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Using high-quality raw hemp grown on US and EU soil, Diamond CBD makes high-quality CBD extracts. From there, the company indeed makes an excellent product offer. There are full-spectrum and CBD isolate products in every product category.I especially liked their flavored CBD oils, a large variety of CBD edibles and CBD beauty products. One day I’m going to give their CBD bath salts a try, as these seem promising in delivering a good relaxing effect along with the restorative action of CBD.

When all is weighed in, my recommendation is that you should try any of the Diamond CBD products, especially their CBD oils and CBD edibles, and I think you’ll be amazed by both the taste and effect.

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diamond cbd reviews
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Diamond CBD Overview

The Diamond CBD Oil company is a subsidiary of the Potnetwork Holding, a world-famous cannabis producer with 15 different brands of CBD related products under their wings.

The products of the Diamond CBD company are produced with organic, GMO-free ingredients that are grown specifically for this purpose in proprietary farms in Scandinavia (Note: most of our hemp oil products reviewed on my site are derived from United States sources. However, I never rule out European originated hemp.) The Diamond CBD company prides itself on the impeccable quality control for their raw materials and finished products.

Each batch of finished products gets extensive laboratory testing and quality control assurance to ensure the product has consistent quality and purity. The Diamond CBD company claims to have proper supervision of the entire process starting with the planting of the hemp, the whole manufacturing process up to the distribution to its customers.

Brand Highlights of DiamondCBD.com

Diamond CBD has some nice products, and like any other company, it has some pros and cons when it comes to the company and product offer. We’ll outline some of the major pros and cons that we’ve noticed:


  • Nice variety of products
  • Lab test results by batch on each product page
  • High CBD content in most products
  • Guaranteed natural ingredients
  • 15-day return option


  • Relatively high costs
  • No international shipping options

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

  • Concentrates

  • Edibles

  • Vapes

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2016

Official Company Name: Diamond CBD (under Potnetwork Holding)

Hemp Origin: Scandinavia (Europe)

Product Price Range: $10 – $220 ($-$$)

Product Availability: All US states

Purchase Offers: Standard Purchase, Bulk order, Wholesale

Lab Test Results: Available online for every product

Support/Customer Service: phone (305)-615-1194, email support@diamondcbd.com

Shipping Policy: UPS Standard shipping, free shipping on orders over $100

Return Policy: 15-day return option on unopened items

Where to Buy: The online shop

Diamond CBD Coupon Code

The Diamond CBD company has some amazing deals, and for every customer that will dedicate their time to join the DiamondCBD Newsletter and create an online profile on their website, they award a 25% off of their order. For all others, there is an option to get a 10% discount by entering the coupon “PHO10”. If you follow the brand on social media, there are occasional discount coupons that can grant you up to 50% off your purchase.

Products For Purchase

Diamond CBD has an interesting product offer that is quite versatile and quite extensive. When I started browsing through the Diamond CBD product offer I was amazed at the variety of products, strengths, and flavors. So, in the interest of bringing you only the absolute best, I provide an overview of their most notable products.

Tincture Oils

Diamond CBD produces a wide variety of CBD oils. These are made with full-spectrum ultra-premium CBD hemp extract, organic ingredients, and natural and artificial flavors. There are various concentrations of CBD in the Diamond CBD oil offer: 25 mg, 250 mg, 350 mg, 450 mg, 550 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg of CBD per bottle.

These come in unflavored versions – the user can feel the natural taste of hemp which is described as grassy and earthy. However, for the people than don’t like the natural flavor, Diamond CBD makes a wide, and believe me when I say the wide offer of flavored CBD oils. Just an example: strawberry, watermelon, peppermint, strawberry and cream, blueberry, peach…

There is also their Full Spectrum Honey Tincture Oil, a blend between full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and honey that can be used as an addition to drinks or foods and taken sublingually. It also comes in various concentrations ranging from 25 mg of CBD per bottle up to 3500 mg per bottle.

Their CBD oil with hemp terpenes is also very popular. This CBD oil comes in the aforementioned concentrations and comes with various terpenes profiles like Sour Diesel, GO Kush, Blue Dream and more.


Diamond CBD makes CBD capsules packed in a jar of 20 capsules. Each capsule has 10 mg of CBD, for a consistent dose of CBD every time. Made with CBD Isolate and other natural ingredients, these are excellent for beginners and people with mild to moderate symptoms.


