Top 5 Benefits of CBD Topical Creams


Cannabidiol, otherwise known by its acronym CBD, is a substance that is yielded from the cannabis plant. It is increasingly used by individuals and healthcare specialists and for good reason. Being the most practical substance to be harvested from the cannabis plant, it has numerous health benefits, and it can be used to treat many health conditions. A customer looking to indulge in the medicinal benefits of CBD can find products online, but there are so many, ranging from CBD flower to CBD oil, with each having its own benefits and methods of usage. One of the most popular CBD products is CBD topical Cream. Here are some of the main reasons that people choose the cream application route versus other methods.

CBD Topical Cream Benefits

Five Reasons Why People Use CBD Topical Creams

One reason why CBD cream is very effective is that when it is applied to the skin, it interacts with the skin but also penetrates the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin. This makes CBD topical cream more likely to treat whatever skin condition with success.

The method of using cream is to apply it directly to the skin, hence the word “topical.” As with many other CBD products it has its own benefits. Besides making one’s skin look fairer and feel smoother, what are some of the top benefits one can get when using CBD topical cream? Don’t worry, I’m going to answer that question for you right now…

CBD Topical Cream Can Be Used To Treat Skin Inflammation

One of the most common skin problems is rash. It causes skin inflammation and can be irritating to many people. CBD topical cream can be used to treat it. It has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory properties such as cannabinoid receptors.

It is said to be able to affect the inflammation properties in the endocannabinoid system (an expansive physiological system in one’s body). The substances in CBD can also interact with white blood cells like microglial cells as well as macrophages in the bloodstream.

These two cells are the main culprits to triggering inflammation. Interacting with them will lessen the chance of inflammation occurring. It can create and support new skin cells and safeguard against common skin problems.

Thrive Flower CBD Lotion

Eczema Symptoms Can Be Treated With Topical Creams Containing CBD

Eczema is a skin condition where one’s skin becomes red and uncomfortable, and it is often located on the neck, face, and arms. Eczema may be triggered by allergies. However, it can also be in one’s genes that trigger a flare-up.

Although there is no cure for fighting eczema, it can be prevented with the use of a cream containing CBD. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD cream also contains antipruritic and antimicrobial matter, which is harnessed by the skin to avoid symptoms of eczema showing up.

If one already has eczema, the discomfort caused by eczema to him can be alleviated as CBD topical cream can also relieve pain. Often, the cream will create a feeling of coolness in the applied area. This way, a person who has eczema can apply the cream to his skin, without worrying about any side effects, while improving the quality of his skin healthiness.

Dry Skin? CBD Topical Cream Can Take Care Of That

One common problem when treating dry skin with common skincare products is over-moisturization. A skincare product may contain loads of chemicals meant to moisturize and soften the skin, but it may end up causing the skin to produce less natural oil from its sebaceous glands.

This is rather unhealthy as the skin will not be able to absorb the nutrients from the natural oil. Luckily CBD topical cream, or in this case, CBD lotion, does not over-moisturize the skin. It boosts the production of natural oil for the skin from the sebaceous glands so that the skin can gain its required nutrients and hydrate itself again.

CBD Cream Can Also Relieve Pain

This benefit deserves a point by itself as it is the most important benefit. CBD topical cream can allow us to feel relieved of pain in 2 ways: CBD in the cream can penetrate your skin, and react with ‘CB2 receptors’ in your skin to generate a localized pain relief throughout the applied area.

However, it is also said that CBD in the cream can also react with endocannabinoid receptors (ECS) in your brain and immune system, which is picked up by nerve cells in your body, to produce a full body healing pain-relieving effect. A person with arthritis, generalized muscle aches, or bone and joint pain can apply this cream to alleviate the pain caused by these conditions.

It can even lessen the extreme pain one feels if he suffers from migraine pain. Some CBD Topical Cream products are manufactured solely for relieving pain. If you or your loved ones suffer from discomfort or pain especially from the skin, you can get cream for them as a CBD pain relief rub.

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It Can Slow Down (Maybe Even Prevent) Skin Cancer Growth

This is by far the most crucial benefit of the CBD cream. Recent studies have shown that the cannabinoids of CBD cream can also be harnessed to help combat skin cancer. The cannabinoids can impede the duplication and growth of tumor cells and the growth of new blood vessels.

This method is very effective in hindering the growth of cancer cells, which eventually prevents the further mutation of cancer cells. Tests done have proven that cannabinoids are effective in shrinking the size of breast tumors and decrease the chance of cancer going out of control.

This proves that cannabinoids can help people to fight skin cancer. If you are one who worries about getting skin cancer, or are overly cautious about a new scaly patch on your skin, getting CBD topical cream could be a good precaution.

Conclusion: Try A CBD Cream Today!

Most of the benefits one can get from using CBD topical cream are beneficial to your health. Many people make use of pain relief in CBD topical cream, while others use it to improve their health conditions. As cannabidiol continues to be researched by scientists, many more benefits will certainly be unraveled to help us. In the future, it might even be possible for CBD to be used in common health issues.

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