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One of the tasteless and most discreet ways of taking CBD is via the CBD capsule. This delivery method ensures that every dose packs the same punch, and you can simply take the CBD capsules anywhere, anytime without anyone noticing.

Still, not everything about the capsules is simple and straightforward. Read on as I share plenty of info about the CBD capsules and read my selection on the best CBD capsules on the market today.

CBD Capsules – The Essentials

The CBD capsules are made by encasing CBD oil in a capsule. The capsule casing is usually made from bovine gelatin, but some CBD companies also make completely vegan casings made from plant-based gelatin. The casing is not as important as is the content of the capsule.

Most of the companies usually make their CBD capsules from pure CBD isolate. As a result, these contain only CBD. But some companies also make CBD capsules by blending full-spectrum CBD hemp extract with a carrier oil. In my opinion, the full-spectrum capsules are the better option as they provide the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the combined effect from all the active cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. Each of the compounds in the blend has a specific action and they activate each other for a more extensive beneficial effect.

How Do Capsules Work?

To get the effects from the CBD contained in the CBD capsule, the casing needs to dissolve in the stomach to release the CBD. This usually happens within one hour of swallowing the capsule and you should start to feel the intended effects.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system. After it gets in the blood, it gets distributed throughout the body, reaching the CB receptors, stimulating them, and providing relief. People take CBD for different things. Some take it to manage pain, others to help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, to control appetite, to improve skin health, to sleep better, and much more.

To be legal in the USA today, the CBD needs to be derived from industrial hemp, and all CBD companies use this plant to make their CBD products. The CBD products on the US market need to contain less than 0.3% THC and almost all companies respect the legal limit. Those that have more THC in their products put this on their labels as such products are legal in some states.

Unlike conventional pharmaceutical medication, taking CBD has no known harmful side effects. The worst thing that can happen to you if you take a higher dose of CBD is to feel drowsy, have dry mouth, become sleepy, and get the urge to vomit. However, these happen very rarely and are far less serious than the potentially harmful side effects of taking prescription medication.

Benefits From CBD Use

Many people opt to take CBD for pain management, and taking CBD capsules is a very convenient way of doing so. We will wait a while for the FDA to approve a CBD-based pain medication, and until then, we can talk about the CBD products as food supplements.

If you are taking CBD for a specific issue, some companies produce CBD capsules with additives to help support this issue. I found that the CBD capsules with melatonin are especially popular for sleep aid, as both CBD and melatonin work in unison to bring relief, relaxation, and improved sleep.

The claims are not without merit. CBD acts through a complex mechanism in the body, working on improving the immune system, the sleep-wake cycle, the hormone balance, and a lot more. But to be able to feel the benefits of CBD, you will need to be consistent and persistent in your CBD use.

When you take a CBD capsule, it will dissolve in the body, releasing the CBD. This will get absorbed in the blood and carried throughout the body. For the best results, you will need to find an adequate dose that works for you. There is a general rule when taking CBD, that is to start low and go slow. While this is possible with CBD oil, the pre-set amount of CBD in the capsules makes it impossible to fine-tune your CBD intake.

Based on my research, and please note that I’m a writer and not a medical professional, I was able to conclude that you should start your CBD capsule regimen by taking capsules with lesser concentrations. After your body gets accustomed to the CBD, you can cross over to more concentrated capsules.

Still, by taking CBD capsules, you get the least amount of CBD in your body when compared to the other more direct delivery methods like CBD oil, CBD vape, or CBD suppositories. But nothing beats the precise dose, the simplicity, convenience, and possibilities the CBD capsule provides.

In the end, it all comes to personal preference. You need to select the delivery method that works for you and find the dose that works best for your symptoms. After you do this, you can experiment with products from various brands and note the different effects.

Here are some suggestions on high-quality CBD capsules from respected CBD brands.

Best CBD Capsules (Brands & Products)

I’ll be providing a list of what I believe are the best brands offering CBD capsules today and which specific products I suggest trying.  This list is currently being worked on and will be published very soon!


CBD is amazing and it could provide benefits for many ailments. Taking it daily can better your wellbeing, improve your mood, and your overall health condition. Among the several delivery methods, here I talked about the CBD capsule. This method is the easiest and most applicable for many people, as once they find the right dose, they just need to pop a pill and they are all set.

The information above is compiled from published research into CBD and testimonials from people that have been using CBD for different ailments. Still, for more information, you should do your own research and consult a doctor for advice on CBD dosage.

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