If you thought that the Diamond CBD oil offer is versatile, brace yourself for their edibles program. There are gummies, CBD infused honey sticks, CBD-infused honey pots, CBD Cake pops, CBD-infused dried fruit…

  • The CBD gummies by Diamond CBD come in many flavors and shapes. All of these are packed in bags of 40 grams and 75 mg of CBD per bag. The flavors can be distinguished by the shape: sour faces, watermelon slices, gummy bears, gummy worms, mini fruits, sour snakes, sour bears, and rainbow bites.
  • CBD-infused honey that comes packed in a stick or packed in a pot. The honey sticks have 10 mg of CBD per 5-gram stick and come in bundles of 5, 25 and 100 sticks in several fun flavors. The CBD-infused honey comes in a pot of 40 grams of honey with 250 mg of CBD per pot in natural and flavored variety.
  • CBD Cake pops are a fun way to take a good dose of CBD. These come in various flavors and colors and each has 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract.
  • CBD-infused dried fruit is not something you see every day. Diamond CBD offers dried fruit jars infused with CBD isolate. These come in different variations of CBD – 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg and 1000 mg per jar. There are options of dried fruits to select from like banana, mango, kiwi, papaya, apricots, cantaloupe, ginger, cherries, blueberries, cranberries…

CBD Drinks

Diamond CBD also has a CBD-infused drink offer. They make and sell CBD shots – 60 ml bottles with 20 mg of CBD in three distinct flavors: Jungle Juice, Grape, and Berry. There is a Double Shot with 350 mg CBD in 1 ml, for an extra jolt of CBD.


Vaping CBD is the fastest way to bring it directly in your bloodstream, reaping the benefits fast. Diamond CBD has a good offer for vape liquids. These come in different size packs with different content of CBD and different flavors.

Their 1 ml bottle comes with 25 or 42 mg of CBD; the 5 ml bottle has 120 mg or 210 mg of CBD; the 12 ml bottle has 500 mg of CBD; and the 16 ml bottle comes in strengths of 350 mg, 600 mg and 670 mg of CBD per bottle. They have unflavored and a Caramel Corn-flavored version.

Creams and Beauty Products

Diamond CBD has several creams in their catalog as well as bath products. Here are some of their more notable products.

  • Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream is made with natural CBD derived from industrial hemp along with other soothing ingredients. It is intended to bring relief to aches, back pain, arthritic joints, inflamed muscles and the like. It comes in strengths of 500 mg and 1000 mg per jar.
  • Diamond CBD Vitamin C Body Cream is made with full-spectrum CBD oil along with Vitamin C and other natural ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin. This product also comes in two strengths a 500 mg per jar and 1000 mg of CBD per jar.
  • Diamond CBD Nourishing Lip & Eye Cream made with full-spectrum CBD extract and ingredients crafted to help the lips and sensitive skin around the eyes. It comes in a 500 mg per jar and 1000 mg per jar version.
  • Diamond CBD Antioxidant Cream is made with full-spectrum CBD and a blend of natural ingredients that fight the oxidative damage to the skin. It comes in strengths of 500 and 1000 mg of CBD per jar.
  • Diamond CBD Bath Bombs are made with 100 mg of CBD and a variety of other ingredients that can help you relax. If bath bombs are not your thing, then select a jar of their CBD Bath Salts with 100 mg.

Diamond CBD also makes CBD face serum, CBD lavender hemp lotion, CBD under-eye cream, and more, but this review will not cover all of these.

The Diamond CBD offer comes in a very, very wide range of products. Some are more and some less known, and here we will outline some of their best sellers, along with the basic info on all of these.

Diamond CBD Watermelon

CBD Oil Watermelon Flavor

One of the Diamond CBD bestsellers, the Watermelon Flavor Diamond CBD Hemp oil is very tasty, refreshing, and useful. It is GMO-free, contains  100% natural CBD, and only organic ingredients.  The oil is safe to use as a dietary supplement added in foods or drinks, under the tongue as oral drops and as a vaping liquid. This product comes in a nice 30ml bottle with a low concentration of 25mg of CBD per bottle.

