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The skin on the lips is very thin and can easily succumb to the elements and end up cracked, over-dry, and chapped. It is why people have invented lip balms. But not all lip balms are created equal, and here I’ll talk a little more on CBD-infused lip balms and how they can help you get healthier, kissable lips.

Lip Balm Basics

The traditional lip balm is made with a blend of ingredients that help protect the skin on the lips from excessive dryness. This helps the lips retain their moisture and not chap, split, or crack.

Most manufacturers usually make lip balm by blending beeswax and essential oils. While these can have good effects on the skin of your lips, infusing the lip balm with CBD certainly has better effects. It is why many CBD companies have added a CBD lip balm to their product offers.

Benefits from CBD lip balm

The lip balm protects the skin on the lips from drying and cracking, and by adding CBD oil in it you get an extra layer of protection for your skin. CBD helps the thin skin on the lips heal and regenerate faster. It has a positive effect on the healing of cold sores and cracks, nurturing the skin and supporting the collagen production.

CBD has a positive long-term effect, improving the regeneration of the lips and even working its magic on diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It is why I always recommend having a quality CBD lip balm in your pocket. Next up, my recommendations for the best CBD lip balms on the market today.

Best CBD Lip Balms

My “best of” list will be here soon! Check back for another update!


People use CBD in a lot of different products and believe in its healing effects. After a lot of research and reading of scientific papers along with testimonials from people who found relief with CBD, I’ve become an avid supporter of CBD myself.

Using CBD lip balm is a great way to protect your skin against dryness, cracking, and chapping. Additionally, CBD helps any cold sore or other damage to the lips heal faster and keeps the lips constantly moist and looking beautiful. It is why I reviewed the best CBD lip balms on the market and brought you my recommendations. I hope you will not shy away from using CBD and that you can experience firsthand the amazing effects of CBD.

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