Frontier Jackson Premium CBD Review


Wanting to help people find their balance with the use of CBD, Frontier Jackson started their story in 2019. The company website, which I think can use a redesign and better navigation, offers that they use US-grown hemp and employ the CO2 extraction method to make the full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract. The site also offers lab test results on all the products.

All the Frontier Jackson products are made with this full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and have less than 0.3% THC. At this time, they ship in 47 US states and do not ship in Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Overall, the company checks out in all the main categories in making quality CBD products with good strengths. These claims are supported by plenty of positive reviews that make the Frontier Jackson products a good choice for your next purchase.

The Frontier Jackson CBD Brand

Founded in early 2019, Frontier Jackson is a CBD brand based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The official company site shares very little information on the company and members, but from their social media profiles, I learned of the company mission. They believe that every person should live life the way they want, and with the balance, they feel is right for them. It is why the company makes CBD-based products that can help restore the natural balance and improve the health and wellbeing of people.

From the relatively limited company information, I learned that the Frontier Jackson CBD Company uses industrial hemp grown in the USA, and they utilize CO2 extraction to draw out the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract from the plant. The company also makes lab tests on all its products to confirm the purity and potency of the products. They are also members of the Hemp Industries Association.

To contact Frontier Jackson, you can write them an email, call them on the phone or use the live chat option on the website. You can also ask for a recommendation for which CBD product to get based on your condition. Frontier Jackson offers free shipping on all US orders. However, due to state regulations, they do not ship to Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska at this time.


The Frontier Jackson product catalog has CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and CBD products for pets. I’ve researched all of these in more detail and here is an overview of them.

CBD Oils

Frontier Jackson makes full-spectrum CBD hemp oil from GMO-free and pesticide-free hemp. The full-spectrum hemp extract contains all the useful terpenes and active cannabinoids from the hemp plant for a complete entourage effect – the combined effect of all the ingredients in the blend, as each of these has a separate effect and helps activate the other compounds.

The CBD tinctures by Frontier Jackson are made with MCT coconut as a carrier oil and come in an unflavored version or mixed berries flavor. Their least concentrated oil has 500 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle, equaling to 16.6 mg of CBD per dose, ideal for beginners. Their 1000 mg CBD tincture is also packed in a 30 ml bottle and each recommended dose brings 33.3 mg of CBD. The most potent CBD tincture by Frontier Jackson has 4000 mg of CBD in a 60 ml bottle, coming to 66.6 mg of CBD per dose.

CBD Edibles

Frontier Jackson has several CBD edible products on their offer. They don’t offer any new, innovative products, but the ones they offer contain good CBD content and come in several fun varieties.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Gummy Drops are made with 12 mg of CBD hemp extract per gummy and are packed in a bottle with 30 gummies. These are a fun way of taking a consistent dose of CBD, along with all the other natural terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. These come in assorted fruit flavors for a refreshing, fun way of taking your CBD.
  • CBD Mints are minty-fresh breath mints infused with CBD. Just take one and wait for it to dissolve in your mouth and release the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. These are packed with 5 mg of CBD hemp extract and are packed in tins with 16 mints.
  • CBD Gum is another interesting CBD-infused product that can give you a good jolt of CBD when you need it. The gum is made with 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract per piece and is packed in bags of 10 gums. Customers can select between spearmint or peppermint flavors for fresh breath and a good dose of CBD.
  • CBD Honey Stix are sticks filled with CBD-infused honey. This product is made from all-natural honey infused with 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract per stick and is packed in bags with 10 sticks. The recommended dose is one stick per day, for a sweet treat with a nice boost of CBD.

CBD Topicals

The Frontier Jackson CBD topical offer has two products – CBD Ice and CBD Soothing Salve.

  • CBD Ice is a topical cream made with a good amount of menthol that brings a cooling effect and provides relief from soreness and discomfort. This cream has 300 mg of CBD per 60 ml bottle and 600 mg of CBD per 120 ml bottle. It gets absorbed in the skin, where the CBD and menthol do their magic and relieve soreness, pain, and aches.
  • Soothing CBD Salve is made with 125 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract packed in a 30 ml jar. This salve gets absorbed in the skin very quickly and it brings a soothing effect. It also has a small amount of menthol for a slight cooling sensation and good pain relief.

CBD Pet Products

Frontier Jackson makes several CBD-based pet products like CBD treats, CBD tincture for pets, and CBD soft chews.

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture for Pets is packed in a 30 ml bottle with 500 mg of CBD and a pleasant salmon flavor that your pets will like. The correct dosage depends on the size of your pet, and you can find detailed dosing instructions on the website. Make sure you get the correct option for your breed size, as there are three size options: small, medium, or large breeds.
  • Baked Full-Spectrum CBD Dog Treats are made with 2 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract per treat along with other ingredients that your dogs will like. The dog treats contain all-natural ingredients, are GMO-free, and have cheesy bacon flavor.
  • Soft Chews for Pets is another CBD-based pet product by Frontier Jackson. Each chew has 5 mg of CBD and a bacon flavor that your pets will find irresistible. These are packed in a jar with 60 soft chews and can be given to both dogs and cats.

Pros and cons

I found some things that I consider pros and some I see as cons for the Frontier Jackson company and its products.


  • US-grown hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract in all ingredients
  • Lab test results published online
  • Free shipping on all US orders


  • The website could use better navigation
  • Unclear company information


Frontier Jackson is a CBD brand that wants to help people find their balance with the use of quality CBD products. They use US-grown hemp and CO2 extraction in the production of their products. The company makes tests on its products and publishes the results online. There are plenty of positive reviews of the Frontier Jackson products on the official website, which is always nice to read.

The company supports golf and picket ballplayers with special products that could help the players feel better. Supported by free shipping on all US orders, Frontier Jackson seems like a good CBD brand with products to match.

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