Sisters of the Valley Review

The Bottomline Upfront: If you’re looking for a spiritual company that believes in healing through nature, then Sisters of the Valley is what you need. CBD oil manufactured by a Beguine order of nuns and using the ethanol extraction process, this might be the brand for you. Find out more about the California CBD company right here today.

Summary: When we came upon the Sisters of the Valley CBD brand, we were caught by surprise. The women of the Sisterhood dress as nuns, but are not nuns (in the classical sense). Instead, they dress like this to honor an ancient order of nuns, the Beguine order of nuns considered as the founders of the nurse profession. The Sisters of the Valley is a CBD company founded and run by highly skilled women who decided to change life paths.

After discovering the healing powers of hemp on themselves, the Sisters devoted their lives to helping others by producing pure, natural CBD-based products. Sisters of the Valley have a proprietary hemp farm where each plant is grown with care and devotion. They use grain alcohol extraction and use only natural ingredients in all products. Even though the products are made in traditional methods, they are tested in modern labs. The Sisters of the Valley product offer is simple, yet effective. We only wish they offer some more variety in terms of CBD content per bottle.

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Sisters of the Valley Brand Overview

You may not expect a CBD brand to be named with such an unexpected name, but Sisters of the Valley is a genuine CBD company that makes some very interesting products. This company was founded in 2015, and while the founders and members are not nuns, they are inspired by the Beguine order of nuns, who served as the first nurses in the world.

This CBD brand has a truly original setup, being comprised only of women – the sisters. They use industrial hemp grown in California’s Central Valley and make all the products by hand.

The Sisters of the Valley CBD company has an unexpected manufacturing policy called the Moon-Cycle Medicine-Making process. They use natural extraction methods, make the products during the new moon, and pack during the full moon. They believe that connection with nature is essential for delivering products with high quality.

All the Sisters of the Valley products are made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and have less than 0.3% THC. Each of these products is tested in independent labs and the results can be found online, and they come with each product. The Sisters of the Valley products are available all across the USA, and everywhere else in the world. There is a 30-day refund policy for any Sisters of the Valley product.

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CBD Products Made By Nuns

Sisters of the Valley have a good CBD product offer. Here is an overview of all these products:

CBD Oils

The CBD oils brought by Sisters of the Valley are made by infusing MCT coconut oil with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. These have a mild flavor and interesting aroma. Like all Sisters of the Valley products, these are made according to the moon cycles and are prepared in a spiritual environment. All the CBD oils by Sisters of the Valley are made with the same percentage of ingredients:

  • 93% coconut oil
  • 5% hemp infusion
  • 1% essential oils
  • 1% blood orange essential oil

These come in several bottle sizes and concentrations:

  • 130 mg/15 ml bottle
  • 250 mg/30 ml bottle
  • 500 mg/30 ml bottle
  • 500 mg/60 ml bottle
  • 1000 mg/ml bottle

CBD Tinctures (Drops)

Unlike the standard CBD oils, the CBD tinctures by Sisters of the Valley are made by infusing an alcohol-based carrier with CBD oil. These products are made by infusing food-grade alcohol with CBD oil, which gives them much faster, more direct effect. Still, the grain alcohol used has a harsher, bitter taste. The composition is 96% grain alcohol and 4% CBD hemp oil.

These come in two sizes:

  • 250 mg CBD/30 ml bottle
  • 500 mg CBD/60 ml bottle

CBD Capsules

The Sisters of the Valley products include CBD capsules. These are made from the gelatin base and infused with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. Each capsule has about 25 mg CBD. These are easy to swallow and they dissolve in the stomach, releasing the CBD for a greater effect. These are packed in bottles with 50 and 100 capsules and are made like all the other Sisters of the Valley products following the moon phases and the full moon ceremony.

CBD Topicals

The CBD-infused salves by Sisters of the Valley come in different sized packages, but have the same composition and intended effect. The salve is a multi-purpose salve that brings relief to sore spots, dry skin, itches, scratches, and more. The Sisters of the Valley official website lists all the ingredients in percentages, which is always good to know, as we can be aware of what we put on our bodies:

  • 77% solid coconut oil infused with hemp
  • 5% white beeswax
  • 8% liquid coconut oil infused with hemp
  • 6% Vitamin E oil
  • 5% calendula oil
  • 4% lavender oil

The salve comes in different sized packs with different amounts of CBD per pack:

  • 50 mg CBD/15 ml jar
  • 250 mg CBD/60 ml jar
  • 500 mg CBD/120 ml jar
  • 900 mg CBD/240 ml jar


Sisters of the Valley make and sell CBD-infused tea. The product description is a bit confusing, but as we understood it, the CBD tea is made from plants grown in California and Oregon. The hemp plants are grown, dried, and ground by hand by the Sisters of the Valley, and it is sold in bags of 1 to 5 ounces. This blend can also be used as a spice in cooking, as it is made from dry, ground hemp buds, and has about 5% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

Good and Bad

When we researched the Sisters of the Valley brand, we noticed some pros and some cons:

The Good

  • California-grown hemp
  • Moon-Cycle Medicine Making process
  • Lab tests published online
  • Full-spectrum products
  • All-natural ingredients

The Bad

  • Low amount of CBD in some products
  • Little info on dosage

Final Recommendation

Sisters of the Valley is a good CBD brand that makes its products from hemp grown in the California Central Valley. They use grain alcohol extraction and do lab tests in independent labs to make certain the products are potent and safe to use.

There is a good variety of products in the lineup. We found it very interesting that they use something called Moon Cycle Medicine Making, where they use the moon phases as a guide for the different processes. The Sisters also pray and each Sisters of the Valley product undergoes a spiritual treatment before it is available for consumers to purchase.

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