CBD Oil in Arkansas: The Laws and Where To Buy It


Is CBD oil Legal in Arkansas? This is the question that many people ask me daily. They typically want to know where to buy it within the stat as well. I’ve covered everything needed to know before making a purchase.

Kicking things off with a quick overview: The state of Arkansas has allowed the use of CBD oil and other CBD-based products since some time in 2017, with the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act. It was in 2016 that this state allowed the use of medical marijuana with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. A note: the CBD products legal in Arkansas need to contain less than 0.3% THC.

Additional note: I’ve covered the CBD laws for all other states as well. For example, you’ll find information on Arizona CBD laws here if interested. 

CBD oil in Arkansas aka the Natural State

The use of CBD oil and other CBD-based products in Arkansas was legalized with the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act. This law allows a research program for accessing the agricultural and economic potential of the production of industrial hemp in Arkansas. To be legal under the law, a CBD product needs to have a maximum of 0.3% THC and needs to be derived from industrial hemp.

Below I’ll tell you all about the CBD-rich cannabis plants and more about CBD’s legal status and purchase options in the Bear State.

CBD – A miraculous molecule

CBD is short for cannabidiol, is one of about 113 known cannabinoids, chemical compounds created by the cannabis plants. Other plants can create cannabinoids but in very small quantities. Cannabinoids have different properties and different effects on the human body.

Due to the most famous cannabinoid of all – THC, which has strong psychoactive properties and is illegal in a lot of states, all the cannabinoids enjoy a dose of notoriety and most of the public still have a hard time differentiating the two.

Here we’ll only talk about the most important and second most abundant of these (from a medical perspective): CBD. The CBD molecule or cannabidiol, has strong medicinal effects like reducing inflammation, helping with anxiety and stress relief, pain management, helping with eating disorders and a lot more, and most importantly, it is legal on a federal level.

CBD-rich strains

The cannabis plants come in a very, and I mean a very wide variety of strains. There are THC-rich strains that are known as marijuana, and CBD rich strains that are known as industrial hemp. Scientists and farmers are always searching to strains that have a high CBD and very low THC content, and the following strains have that honor to be considered as the top of their game, with extremely favorable CBD to THC ratio.

  • ACDC – With extremely low THC and very high CBD content, the ACDC strain has almost no psychoactive effects, but it has great medicinal effects. It is often used for treating anxiety and pain management.
  • Charlotte’s Web – a strain specifically created for a little girl suffering from seizures, Charlotte’s Web is rich in CBD and little to no THC. This strain is excellent for pain management, stress relief, and nausea.

Arkansas CBD Oil laws

As said before, in 2017, with the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act, Arkansas has begun a research program for the growing and production of industrial hemp and its products. This program is supported by the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Plant Board but is opened for hemp farmers, processing facilities and researchers.

The use of CBD oil products is legal in the state of Arkansas, as long as the THC content in these is less than 0.3%. If the products contain more than 0.3% THC, they are considered medical marijuana products and are regulated under a different law.

Medical Marijuana

The people of Arkansas can use marijuana as a treatment for severe medical conditions. Severe medical conditions that benefit from the use of marijuana are considered cancer, ALS, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, severe arthritis, glaucoma, hepatitis C, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s and Crohn’s disease.

This has been approved in 2016, with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act. However, there are stipulations to this, as the necessary prescription from a licensed doctor, and the necessity for the patient to have a registered medical marijuana card.

For anyone interested in growing weed by themselves, the laws in Arkansas strictly prohibit the production of marijuana and have strict regulations about the possession of marijuana.

CBD Oil Purchasing Options in Arkansas for Consumers

Under the 2017 Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act, it is legal to buy and sell CBD products. These need to have less than 0.3% THC. There are retail stores in Arkansas that carry CBD products where people can freely purchase a CBD product to their liking.

A simpler and easier way for Arkansawyers to purchase CBD products is via the Internet. There are no restrictions and anyone can order and have their select CBD product delivered right to their doorstep.


CBD oil products have been legal in Arkansas since 2017. The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act stipulates that in order to be eligible, the CBD products need to have less than 0.3% THC and need to be derived from industrial hemp. There is a medical marijuana program that is state-run and allows the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The patients need to have a documented case of a severe medical condition and possess a prescription for medical marijuana from the licensed doctor so they can use marijuana without risking breaking the laws, which are very strict and prohibit the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Even though many retail stores in Arkansas have CBD products, the online order route is the preferred way of purchasing CBD products for Arkansas residents. If you’re looking to buy online, my advice would be to try one of the best CBD brands listed here.

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