Best CBD Waxes And Dabs


Most of you have probably heard about the various CBD products like CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, and CBD creams. But have you heard about CBD waxes and CBD dabs? Yes? No? Well, anyway, read on as I bring you all the knowledge you will need on these products along with my recommendations on the best products of this type.

What is CBD wax/dab?

The CBD wax/dab is a concentrated form of the natural wax produced by the industrial hemp plant. These are highly concentrated products, and some can even contain up to 90% CBD. Despite some people’s opinions, these are natural products.

The composition of the CBD waxes and dabs is very complex and they can help with a lot of health issues like anxiety, depression, improved sleep, inflammation, and pain management.

Another similar product to the CBD wax or dab is the CBD live resin. This is a more specific product and not many companies produce it. CBD live resin is made by harvesting fresh hemp and freezing the harvested material. The natural resin is then extracted and packed as CBD live resin. This product contains the CBD and a lot of the natural terpenes from the hemp plants. As a result, once lit, the CBD live resin gives off a pungent smell and can even evoke a slight psychoactive effect due to the terpene profile.

How to use CBD waxes and dabs?

CBD waxes and CBD dabs are more specific to use than the other more straightforward CBD products. These are used in a special device like a dabbing rig or a dab pen and there is additional equipment needed, so their use is not very beginner-friendly and needs getting used to.

People that have long-term experience using CBD waxes and dabs have explained their experience. Most have stated that the whole experience can be relaxing yet focusing, as expected of a highly-concentrated CBD product.

The effect of the CBD wax/dab is more pronounced due to the high content of CBD and the direct delivery method, as these get inhaled in the lungs and immediately enter the bloodstream. Just like the other CBD products, these are made from industrial hemp and have very little to no THC or less than 0.3% THC as is the legal limit.

Best CBD waxes and dabs

My list will be published soon 🙂 check back in for more!


Here I’ve offered you the basic information on CBD waxes and dabs as well as CBD live resin. These are CBD products that not many CBD manufacturers make as they require a more specific method of taking. Nonetheless, using CBD wax, dab or live resin has its merits. Still, there is a good number of such products on the market with various strengths, flavors, and pack sizes.

The concentrated CBD content makes them a better candidate for treating moderate to severe symptoms. Plus, the direct delivery via inhaling the CBD-rich smoke makes them very effective in treating anxiety, pain, depression, aid in sleep, aid in better appetite, and more.

You can follow my recommendations on the best CBD waxes and dabs on the market today as I’ve done my homework and tried a lot before outlining the best ones here. If you are feeling adventurous, you can select a CBD wax or dab with added flavor for a more interesting experience.

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