Hemp-based Skin Care Products – Green Light or No?


In recent time, the cannabis culture has reached many different industries and aspects of each of our lives. One of the major areas where cannabis has taken a chunk of the market share is the cosmetics industry, more specifically the skin care products. Do you know just how huge this market really is? It’s absolutely massive and hemp is squeezing its way in whether you like it or not.

Hemp-based skin care products have been produced with hemp oil, hemp seed oil, CBD, and some even contain THC. I have done some research and have written this article to help you, our faithful readers, have a better grasp on the whole hemp-based skin care products and better understand what they stand for and what they help with.

hemp skin care

Hemp and Skin Care Is Here To Stay

I strongly believe that the use of hemp within various skin care product is the ultimate way to go.  It’s not going anywhere and in fact, I don’t think we’ve even come close to seeing the trend take off at its peak. There are many reasons why too.

  • Hemp oil is a godsend for skin care

Hemp is an amazing plant, and I’ve stressed this in many of the articles published here. And I’m going to stress it again. The benefits people get from using hemp were known throughout history, and there is a lot of evidence pointing to the great value of the hemp and the products derived from it.

One major ingredient in the hemp-based skin care products is the hemp seed oil. This is especially useful when dealing with dry skin, inflammation, redness, and various eczemas. There is a property of the hemp oil – it contains the perfect blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are essential for the health of the skin and other parts of the body.

Another thing hemp oil contains is an abundance of essential amino acids.  Depending on the production process, the hemp oil also contains a potent combination of vitamins that make the skin shine with health and beauty.

  • What is CBD in hemp and why it is useful to skincare?

CBD is the major cannabinoid found in hemp. It has anti-oxidative properties, stimulating the regeneration of the skin, and helps the healing of rashes, burns, injuries, healing of scars and even in the treatment of some forms of cancer on the skin.

There are some studies that have even proven that CBD along with the other cannabinoids that are found in hemp oil can control the growth of moles or warts, going as far as having a beneficial effect in fighting melanoma (a type of an aggressive skin cancer).

  • Should you try using hemp and CBD skin care products?

I say go for it. There are almost no risks related to using hemp-based cosmetics, something that can’t be said for certainty for many conventional cosmetics. And what is most appealing is that many of the companies that sell CBD and other hemp-based cosmetics use non-GMO and certified organic ingredients.

If you are reluctant to try some of these, you can surf online and find thousands of testimonials supporting the beneficial effects of hemp-based cosmetics. You won’t regret it, especially if you are suffering from some sort of skin condition like psoriasis or chronic eczema.

Top-Rated hemp-based products

This is not an endorsed publication, and the products on this list are our selection for the top-rated hemp-based cosmetic. I’ll explain some of these and note the major reasons why people should try them. If you are thinking of testing this kind of cosmetics, then, by all means, don’t be afraid to try some of these and be sure to share your experiences with our readers.

Elixinol – The CBD topical balm and lip balm – read the review


They use a completely plant-based blend of ingredients to get these two very good products that ensure great skin absorption. The topical balm has a nice smell, does not leave a greasy feel, gets absorbed in the skin, and the good full-spectrum CBD hemp extract content allows the skin to get the proper moisture, preventing cracking. The lip balm is also all-natural, containing a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract that has a neutral taste and brings nutrition to the skin of your lips.

Kush Creams

kush creams

Kush is a strain of cannabis and this company has adopted the name, hence Kush Creams. They produce a variety of creams, ointments, shampoos that are made with hemp seed oil, along with a selection of other natural ingredients that help the skin retain its moisture, regenerate and reduce inflammation. Check Kush Creams out right here.


RX Canna Cream

Another company that specializes in producing CBD and hemp-based cosmetics is RXCannaCare. They offer lotions, scrubs, moisturizers, creams, lotions and tinctures specifically crafted to help the skin, relieve pain, and bring its natural glow.

Hemp growth and the legality of hemp-based cosmetics

The hemp that is grown is known as industrial hemp, as this is a strain that contains very little THC (the component that gets you high) and a lot of CBD (the component that is used for medicinal purposes). Hemp is grown legally in several states in the USA and about 40 countries worldwide.

From the 50 US states, hemp growth is legal in 14 states. And the use of hemp-based products with controlled THC content (less than 0.3%) is legal all across the United States. Which is great news for the people that are afraid to try using CBD or other hemp-related products – don’t worry – these are legal everywhere in the USA.

And that goes for every hemp product, CBD product and cosmetics product that contains hemp oil, CBD and other hemp derivates, but does not contain any THC (well, has less than 0.3% THC), as these products are not rated as medication. And what is also great is that all the companies producing such products deliver right to our front door.

Conclusion: I’m all for hemp and skin!

As the title says – hemp-based cosmetics? Yes – the green light! There are many different types of cosmetics, different concentrations of CBD, hemp seed oil, or full-spectrum extracts that have the power to bring great benefits to your skin. Don’t be afraid to test them out, as most of these have very affordable price tags and you’ll be amazed by the results.

However, you must do your research as always with any product you purchase. When in doubt,  ask the company and continue to do more research until you’re comfortable with making a purchase.

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