scents.

The recommended soaking time is 40 minutes, so the body will have enough time to soak up and enjoy the relaxing effect of the CBD and nourishment of the oils.


  • Affordable price
  • 100 mg of CBD
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Natural food coloring and organic essential oils


  • Limited fragrance options
  • One color only

Just CBD Bath Bomb – these bath bombs are intended to infuse bath water with natural nourishing oils, relaxing scents and most importantly, with CBD. All of these ingredients make for a pleasant bathing experience, with rejuvenating and relaxing effects. The Just CBD bath bombs are made with 25 mg hemp isolate, sodium bicarbonate, Epsom salts, citric acid, essential oils, corn starch, and food colorants.

There are six different colored and scented bath bombs. The scents carry a specific effect and you can choose your bomb based on the effect you like. Select between deep spices, floral scents, fresh air, open fields, fruit explosion, and ocean breeze, drop the bomb into your bath and enjoy a full-body relaxation time.


  • Good choice of fragrances
  • Vibrant colors
  • Nurturing essential oils
  • Natural ingredients


  • Only 25mg of CBD
  • Relatively expensive

Diamond CBD Bath Bombs – these are all-natural bath bombs infused with 100 CBD per bomb. These come in a wide variety of colorful options and fragrances. There are about 21 different color and fragrance combinations, satisfying the different needs of many people. The Diamond CBD Bath Bombs are made with CBD isolate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, dead sea salts, Epsom salts, and nurturing oils, all of these working together to bring you a full-body relaxation and fizzy fun.


  • A lot of color combinations
  • A lot of appealing fragrances
  • 100 mg of CBD per bomb
  • Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts


  • More expensive
  • Plastic packaging


Dropping a CBD infused bath bomb into your daily bath is an excellent way to relax, rejuvenate and nurture your skin. Using a CBD infused bath bomb is likely the least expensive way of enjoying CBD and gain a full-body therapy.

Above all, there are no residual bi-products in your body, so anyone who is afraid of using other types of CBD products can still enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD along with the nurturing and relaxing effects of the other ingredients in these CBD bath bombs.

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