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After researching just about everything within the CBD industry and working in this for a long time now, I have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience. I wanted to share all my findings on the latest craze – CBD coffee. I know many of the important things that make a certain brand stand out and be above the competition. I’ve made it my mission to review as many CBD brands as possible and provide quality reviews that will educate my readers and help them select the best CBD brand and product for their needs.

For today’s review, I’ve prepared a list of the best CBD coffees on the market and I’ve selected CBD brands that are offering quality products and have outstanding reputations in this business. But before we delve into the list, here is a little more info on CBD coffee.

What Is CBD-Infused Coffee?

I’m certain plenty of you already know a lot about CBD, but still, here is a basic introduction to CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring compound found in cannabis.  Unlike its more famous brother, THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, but has a strong beneficial influence on the endocannabinoid system and through it, on the health of people.

The benefits of taking CBD are plentiful, and there are different ways of using this compound. The preferred method is using CBD oil tincture. This can be taken directly in the mouth or can be added to your food or drinks. There are CBD topicals, CBD vapes, CBD edibles, and several other CBD-based products.

As CBD comes in a great variety of products, people can take their pick depending on their preferred delivery method. As an avid coffee drinker myself, I like the CBD-infused coffee. Back in the day before there were specialty products, I like many others used to put my CBD oil in my coffee. Of course, the CBD oil remained an oily blob in the surface of the cup and when I drank it, I felt the grassy flavor of the CBD tincture.

I was thrilled to hear that several CBD companies have started offering CBD coffee. I became instantly intrigued and went to learn as much as possible about this product. The CBD-infused coffee is an interesting product that could sound crazy to some people, but fairly reasonable to many, I included.

How Is CBD Put In Coffee?

Infusing the coffee with CBD is not as simple as you may think, as you don’t want to end up with the CBD oil floating on top of your coffee. The trick is to bind the CBD oil with the natural oils in the coffee. The process is very complex and requires strict control, but in general, the coffee grounds are heated along with the CBD, but not to hoot as to burn the coffee and destroy the oils.

Most CBD companies make their CBD-infused coffee with nano-sized CBD particles, enabling it to more easily dissolve in the coffee and not affect the flavor as much. Coffee can be a stimulant for some and others it is just a cup of deliciousness.

However, caffeine and CBD are both ingredients that act on the body, and when taken together, they balance each other and provide an interesting effect. It is certainly a way to make the world’s most popular drink even better.

Other FAQs About CBD Coffee

Does CBD Coffee Do Anything?

It helps you relax and focus at the same time. Pretty much a powerful combo in my humble opinion.

Can You Take CBD With Coffee?

Yes, and for many products, you do not need to “take it” or even “add it” as it’s in the product already.

Is CBD Coffee Legitimate?

Most definitely, it’s used by many people every single day.  Just keep reading and you’ll find out exactly why.

How Much CBD Should I Put In My Coffee?

That’s a tough question to answer but it all depends on your personal needs. Most people are fine with 10-25mg.

Top CBD Coffee Brands

This is my selection of the best CBD coffees on the market today. These are not listed in a specific order, as I find all to have their merits and deserve to be on this list.

Willie’s Remedy

If you’re a Willie Nelson fan, then chances are you’ve already got this sitting in your cabinet. Willie’s Remedy is a hemp-infused CBD coffee bean product. It’s tasty and perfectly roasted coffee that’s been infused with Colorado-grown hemp oil. This is certified organic and the perfect balance for those looking to take the anxious edge off but remain sharp.

CBD American Shaman

For the K-Cup fans, the American Shaman company really delivers a great cup of joe packed with just the right amount of CBD. A couple of important things to know about this is that there’s no need to measure or mix anything. Just pop it in your Keurig machine and off you go. It’s a vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and medium roast blend. The product is made in the United States and completely free from pesticides and herbicides. Each cup contains 25mg of CBD combined with 12.5mg of caffeine.

Green Roads CBD Coffee

The Green Roads CBD brand makes its CBD coffee by blending coffee from Colombia and US-grown industrial hemp. This product comes in 2.5-ounce and 12-ounce packs. Depending on the size of the serving, the approximate CBD content is about 30 mg per cup.

Buddha Beans Coffee

This is a company that only makes CBD-infused coffee. This company sources its hemp from Colombia, Mexico, and Ethiopia, and the customers can get a 12-ounce and 6-ounce bags of coffee with about 20 mg of CBD per dose. There are also K-cups by Buddha Beans Coffee. The customers can select the blend they like deepening on their preference for flavor and roasting.

Subduction Coffee + Hemp

This CBD brand only offers CBD-infused coffee. They offer coffee grounds and K-cups that suit their customers. Subduction makes its coffee by using a proprietary +HEMP blend that gets mixed with the coffee and the CBD level is customizable. The company accommodates its customers by offering different sized grounds and different sized packs.

Strava Craft Coffee

Strava is a CBD brand that makes several types of CBD-infused coffee. There are several selections on coffee roast blends and strengths with different amounts of CBD for different effects. These are all delicious and deepening on your mood, you can get 4mg of CBD per serving, 10 mg of CBD per serving, and 20 mg of CBD per serving. Strava uses broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract for improved peace and wellness.

Flower Power Coffee

Another good choice for CBD-infused coffee, this coffee is packed in 2-ounce bags with 60 mg of CBD. This New York-based company has tried to capture the spirit of the thriving city and evoke it through their products. The company is quite popular, as it is the first-ever that brought a specialty CBD-infused coffee on the market.

Kickback CBD Coffee

This company makes CBD-infused drinks, and among these, they also offer CBD coffee. The company makes nano-enhanced CBD with increased solubility which is also used in the coffee mix. They use Mexican-grown Arabica coffee and each 8-ounce bag contains 90 mg broad-spectrum CBD.

Mary Joe Cold Coffee Brew

The Mary Joe CBD company makes water-soluble CBD products, and among these, their CBD-infused cold coffee brew enjoys quite the popularity. The coffee used is organic, as is the hemp, and the coffee brew is packed in 7-ounce bottles with 15 mg of CBD per bottle. A cold coffee that would be perfect after a strenuous day, this is a good option for CBD coffee.

Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of other CBD brands that make coffee, You’ll find a list below with even more options to choose from:

Fusion Coffee Beans

Hemp FX House Blend Coffee

Diamond CBD Chill CBD Coffee

Enjoy Lala Canna Coffee

Back To Nature CBD Infused Coffee

Sacred Leaf Costa Rican Coffee

Thanksgiving Coffee

Sunstate Hemp

Crazy Calm Coffee

Pure Canna Organics

CBD Bulletproof Coffee

I know some readers have asked about the Bulletproof whether or not adding CBD to your coffee is good. This explains what do to if you’re interested in doing so.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve tested some of the products outlined above and I can freely say that these are delicious and full of flavor and all have good amounts of CBD. Since the competition is getting firmer, all of these CBD brands are working tirelessly to bring very high-quality products on the market, so I think you will be satisfied with whichever you select.

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