There are also other concentrations available ranging from 25mg to 1500mg per 30 ml bottle. Along with the watermelon flavor, there are a wide variety of other flavors available like cotton candy, crunch and berries cereal, Mary Jane flavor, peppermint, raspberry lemonade, strawberry, mint, vanilla ice cream, cherry, orange ice cream, sweet raspberry, peach, apple, blueberry and a lot more flavors for your enjoyment.

diamond cbd unflavored 500mg

Unflavored Oil 550mg

The high-end oral drops/vape liquid that is the Diamond CBD unflavored oil is a very good product. it is made with premium CBD hemp oil with all-natural ingredients, is GMO-free, with all organic CBD and with no added flavors.

This is a highly concentrated product, containing 550mg of CBD oil in a nice, practical-to-use 30 ml bottle. The lab results for this product are available online, along with a short video explaining the best way to use this product.

Apart from this product, there are other concentrations of the unflavored Diamond CBD oil available ranging from 25 to 1000 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle.

chongs vape additive

Vape Additive

It’s quite possible that the Diamond CBD Vape Additive is my favorite of them all. This vape additive by Diamond CBD is a very powerful concentrate. It contains pure, raw, unfiltered, solvent-free CBD vape additive packed in a nice, convenient 12 ml bottle.

The lab results of its content are available on the website, along with a video explaining how to use this product. Due to its potent punch, it is advisable to mix it with other vape liquids.

CBD Crystal Dabs

This is a very potent CBD oil isolate powder in its crystal form and purity of 99%. The Diamond CBD isolates come in a variety of flavors and the Crystal Dabs is the ultimate bestseller. The Crystal Dabs come in a pack of 250mg of pure 99% CBD that can be added to foods, drinks, and other products.

blue dream diamond cbd

Blue Dream Terpenes Oil

Another Diamond CBD oil, this one infused with CBD oil along with all-natural hemp terpenes. The terpenes are the plant’s essential oils, and they add to the taste, smell, flavor, and color of the plant. The hemp plant is particularly rich in terpenes, and these along with the CBD make for a very useful mix of natural ingredients.

The Blue Dream Diamond CBD Oil is meant to be used as a tincture/oral drops or as a vape liquid. Along with the Blue Dream flavor, the CBD terpene oil can be bought in a variety of other flavors like Sour Diesel, Agent Orange, Northern Lights, Sour Kush, Thin Mints, Skywalker, Yoda and many more. This product also comes in a variety of concentrations ranging from 25 to 1500mg per 30 ml bottle.

cbd extreme drops

CBD Extreme Drops

A 4 ml bottle of pure CBD drops, this is a very potent product. Containing natural hemp extracts, the Extreme drops are intended for oral use only, taken as 2-3 drops under the tongue a day.

This product contains active CBD along with organic vegetable glycerin and no additional flavors. On the Diamond CBD, there is a video tutorial explaining how to best use the Extreme Drops.

CBD Infused Gummies

CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Chewy and tasty gummy bears infused with CBD. These are intended for people that can’t swallow the CBD oil drops or travel and have difficulty taking the oil regularly.

These are made from crystal isolate, each pack containing 30mg CBD in a pack of 20g of gummy bears. Excellent to take for pain relief and aid in sleeping as the gummy bears get slowly digested and the CBD gets released in the body for a prolonged effect.

Looking for the best of the best? Then all you’ve got to do is read this page – click here.

Head on over to the DiamondCBD.com website!


I was amazed by the diverse product catalog offered by Diamond CBD. They have CBD products for anything and everything you can think of and more.

Their CBD oils and CBD edibles come in many very diverse flavors and there is something for everyone, like their CBD-infused dried fruits which are something I’ve not seen yet on the CBD market.

A good offer for CBD vape liquids, CBD cosmetics, and even CBD bath products, Diamond CBD is most definitely a brand that delivers high-quality products for the people.

The prices can seem a little steep for many. But there are regular discounts and you can subscribe to their newsletter and get to “spin the wheel” and win a discount or a gift.

  1. Being an influencer in the vape scene, I see a lot of reviews and reviewers. So with that being said, i feel like this should have included a review of what their products did for you. I really missed that aspect. If you have tried any of their products, please mention that in your next review. Anyone can copy and paste info about products or even read everything you said on the website itself.

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. In addition to reviewing the individual brands, we’re also in the process of writing detailed and in-depth reviews which cover the specific products. It’s tough to share everything we want to within a company/brand review so that’s our plan. Thank you for pointing that out to us and I’ll be sure to follow up once we get all that published. It’s easier said than done. Have an awesome day!

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