JuJu Royal Review


If you like reggae music and Bob Marley, then there’s a good chance you’ll stand behind this brand I’m about to tell you about. Founded by Julian Marley, the son of the great Bob Marley, Colorado-based JuJu Royal’s main focus is on increasing the THC awareness and promotion of premium THC-rich strains. They, however, offer some nice CBD products that we’ll cover in our review.

juju royal review

The JuJu Royal CBD / THC Product Line

The JuJu Royal CBD offer is outlined with these products: CBD sublingual tablets, CBD Vape juice, CBD vape cartridge and Irie Stick vape pen. This is a relatively limited offer as opposed to the larger offer of proprietary marijuana strains specifically grown for their high THC content.

All the CBD products are made from Colorado-grown industrial hemp that contains no THC and has high CBD content along with other hemp terpenes. The JuJu Royal company uses the CO2 extraction method to produce their high-grade solvent-free hemp oil. The CBD Sublingual tablets contain 10mg of CBD per tablet and are intended to be dissolved under the tongue for a maximal effect. These have a natural mango and tangerine flavors that bring forth a tropical taste.

Their vape juice is THC-free and contains concentrated CBD, coming in a 30 ml bottle with three concentrations of CBD – 300mg, 500mg and 800 mg per bottle. This product has also been made from organic Colorado-grown hemp and comes in three distinct flavors – Reggae Splash, JuJu Fruit and Kingston Cream, all specifically crafted to remind of tropical beaches, fruity cocktails and enjoyment.

The 250mg Quartz vape, a JuJu Royal proprietary product is made from pure hemp oil, without the addition of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. This is the first vape cartridge made from Quartz and works with a battery of 3.7 V, 180mAh, and 510 thread. This product also comes in a variety of flavors: Tangie, Lemon Haze and Original.

Their website is nicely designed and contains every useful information one may need. There is mention of lab testing of their products and that the hemp plant has been organically grown, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, but we found no reference or evidence of lab test results published online.

On their website, there is a large volume of information related to CBD, hemp and a nice blog with articles related to all things marijuana. And the company is very devoted to the advocating for the legalization of cannabis, as they believe in the amazing properties this plant has to offer – which is something that we happen to agree with.

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