Best Hemp-Based Skin and Beauty Products


Hemp or also known as the cannabis sativa plant, as a cultivated plant has been around for thousands of years and people were aware of its properties for as long as humanity has been in existence. Hemp has been and still is the source material for many applications like making ropes and clothes, used in the building industry and even used as animal feed and bedding.

Besides its unique properties and multiple industrial uses, the hemp plant is also known to possess some amazing health benefits that have been utilized for a long time. The Cannabis Sativa plant is very rich in certain cannabinoids (especially CBD) as well as many essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and terpenes.

Hemp is a very beneficial plant for society

The ancient and modern science has researched the medical benefits of hemp, using it for more applications than just a raw material for weaving bags and cloth. There is a whole industry based on the beneficial properties of CBD in the form of CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD infused edibles, as well as many CBD infused beauty products, skin creams, lotions, balms, topicals, and more.

The beneficial effect of the hemp plant are multiple, and I will not go into detail about the medical benefits of the hemp plant in alleviating pain and other health-related problems, but will aim my efforts in emphasizing the cosmetic benefits of the hemp plant and the various hemp-based cosmetics and beauty products available on the market today.

Cosmetics based on the derivates from the hemp plant

You have certainly heard of CBD oils and its benefits. But have you heard about the multiple hemp-based cosmetics? And if you have, you may wonder why should you believe the claims that these will be good for your skin?

Keep reading as I delve into the specifics of the hemp-based skin care cosmetics and beauty products that are slowly but surely becoming a standard in the cosmetics world.

Why is hemp oil good for the skin?

Hemp oil is good for the skin because it’s composition is very good and adequate for this application. Simple, yet effective. Read on for the basic composition of hemp oil and the major benefits from its main components.

  • Essential fatty acids

While most of you may cringe at the word oil or fatty acid, these components are essential for the normal functioning of the body, and skin is the largest organ in the body, actually benefits the most from the proper fatty acids.

The oil derived from the hemp plant is rich in essential fatty acids that are very important in the general care of the skin. The especially high content of fatty acids can be seen in the perfect balance between the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids: a ratio of 3:1 – matching the balance of these fatty acids in the human body.

This indicates that any product containing hemp oil will have a beneficial effect on the skin and will greatly improve the quality of the skin, giving it a nice, healthy glow and silky feel.

  • Essential amino acids

Just like the essential fatty acids, the amino acids are another group of compounds that are essential for the normal functioning of our bodies. Again, the hemp oil excels in this category. The amino acids that are present in the hemp oil help the regeneration of the skin, aiding the creation of collagen, giving it a smooth look and preventing the occurrence of wrinkles, stretch marks and smoothing scars.

Another beneficial effect hemp oil has on the skin is that it helps the skin keep its moisture, again preventing dry skin, cracks, and various eczemas.

  • Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals

You and I both have read the composition of our face creams, and the main selling point of these kinds of products is that they contain Vitamin E, B, C… but have you wondered where do the companies procure these vitamins? Well, they make them in a lab, deriving from, believe it or not, the petrochemical industry.

But the hemp plant naturally produces a high content of vitamins, among which vitamin E, A, C, and B are most abundant. They seep into the hemp oil, and with that in the hemp-based beauty and skin care products. And the naturally occurring vitamins are the only ones that actually have beneficial effects and promote healthy skin.

The high content of zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium that are in their bio-available state in the hemp oil also give their positive effects on the health of the skin.

Whole Body Advantages

If I haven’t been clear about the positive effects of hemp beauty products so far, I’ll do my best to clarify my point here. The naturally occurring blend of important vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids in the hemp oil is not just the new hype of the cosmetic industry, this is a product that actually works. And not on just on a single part of the body: the whole body has some kind of positive gain. Like the following:

  • Using hemp balms and creams on joints helps with pain relief, reducing aches and inflammation
  • Improves melatonin secretion, enabling the body to rest and recuperate easily
  • Helps with skin rashes, eczemas, psoriasis, dryness, scars and stretch marks
  • Promotes elastic skin by increasing collagen production and helps balance skin moisture levels
  • Does not cause clogging of pores and reduces/prevents pimples and redness
  • Has antifungal and antibiotic properties
  • Hemp oil based lip balm prevents cracked lips better than any other product of this kind
  • Makes the hair healthier, stronger and shinier by promoting keratin production
  • Prevents the falling of hair by introducing essential vitamins and minerals, and prevent split ends and other damage of the hairs

Why Try Hemp Skin Care Products?

You’re probably asking yourself the question, “Why should I give these products a shot?” Well, because they work. There are numerous studies that have shown the benefits of using CBD oils, and every day new data is emerging in support of the hemp-based cosmetics. Even though the FDA does not yet approve many of these, the multiple satisfied customers testify to the great benefits of the hemp-based products, whether it is for health or beauty purposes. And very rarely has someone complained of side-effects, which is something the conventional medicine and cosmetics can’t exactly claim.

Browse through the site and learn about the different hemp-based skin care, beauty, and other cosmetic products and find the one that is right for you. In fact, I’m going to share the best of the best below for you to consider.

The Top 10 List  – COMING SOON

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