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CBD oil, for some, can be unpleasantly tasting, with grassy flavor, but not always. It can be tasty if you go for CBD gummies and other delicious edibles. Most of the gummies are tasty and more importantly, pack a good CBD punch. In this article, you’ll read more about CBD gummies and edibles, and learn my selection of the best CBD gummy brands on the market today.

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CBD Gummies – The Essentials

CBD gummies are produced by blending the gummy mixture with CBD and pouring this mix into molds. The most common is the gummy bear, but there are also gummy worms, fruit slices, and plenty of other shapes. The important aspect of the CBD gummies are not the shapes and flavors, but the CBD that brings the beneficial effect.

We have covered the effects of CBD in detail in other articles on our site. CBD is a molecule with wondrous effects that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. There is an industry based on CBD with an array of different products, but few are as tasty as CBD gummies.

While testimonials from people along with some scientific research have shown that CBD works, the FDA is yet to examine these claims and make an official approval. Until this happens, any CBD product will be treated as a food supplement without any claim that it has therapeutic effects. Enough about the legalities related to CBD, let’s explore the benefits you could get from taking it.

It is believed that CBD helps with pain management, anxiety management, help with appetite, aid in sleep, restore skin health, help people that are recovering from addiction and a lot more. CBD activates the endocannabinoid system, binding with the CB receptors and working as a substitute for the body’s natural endocannabinoids. CBD is similar in structure and composition to the natural endocannabinoids, which makes it one of the perfect candidates to help restore the balance in the body.

You can also do your research into the endocannabinoid system and the mechanism of actions of CBD and learn more about this topic. I also suggest you talk to a medical professional about this and ask advice on taking CBD.

How do CBD gummies work?

The time for the effects of CBD to work depends on the delivery method you opt for. In the case of using CBD vape liquid, the effect is almost immediate, as CBD gets directly in the blood through the lungs. In the case of taking CBD oil, it acts slower than the CBD vape but still faster than the other delivery methods as it gets absorbed in the body through the blood vessels under the tongue.

If you opt for CBD gummies and other edibles, you need to be prepared for the prolonged time it takes for the CBD to enter the bloodstream. In the case of CBD edibles, once ingested, the gummies need to be digested in the stomach for the CBD to get released. This needs to be absorbed in the gut and enter the bloodstream this way. It can take about one hour for you to feel the effects of CBD after ingesting the gummy. Also, it could take one to two weeks for you to start feeling the effects of CBD once you start taking CBD gummies.

Safety of CBD gummies

Taking CBD gummies is completely safe. I would be more worried about the sugar in the gummies than about the CBD itself, as there is a mountain of evidence pointing to the potential toxicity of sugar as opposed to CBD.

For best results, you should look for gummies made with natural sweeteners, made without any artificial colors and flavors. Some companies go a step further, avoiding using bovine gelatin and producing all-vegan CBD gummies.

Many research studies have shown that CBD has almost no toxicity and has almost no side effects. Still, if you overdo it with CBD, you can potentially feel drowsiness, urge to vomit or nausea, experience changes in your normal appetite, have dry mouth and in rare cases, you can feel psychosis. This is a lot better than the side effects related to the use of opioids and other medication and personally I would take CBD over any other conventional medication any day.

How to use CBD gummies?

Well, the obvious answer would be to pop one (or a couple) in your mouth chew and swallow, just like any other gummy. So here is a detailed explanation, as there is a little more to know that simply popping a CBD gummy and calling it a day.

CBD gummies are usually made with low concentrations of CBD. The CBD dose varies depending on the medical concern you are taking CBD for and your body size. Here are some general recommendations based on my research of many CBD brands and the concentration of CBD in their CBD gummies.

  • CBD for pain – to be able to manage pain with CBD, the dosage varies on the degree of pain. If you have mild pain, then even a small dosage of 2 to 5 mg could help you. But if you suffer from moderate pain, the recommended dose is about 20 – 25 mg of CBD a day, and for severe pain, some people take up to 100 mg of CBD daily.
  • CBD for Sleep – if you have trouble sleeping, then you will probably need a bigger dose of CBD, and this ranges between 25 – 50 mg of CBD a day. For people with severe conditions that have trouble sleeping, even a higher dose is recommended. Some companies offer specific CBD gummies with melatonin for better sleep.
  • CBD for appetite – people suffering from serious health conditions like cancer usually have trouble eating and have a lack of appetite. Many take CBD as it can help regulate the appetite and for this use, even a small dose of CBD is helpful. Still, in the case of people undergoing chemotherapy, it is recommended to combine CBD and THC or take medical marijuana.
  • CBD for epilepsy – CBD can help manage epileptic seizures; Epidiolex is the only CBD product approved by the FDA, this is used to treat epilepsy. In such cases, the daily dose starts from 200 mg up to 400 mg CBD. Taking CBD gummies is not recommended for this, as the most common concentration of CBD in gummies is very low for viable effect.

Other CBD edibles

Many companies have gone overboard and made some very interesting CBD-infused edibles. These include CBD honey, CBD chewing gum, CBD chocolate, CBD caramels, CBD coffee, CBD tea, CBD hard candy, CBD-infused dry fruit, and more.

I have a sweet tooth and am working on trying as many different CBD edibles from various brands. But this seems like a topic for another article, as there are plenty of things to talk about.

Best CBD gummies

The list for the best CBD gummies will be coming soon!


Above is a general overview of the CBD gummy. I hope I’ve covered all the bases and you’ve learned something about one of the tastiest ways of taking CBD. Please follow the recommendations from your doctor and make your research into the use and effects of CBD.

I think that CBD gummies are an excellent way of taking a daily dose of CBD. You can get one of the CBD gummies recommended above and get a tasty treat full of CBD, satisfying your craving for sweets and getting a healthy dose of CBD.

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