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Sex is natural, pleasurable, and beautiful. But it is not exactly such for all people. Some people, more often women, can experience discomfort and pain, not enjoying sex at all. Others may have no sex drive at all.

Still, there is a solution, and it is CBD-based. Yes, you are guessing right – it is CBD intimacy oil. CBD lubricant can be referred to by several different names.

One very common term is CBD lube, but we are talking about the same thing. Here we are going to talk in more detail how CBD intimacy oil acts in the body and bring our selection of the top CBD oil products for bedroom use that you can find today.

cbd lube oils

Sex and CBD Lube: A Natural Sex Enhancer

Sex is great when everything works as it is supposed to. Besides the tons of fun and pleasure, sex is related to a long list of health benefits like reducing headaches, helping with blood pressure, lowering the risks related to heart attack, and even some cases of cancer. Sex boosts the immune system, improves the mood, helps balance the hormones, and positively affects skin health.

However, there are people whose bodies are changing or suffer from medical conditions, and they can have trouble during sex.

So, instead of suffering through pain or staving off sex altogether, use some help and enjoy, people. Using lubrication is natural and nothing to shy away from, plus it helps smooth things out.

Maybe with enough foreplay, you will not need to use lube? But, why not use it as a part of your foreplay?

Even in on occasions where lubrication is not necessary, you can still use lube to get things sliding. A nice way to get your partner in the mood is to use massage oil as a way to spice up things.

But with CBD infused lube, you have everything you need – a massage oil, an intimate lubricant, all in one natural product that has a lot more to offer.

Why Try CBD intimate Oil, aka CBD lube?

CBD has a vital role in the body, and it affects all organs and tissues. Unlike taking CBD as a tincture or a capsule, the topical application of CBD products has a different way of acting, but with the same positive results.

Since you can take CBD oil orally, there is no risk of applying it topically to your most intimate parts. Plus, you can have fun without worrying that you are going to ingest some of it.

The way CBD intimate oil works in the body is by increasing the blood flow through the area where it is applied. It also works on easing any pain and discomfort, as well as increasing the level of natural aphrodisiac.

Here we need to emphasize that no matter which CBD intimate oil you select, it does not work immediately. Well, it does, but the true sensuality-increasing effects need a little time or about 15-20 minutes. This is the time it takes the CBD to get absorbed in the body, so you can use this time for foreplay.

Risks Involved With Using CBD Oil Lube

There is no significant risk involved in using CBD intimate oil. This is nourishing to the skin, not irritable, is food-safe, and does not contain any toxic ingredients.

But if you use condoms during sex, then you should stay away from using oil-based CBD lubricants. The oils in the CBD intimate oil can react with the latex, causing it to lose its protective ability.

So, if you need to use condoms, then you need to look for a water-based CBD intimate lubricant, as these do not have any oils that are harmful to the condoms.

A thing to note with water-based CBD lubricants is that they contain glycerin. While this is a safe ingredient, some ladies can potentially experience pH imbalance and in rare cases, yeast infections.

Even if it seems unorthodox, after you try it once, we believe you will not want to run out of your favorite pastime accessory.

Top CBD Intimate Oils You Must Try

Here is our selection of the top CBD intimate oils. We have made the list selecting the products based on the ingredients in the intimate oil, the price, and popularity.

We included both oil and water-based CBD intimate oils, so you have a good selection of whether you want to use these with condoms or go natural.

foria intimacy oil

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

The Awaken Arousal Oil by Foria Wellness is a popular option for intimate oil. It is the first product of this type ever to come on the market and is made with broad-spectrum hemp extract and a blend of other oils.

The blend is such that it helps relaxation, increases arousal, and helps ease pain and discomfort. The Awaken Arousal Oil is designed to help vaginal lubrication, and it can also be used solo or with a partner but is not recommended to be used with condoms.

The oil blend also contains organic coconut oil, kava root, ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon extracts, cacao absolute, and essential oils from cardamom and peppermint.

ananda touch bliss intimate oil

Ananda Hemp Bliss Intimate Oil

The Bliss Intimate Oil by Ananda Hemp is the best CBD intimate product on the market, according to popular opinion. This product is a blend of several oils, and at the core is the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

It has less than 0.3% THC and all the active cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp. It contains peppermint oil, coconut oil, black pepper oil, cacao seed butter, and L-arginine and cetearyl.

All of the ingredients are food-safe and will not cause irritations, but is not safe to use with condoms. There is no recommended dose, as it all depends on personal preference, and the best time to use it is about 15-20 minutes before getting down to (serious) business. I should also add that this product is lab tested.


Kush Queen Ignite

The Ignite CBD lubricant by Kush Queen is a water-based product that is safe to be used with condoms. Even though it has CBD in it, the CBD is nano-activated which allows the CBD oil to blend with water.

This allows it to be made without any oils in it, especially coconut oil that is notorious for damaging latex condoms. The Ignite intimate lubricant is the least concentrated product from all the products on our list, but the nano-activated CBD particles sill make it quite effective.

Knob Polish CBD Lubes

Jack Knob Polish

I gotta say, I love this one, really! While the other entries on the list are more oriented towards women, the Jack Knob Polish is a CBD-based intimate lubricant oriented towards men, brought by CBD Caring Heart. This is a water-based CBD lubricant, and it is safe to use in all intimate encounters.

The product has CBD isolate in its composition, which is much easier to transform into a water-soluble ingredient. The other ingredients also help increase blood flow, increasing pleasure, and smoothing the action.

bella amore passionale

Bella Amore Passionale Hybrid Lube

The Bella Amore Passionale Hybrid Lube is also created by CBD Caring Heart, but this product is more women-friendly. The hybrid formulation enables this CBD intimate lube to stay on better, while the CBD isolate gets absorbed in the skin, increasing blood flow and sexual pleasure.

Due to the hybrid formula, it is not safe to use with condoms. The Bella Amore Passionale Hybrid lube has a slightly more complex formula and is not recommended for ingestion.

Final Thoughts

When looking for new things to experience with your partner, CBD lubes need to be on your list. Whether you choose to try a broad spectrum CBD based product or a full spectrum product, choose one! CBD-based personal lubricants have plenty of beneficial effects on intimate health, on top of helping heighten sexual encounters.

The initial benefit is increasing blood flow and relaxation, but there are also significant health benefits from using CBD-based products. Still, the most important effect CBD intimate oils can have is bringing you closer to your partner by significantly improving your sex life.

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