Canna Pet Review


Summary: One of the first CBD brands to make pet-specific products is Canna-Pet. They have been on the market since 2013, and have brought plenty of good CBD products. Currently, they have Advanced Formula products and MaxCBD products intended for dogs, cats, and horses.

All the products are legal, made from US-grown industrial hemp, and all contain good amounts of active cannabinoids. IMO, the website could use improvement, and they should check the issues with the lab test results.

On the other hand, this website has one of the largest positive reviews sections, as plenty of pet owners have shared their positive experiences with the Canna-Pet products. From everything we read, naturally, we concluded that Canna-Pet is a serious CBD brand that knows its business, as they use organic, GMO-free ingredients in all their products.

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Canna Pet

Canna-Pet CBD Brand

Several CBD brands make CBD-based products especially for pets, and one of these is Canna-Pet that we’ll cover in more detail here. This is a CBD brand founded in 2013 with the only approved registration for Cannabinoid Nutrition for animals. This CBD brand has a variety of CBD products that are designed for all kinds of pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and birds.

Canna-Pet uses full-spectrum hemp extract in all their products, which bring the entourage effect to pets. The Canna-Pet products are produced by veterinarians and are rated safe to use with any medication or special diets your pet may have. The hemp used in the Canna-Pet products is organic, and the extract is legal to use everywhere, as these products contain less than 0.3% THC.

The manufacturing facility where the Canna-Pet products are made is GMP certified and all the ingredients used in these are GMO-free. Canna-Pet has excellent shipping options, as they ship to all but five countries in the world. If anyone is dissatisfied with their Canna-Pet products, they can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

The Products

Canna-Pet has CBD based products for only pets, and they have a separate line of products for human use under the name Assisi Botanicals. So, here is an overview of the CBD product line for pets. In the interest of following our structure, we’ll outline the various CBD products as we usually do in this type of review.

CBD Oils

Canna-Pet makes a full-spectrum CBD oil made from a whole-plant extract made with CO2 extraction. The Advanced Max formula contains only pure hemp CBD-rich oil, and the CBD content in the 10 ml bottle is 680 mg. This formulation allows for faster absorption and increased beneficial effects.

The dosing of the Advance Max CBD oil is by body weight of the pet and the detailed overview can be found on the package of the product and the official Canna-Pet website.

For best results, this CBD oil should be given in the mouth of the pet. Canna-Pet also packs this tincture in a large 120 ml bottle that is intended for horses.

CBD Capsules

The Canna-Pet CBD capsule offer is varied, as they produce several different CBD capsules, and here is an overview of all of these.

  • Small Capsules – these are made with 4 mg of CBD per capsule, and contain all-organic ingredients. The formulation inside is in a powder form containing all the natural terpenes, flavonoids, and other nutritional ingredients from hemp. These come in bottles with 30 or 60 capsules, and these are intended for small pets like cats or smaller dogs. These capsules can be blended with the food of the pet, just open the capsule and mix it with food. If you can, you can give the capsule directly to your pet, by placing it in a pill pocket or within a treat. You know your pets the bets so you can find the most adequate means of administering the content of this CBD capsule.
  • Large Capsules – made with 8.5 mg of CBD per capsule in a powdered form. The complete active ingredients in each capsule are 170 mg and are tested for purity and potency. These are intended for large dogs including large breeds, and the recommended dose is 1-2 capsules a day, depending on the dog size. These can be given with food, in a pill pocket or if possible, swallowed directly. The Large capsules come in bottles with 30 or 60 capsules, made with GMO-free, organic ingredients.
  • Max Capsules – each of the Max capsules by Canna-Pet contains 30.2 mg of CBD and an array of other useful ingredients from the hemp plant. These are for pets in crisis, as the high dose of CBD can help boost plenty of benefits in the bodies of the pets. These should be given in the food of the pet, added in the mouth, or with a treat or a pill pocket. The dosage is per body weight, and the general recommended dose is one capsule for pets under 20 pounds, and one to two capsules for pets over 20 pounds of weight. These are packed in bottles with either 10 or 30 capsules.

CBD Treats

The CBD treats by Canna-Pet come in two versions and three flavors. The Advanced treats are made with 2.4 mg of CBD per biscuit, with 0% THC, and are not psychoactive at all. The other ingredients are also organic and the blends are formulated to appeal to pets.

  • The PB&A treat is made with peanut, banana, apple, with flaxseed
  • The Turkey treat is made with farm-raised turkey, cranberries, carrots, cinnamon, and sage
  • The Maple Bacon treat is made with cured bacon, maple powder, and cinnamon

Canna-Pet also makes MaxCBD Biscuits made with 8.4 mg of CBD per treat. These come in a Maple Bacon flavor and are made with cured bacon, maple powder, and organic cinnamon.

All of the treats should be dosed per bodyweight of the pet, and the detailed dosing instructions come on the package of each bag. The bags contain 8 ounces of treats or 37 to 40 individual pieces.

Pros and Cons

During our research we’ve come across some pros and some cons about Canna-Pet and its products:


  • US-grown industrial hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • A good amount of CBD in each product
  • All-organic ingredients
  • 50% discount to pet rescues and pet charities


  • The website needs better photos
  • Lab tests are not on the website, even though links are pointing to them

Final Recommendation

Canna-Pet is perhaps the pioneer CBD brand that makes CBD products for pets. They began in 2013, and they use US-grown hemp and CO2 extraction to make the full-spectrum extract for their products. The product line is simple, CBD oils, capsules, and treats designed for pets, made with their advanced formulation that has all the active ingredients from hemp.

We don’t like that they don’t specify the exact source of their hemp, only mention US-grown crops.  Also, we did not find the lab test results, even though each product page has a link pointing to lab test results.

Even if this is an issue with the official Canna-Pet website, they need to fix it soon. Otherwise, we read plenty of positive reviews about all the Canna-Pet products. This points to the fact the people believe in the quality of these products, and their pets have found relief from the Canna-Pet products.

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