Koi CBD Oil Review


Summary: Being on the CBD market for close to five years, Koi CBD is a good brand with excellent products. They use hemp grown in the USA, extract with CO2 extraction process and remove the THC from their extract, creating broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

There is a good product offer, albeit on the pricier side. Still, if you can afford it, I think that you will not regret giving the Koi CBD brand a chance.

Koi CBD Vape CBD Oil Reviews

Advertised as being the #1 Trusted Brand of CBD, Koi CBD has attracted a good following. Still, there are many brands out there that are not delivering on their promise for high-quality products. It is why I do what I do and today I’ll bring you a detailed review of the Koi CBD brand and its products. I’ve done extensive research to learn are they truly delivering what they promise. Dive right in!

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The Koi CBD Brand

Koi CBD was founded in 2015 in California. This brand has set a good mission – to create the standard of quality for CBD users. They are members of the Hemp Industries Association, The US Hemp Roundtable, and the California Hemp Council.Koi CBD uses US-grown hemp and the CO2 extraction method for the production of its CBD products. This company takes great pride in the fact that their products can be traced from start to finish, each step of the production is monitored for keeping proper control of the quality of their products.

The company tests the products in independent laboratories and they now publish the results online for anyone interested. This is a good practice that builds trust with the consumer, as people want to know that the products they are buying are safe to use and contain everything that is named on the label.

Types Of Products

  • Topicals

  • Concentrates

  • Vaping

  • Edibles

  • Pets

  • Tinctures

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Established Date: 2015

Official Company Name: Koi CBD LLC

Hemp Origin: Unconfirmed As Of 2/23/18

Product Price Range: $8.99 – $249.99 (plus shipping)

Product Availability: Available In All 50 States (and UK)

Purchase Offers: One-Time Purchases Only

Lab Test Results: All test results located on the company’s website.

Support / Customer Service: Email / Phone / Facebook

Shipping Policy: Standard USPS, products are usually shipped the same day or next day. Call customer service for faster shipping options.

Return Policy: Customers must cover the return shipping fee. Once the product is received, the refund will be processed. No mention of the product needing to be unopened. There is not a money back guarantee.

Where To Buy: Most people buy through the company website. They also buy through local select authorized retailers, and through a different website for UK customers.

Koi CBD Coupon Codes and Savings

Koi CBD is a proud supporter of those we serve as well as veterans of the United States military. They are partnered with Greenzone Hero – a company that helps other companies to create commerce in order to serve our veterans. With proof of retired or active military service, military members and veterans get 25% off of every order for life. Click here for more details.

There are currently a code called PROHEMPOIL that’s for a promo code at this time. Use it at checkout!

Koi Products

Koi CBD has several types of CBD products on their offer like oils, edibles, topical, vapes and CBD for pets. Here I take a closer look into the most notable ones.

CBD Oils

The Koi CBD offer contains CBD tinctures in several flavors and strengths. All of these are made with their proprietary Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum hemp extract. There are strengths of 250 mg per 30 ml bottle, 500 mg per 30 ml bottle, 1000 mg per 30 ml bottle and 2000 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. I personally prefer the Koi cbd 250mg option.

There are five distinct flavors like peppermint, spearmint, strawberry, lemon-lime, and orange, as well as a non-flavored, natural CBD tincture.

CBD Spray is another product by Koi CBD. This is a blend of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract, has close to zero THC and comes in two strengths – 1500 mg and 300 mg of CBD per 60 ml bottle and comes in six flavors, same as the CBD oil tincture explained above. This product is packed in a spray bottle for a simplified use – you can spray it directly in the mouth or put it on your food.

Koi Naturals

Koi Naturals – A new product line created by Koi CBD was released for purchase in January of 2018. This is a squirt bottle that is much easier to add to your food, drinks, or to drip it under your tongue for fast results.

The “Natural” line is a full spectrum CBD blend was uniquely created with the active cannabinoids CBD, CBDV, CBG, and CBN. The liquid is colorless and clear, and it has been mixed with coconut oil to provide a great flavor to the two flavors available for purchase- spearmint and natural flavor.

The 60mL bottle can be purchased in strengths of either 1500 mg or 3000 mg and is a great new way to add the product you love into your everyday diet.

CBD Capsules

Koi CBD makes CBD gel capsules in two versions: regular and nighttime. The regular CBD soft gel capsules are made with broad-spectrum hemp extract, packed in a bottle of 30 capsules and 25 mg of CBD per capsule.

The nighttime soft gel capsules are made with 25 mg of CBD per capsule along with 1 mg of melatonin and are packed in a bottle with 30 capsules. The CBD and melatonin work together to help the body relax, fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

CBD Edibles

Koi CBD makes CBD edibles in the shape of infused gummies. These contain 10 mg per gummy and come in regular tropical and sour fruit flavors. Packed in bags of 6 and a bag of 20 gummies, these are a good way to get a tasty boost of energy throughout the day.

CBD Balm

A healing balm made with the proprietary Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract along with other natural ingredients, this is a nice product that has a warming effect on the skin, quickly providing a pleasant soothing effect. It comes in a travel-sized pack with 150 mg of CBD, a full-sized jar with 500 mg of CBD and a full-size extra strength jar with 1000 mg of CBD.

