FOMO Bones Review


The abbreviation FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out and is a trait that people and dogs share. Unlike humans, the dogs usually wait eagerly by the door for their masters to return, wagging their tails in anticipation and being overjoyed when the door opens. Also, many doggies can’t seem to leave their masters alone for a minute. They are annoying at moments and even show anxiety and stress disorders. This is not a good thing, for both humans and dogs, and it needs to be treated. FOMO Bones has made a tasty solution – CBD-infused dog treats.

The FOMO Bones Brand

FOMO Bones is the joint endeavor of two friends, Mike and Beau, who, after suffering work-related burnout, have tried using CBD oil and have had great success in finding relief from the everyday stresses and anxieties. After a while of enjoying the beneficial effects of CBD on them, they tried giving CBD to Beau’s dog Ziggy, and surprise-surprise, the dog found relief from the pain caused by cancer and inflammation.

Even though Ziggy passed away from cancer, the benefits that she enjoyed from CBD inspired Mike and Beau to create FOMO Bones and offer specially made dog treats for dogs that can help the furry friends. Mike and Beau are behind another famous CBD company, Sunday Scaries, and they also own a bar and are loud advocates for the promotion of the benefits of CBD.

The FOMO Bones website has a nice theme with pictures of doggies, and funny dog-related jokes all around. They share their story and inspiration behind the brand, have a good FAQ section and offer an extensive knowledge section explaining all the benefits dogs can have from CBD. This is indispensable knowledge that every dog owner needs to know and consider.

The Products

FOMO Bones have only one product at the moment – the FOMO Bones CBD Dog treats for anxiety. These treats are of course in the shape of a bone and are made from all-natural ingredients. The CBD helps with pain management, reduces inflammation and works on regulating the mood of the dogs (and humans), reducing stress and anxiety, helping with depression and other serious health concerns.

Each vertebrae animal (including dogs and humans) has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates a lot of important functions in the body. The CBD reacts with the specific receptors in this system, encouraging the natural balance and helping with a lot of issues, primarily with pain, inflammation and mood swings.

So it is understandable that a dog that suffers from mood swings like separation or social anxiety, aggression or depression, or suffers from arthritic pains, cancer-related pains or other injuries and has trouble sleeping will find relief when using CBD products.

The FOMO Bones dog treats are made from natural GMO-free ingredients sourced only from the USA. Each treat is infused with 5mg of CBD isolate derived from US-grown industrial hemp and are absolutely not psychoactive as they have no THC. There are other ingredients like passion flower that is known to boost the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is important in dealing with stresses.

There is also Valerian root extract that is used as an anti-anxiety and sleep aid. The amino acid L-Tryptophan is also present in the FOMO Bones dog treats, which is very important in stress and anxiety control, as too little L-Tryptophan can lead to increase in stress levels in dogs and humans alike. Chamomile is an herb that helps with digestion and soothes nerves. It is also present in the FOMO Bones dog treats.

The rest of the ingredients are chosen specifically for improving the dog’s diet: rice bran, tapioca starch, cheese powder, glycerin, cane molasses, natural beef protein, safflower oil, soy lecithin, Vitamin C, sorbic acid, Vitamin E and bacon flavor.

The site has detailed instructions on dosing and recommendations on how and when to give the FOMO Bones treat to your dog. If anyone has concerns whether they should give a CBD treat to their dog, they can read through all the useful information on the FOMO Bones website, and of course, consult their vet.

These dog treats are packed in a bag of 20 treats and can be ordered directly from the website as a one-time purchase, a bulk purchase or as a subscription.


The FOMO Bones Company makes CBD dog treats that help dogs better deal with a variety of issues like anxieties from the mailman, thunder, travel, going to the vet, going to the park, and loud noises, and also help the dogs better deal with pain, arthritis, cancer, and inflammation.

These dog treats are made with natural ingredient and are a tasty way of introducing CBD to your four-legged best friend.

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