Treatibles: The Ultimate CBD Treats For Pets?


Do you have pets? If so, then there’s a strong chance that you really care about them a lot. Trust me, you’re not alone and if this is the case, then you may eventually give Treatibles a try.

This CBD brand is making products especially for the furry little (and big) buddies that we love. The brand is making pet products that seem to be far ahead of the competition, as most of the other CBD brands only make one or two pet products, and we rarely see a whole CBD brand dedicated only to the wellbeing of pets. I love seeing brands focused on just the pet niche/market. I know that they really care about the pets as they’ve made it their job to do so.

Enough about what I think and believe about the brand, time to share the facts with you…

All About The Treatibles Brand

Each vertebrate animal has the endocannabinoid system, which means that each of these can benefit from the use of CBD. Based on that fact, Treatibles have made several excellent products specifically intended for animal use and a few for human use (based on my research). This brand makes organic full-spectrum hemp oil formulas that help improve the health of the animal, diminish anxiety and help it to live a stress-free life.

The products that the Treatibles brand offer have human-grade ingredients, with actual CBD and other terpenes in them, unlike some other brands that offer low-quality pet products. Treatibles make their products from organically grown hemp on their own farm located in South Carolina. They perform laboratory testing on raw material as well as on their finished products. They do this in order to test for pesticides, pollutants, purity, and potency. I like that they post the results of the tests on their website, promoting transparency and supporting their claims about the quality of their products.

What about the online store? No problem, I’ll gladly cover it. The store online is great! In fact, the website is beautiful and designed flawless, with a nice green theme. You’ll find an overabundance of information about the products, an extensive blog and a thorough FAQ section that holds the answers to all CBD-related questions one may have.

Here’s some intel related to the products…

The Treatibles Products

The products by Treatibles are made by infusing pure CBD hemp oil with MCT coconut oil, on low temperature, to preserve all the heat-sensitive terpenes and cannabinoids, and to create a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that is potent and effective. The company makes CBD products for dogs and cats, as well as horses. A while ago, they introduced another type of product – the ready pack for dogs and ready pack for cats.

There are different prices, starting from $22 up to $300, depending on the products. There are dog and cat chews, pet capsules, oil tinctures, and ready packs, as well as Full spectrum Hemp Oil tincture and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil capsules for human use. The dog and cat chews come in several versions, with different flavors and different size packages.

The Treatibles brand is intended to use only GMO-free ingredients, as well as sustainably grow and harvest their hemp. they take considerable pride in using USA-grown hemp and making all their products safe, non-toxic and with high-quality ingredients.

Besides producing CBD hemp products for animals and humans, the Treatibles company supports animal rescue centers and shelters and the Villalobos Project for Pit Bull rescue.


Treatibles is making high-quality full-spectrum CBD hemp products for animals (and humans). Their primary market is pets (dogs, cats, and horses), with potent products specifically made for this application. The CBD products by Treatibles help the animals fight stress, anxiety, improve health, and promote a calm, pain-free life for the pets.

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