Past-NFL Player Christian Okoye Is All About CBD For Pain Relief


The NFL is tough. Playing in a single game is said to be like getting into a car accident. That’s how much pain they typically endure. Professional athletes are prone to injuries, due to the nature of their everyday activities. And all of us have heard the stories of many professional athletes that use cannabis products for dealing with the various injuries they account during their sporting careers.

But what I found really interesting and want to share with you is the story of the former pro-NFL player Christian Okoye and his experience with CBD.

Christian Okoye playing football

NFL Athlete Christian Okoye Believes In Marijuana / CBD

Okoye was a part of the NFL for six years, and before that, he played college football. During his professional sporting career, he was known for his powerful running style and his amazing ability to break away tackles. And this professional prowess has led him to be a part of two Pro Bowl appearances, three playoff appearances, and a league rushing title.

Unfortunately for Okoye, his playing style and position have led to multiple injuries and have been the reason behind his early retirement after only six seasons in the NFL. And the multiple injuries have caused so much pain to his body that at one time, he even had difficulties in performing the simple everyday tasks.

The doctors have prescribed painkillers for his conditions, which is the standard medical practice for such cases. In many cases, the users of painkillers get inadvertently addicted to them, and to prevent this, Okoye decided not to go for the painkillers but opted to use CBD for managing the pain.

Since then, he has become an avid supporter of CBD for dealing with pain and says the CBD has saved his body and sanity. He does not use heavy painkillers, but all-natural CBD products that are very helpful, but have no lasting or negative effects on the body.

Because of his trust in CBD, he has even become a sponsor and an advocate for Kannaway. Kannaway (read the review here) is a company that specializes in producing CBD-based health products that use all-natural ingredients to deliver healthy products that will benefit the whole family.

The NFL should allow the use of CBD

The NFL does not allow the use of CBD or other cannabis-related products for their active players, even though there is a growing number of evidence pointing to the benefits of CBD products. I don’t know whether this is due to the fear of federal regulations, or simply a disrespect for the cannabis culture.

In my opinion, it is important for active players to start supporting the cannabis culture and ask for significant changes in the NFL rules regarding CBD use. It is not that the retired athletes like Okoye don’t have an impact on the advocacy in favor of CBD, but it would be good to have several active members of the NFL support CBD use in dealing with injuries.

Want to read up on this more? Then check out the article published by TMZ – click here.

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