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What does it take to make a product a spray? Not much, it’s simple really, take any standard liquid product, put a spray nozzle on the bottle, and you’ve got a spray product. The same goes for CBD products. The most popular CBD products are definitely the tincture oils, followed but gummy products, and by putting a spray nozzle on the tincture bottles, we pretty much get a CBD sprays.

If you think that these remain the same, you would be right, but there is a great difference in how you take CBD spray and how it gets absorbed into the body. Deliverability does matter in most cases. Keep reading because we tackle all of this and bring you our selection for the top-rated CBD sprays on the market today. Let’s jump right in.

What Is CBD Spray?

As we said above, a CBD spray is a product that has a spray nozzle and delivers the CBD oil in an aerosol-like way. To use a CBD spray, you simply press the spray pump and spray the CBD tincture in your mouth, and you are done. Here you’ll need to note the amount of CBD dispensed with every spray and find out how much to use for best results.

Another way CBD spray brings an improved effect is by using it as a topical ointment. Some people try and spread CBD tincture on their skin, but the oily consistency makes it difficult to easily spread the oil and end us wasting a fair amount of CBD oil.

There is another very convenient use for CBD sprays, and that is giving it to pets. Your pets can benefit from CBD also, but it is quite hard to give them CBD drops. Spraying the CBD oil directly in the mouth of the pets takes care of this problem.

Why CBD Sprays Work Faster?

Taking CBD tincture orally requires the oil to enter the bloodstream through the stomach. This takes time, and you will have to plan your CBD intake for best results. But even though the CBD tincture and the CBD spray are the same substance, the absorption and acting time is different.

Once sprayed in the mouth, the CBD oil will coat your mucus tissue, where it will typically get absorbed faster and have a more efficient effect. This is due to the vast network of small blood vessels that are in the mouth and absorb the CBD, bringing it directly in the blood.

Here we should note that you get a small amount of CBD with each spray, unlike the larger amount of CBD you would normally get by ingesting CBD oil. You need to estimate the number of pumps to take so you can achieve the desired effect. But this type of delivery method could be good for people after the energy boost CBD brings. Spraying a small dose of CBD in your mouth several times a day could improve your day.

Selection Criteria

  • Source of hemp – US and EU agriculture laws have strict demands regarding industrial hemp farming, which results in high-quality crops. So, always go after brands that openly state they use organic, GMO-free industrial hemp grown in the USA (or Europe).
  • Independent lab tests – The CBD industry is not regulated, so there is a gray area regarding the composition of CBD products. This is why almost all serious CBD companies make lab tests in independent laboratories. They publish the results online and we always analyze the provided lab test results and compare them with the company’s claims.
  • Composition of the product – As we noted, there are no regulations regarding the CBD industry. Thus, companies rely on themselves to make a good product, and that means selecting a proper carrier oil. Most companies opt for MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) coconut oil, but some use virgin olive oil or virgin hemp seed oil.
  • Potency/amount of CBD – You have heard the saying “the more – the better”, right? Well, when we talk about CBD oils, this is not always the case. You should select the CBD oil that is best for your condition, so you don’t waste your money and sacrifice the results. If you have light symptoms or want to take CBD oil to improve your wellness, then you should go for less concentrated oil. For moderate to severe symptoms, you should take a more concentrated blend. When reviewing a CBD brand, we always consider this.
  • Price – very self-explanatory, right? The pricing has a crucial role in the final decision when selecting a product. Knowing the price of CBD per mg is a good way to compare prices and decide on a particular CBD product. Also, what may seem like an expensive product could be more affordable, once you consider the price per mg CBD.

Top-Rated CBD Sprays Today

Here is our selection of the top-rated CBD sprays you can find on the market. We used the selection criteria outlined above. You should take note of these, as they are important to remember when purchasing CBD oil for yourself.

Swift CBD

You’ll want to give the Swift CBD spray a try first and foremost. This is a sublingual product line that’s made by a great CBD company that also makes a brand called CBD Pure (read the review). In fact, I’ve listed them as one of the best CBD companies that I recommend. Here’s what’s to like about Swift. Each spray comes with 300mg and they guarantee rapid absorption with less than 0.3% THC, making it available in the entire USA. Swift is made from the CBD isolate, making it one of the more concentrated products that Nutra Pure LLC offers. Definitely one worth trying out in my humble opinion.

Jambo Superfoods

There’s a company called Jambo Superfoods that uses essential oils to add flavor to their CBD spray. The 500mg spray can typically get you 175 sprays. You’ll get cannabidiol hemp oil, organic stevia extract, rosemary antioxidant, natural menthol, and peppermint essential oil. The bottles actually come in three strengths. They have a 100mg spray, 200mg bottle, and a 500mg spray. Prices typically range from $30 to $110.

Purekana CBD Oral Spray Peppermint

This is an amazing product, as Purekana uses quality industrial hemp grown in the USA. The spray contains full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract that has been blended with liposomal vitamin D complex, aiding in the absorption of the CBD in the body. The Purekana oral spray is packed in a 13.5 ml bottle with 180 mg of CBD, and each pump dispenses about 2 mg of CBD. Purekana recommends taking 3-4 sprays at a time, for up to three times a day.

Elixinol Daily Balance Liposome

Elixinol is among the most famous CBD brands on the market today, and its place is deserved. Elixinol makes a CBD spray by treating the full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract with liposomal complex, making a product with increased bioavailability called Daily Balance. The Daily Balance sprays come in 300 mg and 1000 mg of CBD per bottle, are flavored with essential oils from lemon and citrus, and each pump brings 5 mg of CBD.

Plus CBD Spray

Plus CBD is a CBD brand that knows how to create a quality product. They offer CBD spray made with full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract that is free from GMOs and gluten. Plus CBD uses hemp oil as a carrier oil, and the CBD sprays are packed in two concentrations – a 1 oz/100 mg and 2 oz/500 mg of CBD. Two sprays from the 1-ounce bottle bring you 1 mg of CBD, and two sprays from the 2-ounce version bring 3 mg of CBD. To help with the flavor, Plus CBD sells unflavored, as well as peppermint and café mocha flavored CBD sprays.


Using CBD could provide wonders to your body and mind. But not all CBD products are the same, and you need to select a delivery method that will easily and conveniently fit your lifestyle. CBD sprays are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the ease of use and the fast absorption time, and more and more CBD brands are adding these products to their catalogs.

We hope more brands will catch up with the trend and start offering more sprays. Until then, try one of the CBD sprays outlined above, starting with the Swift CBD.

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