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Here at Truth About Hemp, we’re constantly on the hunt for deals. Finding affordable CBD options for buyers is a top priority as we’re always looking for better deals.

According to millions of success stories, CBD helps with many health concerns. Science specialists have studied CBD and they’ve made some amazing discoveries. The endocannabinoid system in our bodies is governed by compounds very similar to the cannabinoids derived from cannabis and hemp, which shows the relation between the effectiveness of CBD and human wellness.

Still, not all CBD products are created equal. We’re not judging anyone, but still, some companies are all about the profit, and some companies are truly invested in their products. That is why after a lot of work in reviewing and comparing companies, we prepared a list of the most affordable CBD oils on the market today. If you’re looking for cheap CBD that works but doesn’t cost a fortune, then this is for you. FYI, all the products on our list satisfy the basic quality requirements combined with cost savings.

The Basics About CBD

By now, most of you certainly know a lot about CBD and its various uses. However, in our mission to educate the world on hemp and CBD, here is a basic overview and how it acts in the human body.

CBD is extracted from industrial hemp. This is usually done by either CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction. Some companies opt to sell the hemp extract which contains all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. This is called full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. If the THC is removed, then the extract is called broad-spectrum hemp extract. Some products are made with only CBD, in which case, the hemp extract is distilled and the 99%+ pure CBD is isolated.

Once in the body, CBD affects the CB receptors from the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for controlling a lot of important bodily functions like the immune system, the digestive system, the nervous system, and a lot more. CBD stimulates the CB receptors, helping the ECS restore its natural balance. In turn, this means that each process that is governed by the ECS will benefit and the body will feel the improvement.

CBD is useful for helping the treatment of inflammation, arthritis, pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, loss of appetite, and a lot more. It is especially helpful in the treatment of epilepsy, and the first FDA-approved treatment for severe childhood epilepsy Epidiolex is an almost pure CBD product.

But not all CBD products are the same. It is why we have prepared the list of the most budget-friendly CDB oils you can find on the market today.

Top Budget-Friendly CBD Oils

We took several factors into account when making the list; things like lab testing, the reputation of the brand, composition of the CDB oil, customer satisfaction, and price. It is how we came with the following list of the best low-cost CBD oils you can buy today.


We couldn’t list out the cheapest CBD options without mentioning Their 500mg CBD tinctures made the cut due to their price per mg, effectiveness, and the money-back guarantee that they offer. The Calming Bundle is a preferred option as well. You can check out the full details in our official review of Seabedee.


CBDistillery makes its CBD oils from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract derived from US-grown hemp. The company has become one of the most famous ones in the CBD market, as they offer quality products paired with affordable prices. One of the most budget-friendly products by CBDistillery is their 500 mg tincture which is their best-seller so far. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank. Feel free to read the review here before buying.

Elixinol Daily Balance

Elixinol is a very reputable CBD brand that makes a lot of different CBD products. The Daily Balance line of CBD oils by is made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and comes in four concentrations ranging from the least potent one with 133 mg per 30 ml bottle, suited for beginners, to 4000 mg of CBD per 120 ml bottle. The full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract is made from organic hemp and extracted via CO2 extraction. Overall, Elixinol is a good CBD brand with some nice CBD products that are relatively budget-friendly.

Try The CBD

Try The CBD is a proper CBD brand that makes several different CBD products. Its CBD oils are made in both full-spectrum and THC-free versions. The company uses industrial hemp grown in Colorado and extracts the oil via CO2 extraction. All the quality assurances are in place and paired with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lowest cost per mg, the Try The CBD oils deserve to be tried.

Healthworx CBD

This CBD company offers three types of CBD oils – a full-spectrum, THC-free, and terpene enhanced. These come in strengths of 200, 500, 600, 1000, 1500, 3000, and 5000 mg of CBD per bottle. The CBD hemp extract is made with CO2 extraction from organic hemp and as a carrier oil, Healthworx uses organic MCT oil from coconuts. Considering all the important factors, and taking the price into account, these CBD oils are a good choice for an affordable CBD product.

Lazarus Naturals (High Potency CBD Oil)

Lazarus Naturals is a well-known CBD brand that makes quality CBD products that have surprisingly affordable prices. These are all made with CBD isolate that is THC-free and suitable for a wider customer base. This also makes them flavorless, and easy to combine with foods. The Lazarus Naturals tinctures come in 15 and 60 ml bottles with 750 mg and 3000 mg of CBD respectively. A great choice with the price to match.

CBD American Shaman (Terpene-Rich CBD Oil)

This CBD company makes excellent CBD products that come with decent prices. They add flavorings to their CBD oils to make them more appealing to their customers. Among the several things that make CBD American Shaman a quality CBD company is their Compassionate Care Program where they help people with chronic diseases that can benefit from CBD.

Hemp Bombs

This CBD brand adds plant extracts to their CBD tinctures to enhance the intended effect of improving the wellbeing of people. Hemp Bombs has differently flavored tinctures like peppermint and watermelon which make it easier for people to take the CBD oil sublingually. These are made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and have zero THC, so people sensitive to this compound can freely enjoy the Hemp Bombs CBD oils.


CBDMD is another proven expert in the field of CBD manufacturing. This company has a seed-to-sale policy and rigorous lab testing in independent laboratories. The CBD oils are nicely organized with four flavors that are more appealing than the natural grassy flavor of the CBD hemp extract. CBDMD packs its 300 mg tinctures in bottles of 30 ml, which gives you exactly 10 mg of CBD per each ml of CBD oil.

Koi Naturals CBD Oil

Koi Naturals is a line produced by Koi CBD. They make certain to follow each step of the production of their CBD hemp extract, and they have a seed-to-sale policy. The company makes CBD tinctures with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and to make them more appealing, they add natural flavorings like strawberry, orange, lemon-lime, peppermint, and spearmint. There is also the natural flavor tincture for people that like the natural, grassy flavor of CBD hemp extract. These are very reasonably priced, and each recommended dose brings about 8.5 mg of CBD per 1 ml.

Mission Farms Pure CBD Oil

Mission Farms makes its CBD oils with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and coconut oil as a carrier oil. These CBD tinctures are intended to bring relief from different ailments, just like all the other CBD oils on this list. The CBD oils by Mission Farms come infused with different flavors and natural oils that promote different effects. People can buy the small travel-sized bottles to test the Mission Farms CBD oil, and if they like them, can purchase the full-sized ones. Of course, these come with a 30-day money-back option.


Above is a list of the best budget-friendly, affordable, and relatively cheap CBD oil options that you should consider. These are all from reputable companies that have excellent company policies and are devoted to their products and customers. As CBD use is on the rise, these products are certainly worth the try as they come with a reasonable amount of CBD per bottle and have excellent prices. If you are just starting with CBD use, then give one of these a try, and maybe you’ll find the relief you’ve always been craving.

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