CBD Vapes

Koi CBD makes a CBD vape liquid that comes in four concentrations of CBD – a 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg of CBD per pack. These e-liquids come in several flavors like Tropical Popsicle, Pink Lemonade, Vanilla Caramel Custard, Watermelon Green Sour Apple, Strawberry Milkshake, Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit and their Flavorless Koi White.

Packed in a convenient bottle with a dropper, the Koi CBD e-liquids can be used with your favorite vape device or can be taken sublingually.

There is a pre-roll made from Hemp Flower on the Koi CBD offer. This pre-roll contains one gram of Hawaiian Haze CBD-rich hemp flower.

Koi CBD also has two vape devices one named Koi Zen, the other Koi Stick. There are refillable pods sold on the website, and the users can use whichever Koi CBD vape liquid they prefer.

Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge

Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge – Sold as a pre-filled and sealed cartridge to attach to your vape pen (or purchase the Koi Naturals pen), this product is 250 mg and has absolutely no chemical fillers.

The flavor it comes in is natural but is blended with organic terpenes and essential oils. Thus, it is safe, fast acting, and 100% natural. It can be purchased as just the cartridge or a combination package of the cartridge and battery. The product has been lab tested for purity.

Koi Vape Juice

Koi CBD Vape Juice – Koi CBD vape juice comes in six different flavors- strawberry milkshake, blue raspberry dragon fruit, vanilla caramel custard, watermelon green apple sour, pink lemonade, and a flavorless option.

The ingredients consist of 100% natural cannabidiol (CBD). It also contains ingredients such as isolate, food-grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, combined with natural & artificial flavors.

You can choose your personalized strength- 100, 250, 500, or 1000 mg. You vape this product how you would any other vape juice throughout the day to get an even distribution of CBD. It can also be used as a tincture as well by taking one full dropper amount under the tongue.

Reviews of these flavors, as well as this product, are endless- with mostly 5-star ratings, people describe the product to be flavor and smell accurate to the description and help with pain, anxiety, and other associated symptoms.

CBD Bath and Beauty products

Koi Hemp Extract CBD Lotion is a soothing body lotion made with natural ingredients and light relaxing lavender, citrus burst or pink grapefruit scent. This body lotion comes with 200 mg of CBD in a 125 ml bottle and has a rich feel and fast absorption in the skin

Koi Hemp Extract CBD Bath Bombs are meant to bring you relaxation in the bathtub. Each of these has 100 mg of CBD along with ingredients that promote relaxation and a luxurious feeling of the skin. These come in three scents: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavender; Lemon-lime and Lavender, and Orange Citrus and Lavender.

Koi Lavender Hemp Body Lotion

Koi CBD Lavender Lotion – This product has been noted by one user as their “magic lotion” for a severe rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, and many other reviews follow suit. While the company cannot say that it successfully treats this condition, that’s what a consumer has stated in the past.

Lavender is a natural relaxant, and the lotion is infused with the naturally occurring CBD that’s found in hemp oil. The product also contains organic essential oils and other natural components to provide ultimate relaxation as well as pain relief and reduces inflammation. Each bottle contains 200mg of CBD and is 4.25 ounces.

CBD Inhaler

This is an interesting CBD product, and it contains 1000 mg of CBD per inhaler. Each dose has 5 mg of CBD along with natural ingredients like oleic acid, dehydrated ethyl alcohol, and natural flavors. It comes in two flavors – Mojito mint and Dreamsicle.

CBD for pets

Koi CBD makes two types of CBD products intended for pets, namely dogs. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these products goes for the IPittyTheBull dog rescue.

The Hemp Extract CBD Pet Spray has 500 mg of CBD in a 60 ml bottle with a sprayer. This can be added to the food of your dog or sprayed directly in the mouth.

The Koi Hemp Extract CBD Pet Soft Chews are intended for your dog. Each soft chew contains 2 mg of CBD and ingredients that your dog will find extra tasty, packed in a bag with 25 chews.

Pros and Cons of KoiCBD.com

Here I bring you the things I found about Koi CBD. Most of these are considered positive and some are not so positive.

Many Pros

  • US-grown hemp: the company uses hemp sourced from US farms, but they don’t disclose the exact state from which they get their raw hemp.
  • CO2 extraction: Koi CBD uses the CO2 extraction process to produce its broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. This extraction method yields pure, solvent-free extract that contains most of the useful compounds from the hemp plant.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products: to be compliant with the legal limit for THC content, Koi CBD uses its proprietary PRIZM broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract that has less than 0.001% of THC, well below the limit.
  • Excellent customer support: this company has great support for their clients. They have a good FAQ section, free shipping on orders over $35, and a veteran and active duty discount program with 25% off. There is a good live chat option on the website, and the agents are ready with answers to all inquiries.

The Cons

  • On the pricier side: Koi CBD has a strong policy regarding the quality and potency of its products. However, these are on the pricier side, and their sales would not be so good if not for the regular discounts, sales, and promotions.

The Final Truth

Koi CBD has been on the CBD market for five years now, and in that time, this company has brought a good product offer to the consumers. The company uses hemp grown in the USA, extract it via CO2 extraction, remove the THC and create broad-spectrum CBD products.

They have a good mission and have a social responsibility, offering sizeable discounts to active and retired military personnel as well as donations to pit bull rescues. The official website had good knowledge about CBD and the various CBD products, and they are fairly active on social media.

From all of the above, Koi CBD is most definitely a quality CBD brand with very good CBD products. If their prices fit your budget, then this is a CBD brand worth trying.

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