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The following review covers the American Green CBD brand and its products. This is a company that offers a variety of CBD-based products like CBD e-juice, CBD tincture, capsules, balm, CBD mints, CBD shots, and CBD pet treats. I will go in more detail about the company, their hemp, and their most popular products.

American Green CBD Oil Co.

American Green CBD Overview

The American Green CBD brand has a nicely designed website, featuring American-themed page, logo, and labels. The American Green CBD is a part of the American Green medical marijuana brand. It is one of the first public companies dealing with medical marijuana, and from 2017, they have spread into the CBD market as well.

American Green CBD makes and sells a wide array of products like CBD e-liquids, tinctures, balms, CBD-infused mints and a lot more. The official site lacks some important information regarding the hemp they use to make their CBD from, as well as results from any tests performed on the quality, purity, and potency of their CBD products. They have some info on the legalities related to CBD oil and other CBD products, but still not enough to appease more curious minds.

Brand Highlights of American Green CBD

While doing my research, I noticed that the American Green CBD brand has some pros and some cons which I’ll outline here.


  • Affordable prices
  • Appealing products
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Free shipping
  • 100% organic hemp


  • No international shipping
  • No test results

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

  • Capsules

  • Concentrates

  • Edibles

  • Vaping

  • Sprays

  • Other

  • Shots

  • Pets

Quick Company Facts

Company Established Date: 2014

Official Company Name: American Green, Inc

Hemp Origin: America (Colorado)

Product Price Range: $15-$230 ($-$$$)

Product Availability: Available In All 50 States (U.S.A. Only)

Purchase Offers: One-Time Purchase, Bulk, Wholesale

Lab Test Results: N/A

Support / Customer Service: (800)-402-7889;

Shipping Policy: Free Shipping 

Return Policy: N/A

Where To Buy: Company Website

American Green Coupon Code

The prices of some of the American Green CBD’s products are relatively affordable, while some go up the more expensive path. However, there are regular discounts, deals, and sale offers, as well as a nice 20% off your purchase if you take the time to subscribe to their newsletter. For the people following them on social media, there are also discounts and promotions, and there is the promo code FB25 that gets you 25% off your purchase.

The American Green offer comes in a wide range of products. Some are more and some less famous, and below we will mention their best sellers, along with some basic info on all of them.

100MG CBD Capsules

The CBD infused capsules are the best way to take your daily CBD supplement. With each capsule, you get an exact dose of CBD, and you can do it anywhere, anytime.

The American Green CBD capsules are made with 100% organic 99.8% pure CBD isolate dissolved in pure MCT oil, encased in a capsule for easy use. This product contains 100mg of CBD per capsule, and the bottle contains 31 capsules, enough for an entire month.

CBD Isolate Balm – 100 mg

This soothing body balm is good for pain relief, dealing with arthritic pains, muscle, and joint inflammation and treating the skin. The CBD Isolate Balm is made with 100mg of CBD isolate and a blend of other ingredients and comes in one-ounce jars.

It is made with pure CBD isolate, along with shea butter, hemp seed butter, arnica Montana extract, lanolin, beeswax and a mix of other essential oils.

CBD Daily Drops – 50 mg Concentrate

Using CBD oil daily has a great many benefits to the health of the body and mind. And using it in the form of CBD tincture is pretty simple, yet very effective manner.

The American Green CBD Daily Drops are made from 100% organic water-soluble 99.5% pure CBD isolate and purified water. These contain nano-sized hemp extract for increased bioavailability. For best results, they should be taken once or twice a day mixed in water, juice or in a smoothie.

CBD Infused Mints – Peppermint

Take a mint for fresh breath and get a boost in energy, yes, we are all for it. The American Green CBD Infused Mints offer exactly this and are made from 99.5% pure CBD, along with organic powdered sugar, corn syrup, and natural mint flavor. Each mint contains 5 mg of CBD, and the pack has 12 mints, equaling to 60 mg per pack.

CBD Oil (1000mg CBD/30ml)

A highly concentrated CBD oil tincture with amazing 1000 mg of organic, 99% pure CBD isolate blended with fractionated coconut oil in a nice 30 ml glass bottle with a dropper.

This is a strong blend and should be taken lightly, three drops are enough and should be taken sublingually. It is great for pain relief, anxiety and stress relief, help with depression, epilepsy and for a variety of other health issues.

CBD E-liquid Strawberry Lemonade

Vaping CBD oil is another highly spread manner of taking CBD oil. The American Green CBD offers different e-liquids that are made from 99.5% pure CBD hemp extract, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol mix and natural flavor.

These e-liquids should only be used in electronic cigarettes and vape devices. The American Green CBD e-liquids are completely THC-free and come in several natural flavors like Coffee Cream and Strawberry Lemonade.

CBD Shots – 7 Day Wellness Plan

This is a 7 pack of CBD shots. These are made from organic hemp extract, each shot contains 60 mg of nano-infused CBD along with purified alkaline water, whole plant THC-free hemp oil and a variety of other ingredients that can help with stress, anxiety, pain in joints and muscles, inflammation and help with recovery. For best results, take one shot a day, keep it in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then swallow, to increase the absorption of the CBD.

Conclusion: American Green CBD Products Might Be Your Answer

The company seems to be transparent and they’ve got weekly deals as well as a variety of product types to choose from. In my personal and professional opinion, I’d say this brand is worth trying. If you’re living in the Phoenix, AZ area then why not stop by their shop and see what their operations look like. They’re located at 11011 S 48th St, Ste 106, Phoenix, AZ, 85044. Either that or you can give them a call at 1-800-402-7889.

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