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Hemp oil is gaining more hype and more and more people are turning to this oil every day. Here on my blog, we support the use of CBD and hemp, and we do everything in our power to support hemp oil manufacturers and spread the word about the benefits of the daily use of these CBD-based products. The brand which I’ll be focusing on today is none other than Thought Cloud.

In our efforts to make consumers more aware of the hemp and CBD oils on the market, I’m publishing reviews of manufacturers that both make and sell CBD products. After coming across Thought Cloud, I had to share my thoughts on it. This cannabidiol manufacturer makes all-natural, organic CBD oil and other CBD products that have been reviewed below. Just keep reading to get the full picture.

thought cloud CBD oils

An Overview of the Thought Cloud Brand

Thought Cloud was founded in 2017 by a man devoted to holistic medicine. His efforts to make pure, high grade, organic, vegan and all-natural products have translated into what’s known today as According to the official website, the company uses sustainable and organically grown hemp from Colorado.

The company prides itself on following the entire process from seed to oil, to ensuring that nothing but high standards with regards to quality is kept. The extraction process is done via the supercritical CO2 extraction, which produces high quality, food-grade hemp oil.

The website is nicely designed and it offers information about their products and the production methods used by the company. The company offers free shipping in the USA, which is always nice. They claim that they do lab tests on their products, and the results can be obtained upon request.

What we always like is customer support, with a phone number, an email address and a live chat option on the website and the associated social media profiles. That’s all available here on Thought Cloud and I think the best way to learn more is to check the site out for yourself.

Brand Highlights of Thought Cloud CBD


  • GMO-free, organic, vegan, sustainable products
  • Uniquely formulated products for different users
  • CO2 extraction and pure hemp oil in products
  • 30-day return option
  • Hardship assistance program


  • Lab tests not readily available on the website
  • Relatively high prices

Types Of Products

  • tinctures
  • topicals
  • vapes
  • other cbd products

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2017

Official Company Name: Thought Cloud

Hemp Origin: Colorado, USA

Product Price Range: $9-$400 ($-$$$)

Product Availability: Across the USA and 50 countries worldwide

Purchase Offers: One-time purchase, bulk purchase

Lab Test Results: Available upon request

Support/Customer Service: Phone: 949-664-0114, email contact form

Shipping Policy: Free shipping across the USA

Return Policy: 30-day return option on unopened items

Where to Buy:

ThoughtCloud Coupon Code

The Thought Cloud products are a little on the high side, but the fix is, the company offers regular discounts and sales. The people that register with the website will receive additional discounts and sale offers via email.

Thought Cloud CBD range comes in a nice variety of products. There are products specifically designed to be used by people with low weight, pain and sleep issues, beauty problems, and more. They also have products like their signature series of super CBD oil. The list below is of their best-selling products.

Full Spectrum CBD (750mg) in coconut oil

750mg full spectrum CBD oil

The absolute bestseller from ThoughtCloud, this is a very potent CBD oil. It contains 750mg of pure CBD in 15ml of coconut oil, which makes it quite strong. It is made from their Colorado grown, organic hemp. The bottle contains approximately 300 drops, and it is recommended that it be taken sublingually for best results. This oil comes highly recommended, with over 800 positive reviews online.

Rubi Vape Bundle

thought cloud rubi vape pen bundle

An all-in-one set with the Rubi Vape Pen, Vape Pod and a 30 ml bottle of pure CBD hemp oil. The Rubi Vape Bundle is a good choice for people that don’t want the hassle of getting separate products, and it comes with a nice discounted price. The vape pen comes in black, gold, graphite, rose gold and teal finish.

The Full Spectrum Vape CBD bottle contains 600mg of CBD. It also contains MCT oil but no propylene glycol. This vape juice is sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan-friendly and comes in a variety of flavors (natural fruit-based flavors): Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola, Horchata, Mojito, Orange Creamsicle, Pina Colada, Strawbery Limeade, and Waffles.

Full Spectrum High CBN Blend 600mg, Pain and Sleep Formula

CBN nighttime formula

A15ml bottle with a 600mg blend of CBD and CBN (Cannabidiol and Cannabinol) in an MCT coconut oil (Hemplucid uses this oil too). This formula is especially good for people having trouble sleeping, as the CBN is effective on the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone). It is made from raw, organically grown, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado, USA. For best results, it should be taken sublingually.

Full Spectrum CBD (750mg) in cold-pressed hemp

750mg CBD thought cloud

This product is a blend of pure hemp oil with 750mg of CB in a 15ml bottle. The hemp oil is made by cold pressing the hemp seeds and stalks, to preserve the highest content of terpenes for the full entourage effect. The hemp used is grown in Colorado, and is non-GMO and organically and sustainably grown, with no herbicides, no pesticides or added chemical fertilizers.

CBD Bath Bombs

Thought Cloud Bath Bomb

This very popular product is unique for ThoughtCloud. It is a bath bomb infused with 70mg of full-spectrum CBD (whole-plant extract). Just as with any bath bomb, you add this to your bathtub and enjoy the benefits of the full spectrum CBD. The ThoughtCloud bath bombs are infused with essential oils in four different scents: lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and sweet orange.

The World’s Only Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Issue Resolver

Ozonated Topical CBD

Even though the name sounds very fancy, this product is a blend from 50 ml coconut oil, 300mg CBD oil and ozone bubbles, all mixed together, creating a salve that is helpful when dealing with skin issues like psoriasis, acne, eczemas, and viral and fungal infections.

CBD is excellent for the skin, and the added effect of the ozone makes this a very effective salve that should only be used topically as ozone is an irritant only when inhaled. This salve is easily absorbed into the skin and can be used by anyone suffering persistent skin issues.

Low Weight Persons Grape Flavored CBD Oil 350mg Formula

CBD for low weight persons

This is a formula designed to be used by low weight persons. The low content of CBD makes it appropriate to give to children. It is made from cold-pressed refined coconut oil, 350mg CBD oil, and natural grape extract. It is made from organic, non-GMO hemp grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. For the best results, this oil should be taken sublingually.

Full Spectrum Pain Management Balm

full-spectrum pain management CBD balm

This is a pain management balm that is made with 300mg CBD oil and a variety of other plant extracts that help with arthritis pains, joint pains and general inflammation of muscles. It contains devil’s claw, Boswellia, arnica, st john’s wort, eucalyptus oil, avocado oil, motherwort, dandelion, turmeric, holy basil, fir balsam, valerian, cat’s claw, MSM, glucosamine, Omega 3 fatty acid, magnesium, black cohosh, vitamin D3, menthol crystals, and of course CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD For Pets 200mg in cold-pressed hemp

CBD oil 200mg oil for pets

CBD extract in cold-pressed hemp oil for the complete entourage effect. This product contains 200mg of CBD in a 15ml bottle. It is adequate for pets like cats and dogs as it can promote healthy life and improvement of the immune system of the animal. It should be given according to the weight of the pet and can be given directly in the mouth or mixed with food.


As you can see, the Thought Cloud brand delivers when it comes to providing CBD products to the United States. I’m a big fan of the ozonated topical skin product as well as the CBD for individuals with low weight. There are not enough products out there on the market today for people with specific issues like this and I love the fact that this company is making a name for themselves by serving specific types of people. I’m going to go ahead and recommend that you try one of the Thought Cloud products today! You’ve got nothing at all to lose!

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  1. Thought Cloud is a solid CBD brand with lots of options and products for people dealing with low weight issues and other things. It’s a brand worth checking out, no doubt about that!

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