Best CBD Cream for Pain


A lot of people live with a constant dose of pain and try many things to have that pain lessen. Many choose to take pain medication like opioids that are good for taking away the pain but bring a whole new set of side-effects that do more harm than good in the long run.

Here is where CBD comes in. This is a natural compound derived from the industrial hemp plant and it has some amazing health benefits. Among these, maybe the most important one is the pain-relieving effect.

Here is some more info on CBD and its ability to fight pain, especially localized pain. Plus, my selection of the best CBD creams for pain relief.

Pain – What You Must Know

The pain the human body feels is classified into two types. Nociceptive pain is felt when there is an active threat to the nerve endings caused by chemical, mechanical, or inflammatory causes. This is the pain you feel when you burn your hand. If the burnt area gets inflamed, you still feel nociceptive pain, only now the inflammation is causing the pain.

The other type of pain is neuropathic pain. This type of pain is felt even when there are no evident external causes, but the pain is due to the damage of the nerves. People with neuropathic pain describe it as a tingling, burning, or electrical shock-like sensation. Neuropathic pain is linked to many medical conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injury, cancer and chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, amputation, and more.

CBD and pain

No matter the type of pain the body experiences, there are complex mechanisms involved in the whole process. One system that is greatly responsible for feeling and managing pain is the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system is governed by the natural endocannabinoids, and when there is a lack of these, the body experiences a variety of unpleasant and painful symptoms.

Here is where the cannabinoid compounds come in. These have similar effects like the natural endocannabinoids, and they can bind with the ECS’s CB receptors. This way, they are supplementing the endocannabinoids and are supporting the ESC. This is done through a complex mechanism of processes, but the result is excellent and leads to a pain-free life.

CBD creams for pain management

Taking CBD internally is a great way to support the body from the inside, but you can also use CBD products externally and still get relief from pain. These are the CBD pain creams. A lot of CBD companies offer quality CBD creams for dealing with localized pain. CBD pain creams can help with muscle and joint pain, soreness, arthritic pain, pain caused by multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, and a lot more.

Many of these products are made with CBD isolate, but there are those made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. If you follow my work, you’ve noticed that I’m a fan of the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, as I believe that it brings an improved health effect due to the entourage effect.

To make improved CBD creams, many companies infuse their CBD pain creams with specific ingredients like plant extracts that have known pain-relieving properties. An example of this is the adding menthol in the CBD pain cream for a cooling effect. Menthol is especially useful when dealing with sore muscles as the cooling effect it brings helps with faster pain relief.

Other more common ingredients include arnica extract, calendula extract, camphor, shea butter, natural oils, and ingredients that help moisturize the skin on top of the pain-relieving properties.

Best CBD pain creams

My list of pain creams containing CBD is coming soon. Please standby and check back shortly. 🙂


Living with constant pain is not a comfortable life. That is why there are many pharmaceutical and natural pain-relieving products. No matter how good the opioid medication can help with pain, I’m always voting on using natural supplements that can support the body in finding its balance.

CBD is on top of the list of such natural products, and in the sea of various CBD products, there are the CBD pain creams that do wonders for localized pain caused by various factors. I recommend you look for a quality CBD cream that is made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and contains other natural ingredients that help support the intended effects.

Follow my recommendations above and I hope you find relief from pain. Please share this article with someone who is dealing with pain and requires relief, but has reserves when it comes to using CBD. For more assurance, you can do your research and consult your doctor for recommendations.

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