Medterra’s Monthly Wellness CBD For Women


The Medterra company has been appreciable in providing assorted CBD-based products that are specifically designed to tackle issues concerning the wellness of their consumers. This product line is aptly named Wellness, featuring several products that provide an energy boost, improve sleep, help with pain, and help relieve symptoms from women’s monthly periods.

CBD Monthly Wellness Line By Medterra

We’ll take a closer look at the CBD Monthly Wellness line that is made specially for the ladies, specifically those suffering through their monthly cycles.

Medterra formulated a product that will help ease the discomfort experienced each month. These capsules are combinations of several plant extracts that relieve pain, cramps and all troublesome conditions related to the monthly menstrual cycle.

CBD And Root Extracts

CBD has been related to relieving pain caused by medical conditions and injuries, including menstrual pains that many women experience during that time of the month. Adding to CBD are the healing properties of valerian root, cramp bark, chaste berry tree, Dong Quai, and caffeine, making the perfect remedy for pain relief.

Medterra makes all its products with pure 99%+ CBD isolate that’s produced from their own industrial hemp grown in Kentucky. There is absolutely no THC, no GMO’s, and no pesticides in their products. For anyone that is interested, the lab test results are readily published online.

The Medterra’s Monthly Wellness gel capsules for women are packed in a bottle with 60 capsules, each containing 25mg of CBD. The CBD and other plant extracts are blended with MCT coconut carrier oil and wrapped in bovine gelatin capsules.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules, as they’re packed with plenty of CBD, plant extracts, and caffeine to ensure the pain and cramps dissipate and you’re back to feeling like yourself again.

The Women’s Monthly Wellness Experience

The debilitating cramps some women experience during their monthly cycle can be unbearable at times. Fortunately, Medterra had women in mind and created a product of natural ingredients that would assist in subsiding pain associated with painful periods. The Women’s Monthly Wellness gel capsules work like magic.

After reviewing the site and reading through the satisfied users’ reviews, I can tell you that this is a product worth trying. Some women have been having menstrual pains for years and taken all kinds of painkillers with little to no relief, but after trying the Women’s Monthly Wellness gel capsules, they have been virtually relieved of pain.

Some women recommend that ladies keep a bottle of these in your purse for days when you’re on the go. You will forget about the pain and cramps and will be able to worry less and smile more, even on the worst day of your period.

Nothing To Lose

Medterra has proven themselves to be real enthusiasts when it comes to making products that improve the well-being of their customers. Women’s Monthly Wellness CBD gel capsules provide pain relief for women during the most unpleasant time of the month. This product can significantly make an incredible impact on women’s lives.

Check out the rest of their products here in this company review.

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