Honest Paws Review

Bottomline Upfront: If you’re looking to provide your pets aka furry friends with joint support through the use of natural ingredients such cannabidiol, then the flavored soft chew produced by honest paws might be a top choice to consider. With solid customer service, few side effects reported, and many other health benefits, it’s no wonder why many have put this at the top of their CBD product list for pets. Click here to check all the products out.

Summary: We have found several CBD brands selling CBD-based products specifically for pets, and all of these have similar origin stories. One such brand is Honest Paws, a Colorado-based company that makes organic CBD products for pets. They use locally sourced organic hemp, CO2 extraction, and third-party testing, and other organic ingredients to produce some remarkable products for pets.

There are CBD oils for dogs, cats, and horses, as well as CBD, treats, chews, coconut oil, and peanut butter infused with CBD. From the various reviews that we read on the brand and the different products, and the extensive blog they have on the website, we can conclude that Honest Paws is a good CBD brand that makes excellent CBD products for pets.

Honest Paws Reviews

Honest Paws Brand (2020 Overview)

Honest Paws is a CBD brand that was founded by a certain Chelsea. She is a devoted dog owner whose dog was suffering from a serious health problem.After considering the available options, Chelsea decided to treat her dog with human-grade CBD. This treatment helped the dog completely regain its health. So, Chelsea decided to start producing CBD products for pets with premium quality, and she started Honest Paws LLC.

Honest Paws has a pretty website with a lot of information on the products. There are lots of success stories from people whose pets found relief by using Honest Paws products.

The company uses organic hemp that is GMO-free, soy-free, free of heavy metals, and is tested for purity and quality. The lab tests are done in an independent lab and the results are published on the website. There is also a detailed overview of all the ingredients used in the products.

Every animal has an endocannabinoid system or ECS, meaning every animal can benefit from CBD. From the information on the official Honest Paws website, the dosing should be done per bodyweight of the animal. The Honest Paws products are formulated for all pets, with several specific products for dogs. Honest Paws has free shipping on orders over $49.95 and a 30-day return option.

HonestPaws.com Product Line

All the Honest Paws products are designed with pets in mind. All animals have an ECS, so these products can be given to your dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or other pet. Here is an overview of the Honest Paws products.
Honest Paws CBD OIls


The Honest Paws CBD oil offer consists of CBD oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats, and CBD oil for horses.

The CBD Oil for dogs is made from full-spectrum hemp extract made from organic hemp from Colorado. These come in several variations with different intended effects.

All of these have different added ingredients that support each intended effect. These are packed in 30 ml bottles in different strengths that vary for different sized dogs. They provide you with a recommended dosage for each as well.

For small dogs, it has 125 mg of CBD, for medium dogs, the bottle has 250 mg, and for large dogs, there is 500 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. Oh, I should mention that they’ve got a nice money-back guarantee no matter what you buy!

Wellness Tincture – this is made with pure full-spectrum hemp extract and helps with promoting the general wellbeing of your dog

Calm Tincture – made with full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut carrier oil, and chamomile oil that promotes calmness

Mobility Tincture – made with full-spectrum hemp extract and organic turmeric extract that helps with stiffness and promotes healthy joints

Relief Tincture – made with full-spectrum hemp extract and ginger extract that helps relieve pain in muscles, bones, and joints. If join support is what you need, then this tincture might be the one.

USDA Organic Wellness CBD Oil – this is completely organic-certified CBD oil made with full-spectrum hemp extract and brings superior effects.

The Honest Paws CBD Oil for cats is made with full-spectrum hemp oil and is packed in a 30 ml bottle with 125 mg of CBD. Cats are pickier and giving them CBD oil can be a little difficult. But the Honest Paws Wellness CBD oil can be added to the food, or if you are able, you can give it directly in the mouth of your feline.

Honest Paws offers CBD oil for horses. This is a very concentrated product, as it has 1500 mg of CBD in a 60 ml bottle, and the recommended dose is one full dropper a day. It is made from full-spectrum hemp extract that has all the active terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, positively affecting the immune system, the mood, appetite, and more.
Honest Paws Treats

CBD Bites

Honest Paws has three types of CBD bites that are intended for dogs. These come in three versions with different ingredients and are packed in bags with 30 bites. The dosage is the same for all the bites, 1 bite for small dogs, 2 bites for medium dogs, and 3 bites for large dogs.

Calm Bites – made with 5 mg full-spectrum hemp extract per bite, these also have organic peanut butter, organic barley, and organic oats. They are a tasty treat for your dog and can promote calmness and relaxation to your dog.

Wellness Bites – made with the highest quality 5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per each bite, these also contain barley, oats, peanut butter, and coconut, all organic, and can support the immune system of pets, especially aging dogs.

Relief Bites – these dog bites are made with 5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per piece, and also contain organic ingredients like barley, oats, peanut butter, and turmeric. All of these ingredients can help relieve pains and aches in your dog.
Honest Paws Chews

CBD Soft Chews

These dog-friendly flavored soft chews are made with full-spectrum hemp extract and other natural, organic ingredients that have specific effects. They are packed in bags of 30 soft chews with 5 mg of CBD per chew.

Mobility Soft Chews – these have poultry flavor and contain organic full-spectrum hemp extract along with other ingredients that can help an aging dog. These contain chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine HLC, and Boswellia Serrata powder.

Calm Soft Chews – these dog soft bites come with chicken flavor and have organic full-spectrum hemp extract. To help with promoting calmness in dogs, these also contain L-theanine and tryptophan, both ingredients with pronounced calmness-inducing effects.
Honest Paws Calm Peanut Butter

CBD Edibles

Honest Paws makes several different CBD-infused dog foods. These differ from the bites and soft chews, and here we’ll explain what they are:

Calm CBD Peanut Butter – this Honest Paws product is made with 160 mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract and real peanut butter. Since dogs love peanut butter, this product is an ideal way of giving them a good boost of CBD and helping them improve wellness.

Calm CBD Peanut Butter Pouches – if you are traveling with your dog, then using the peanut butter pouches infused with CBD by Honest Paws is a great option for helping your dog stay calm. Each bag has 10 mg of CBD and 1 ounce of real peanut butter.

Wellness Coconut Oil – coconut oil is another food that pets like. Honest Paws offers coconut oil infused with CBD, packed in 320-gram jars. The jar has 120 mg of CBD derived from full-spectrum hemp extract made from organic hemp. You can give the organic coconut oil to your pet by adding it to their food or allowing them to lick it from the Wet N’ Rinse pad also sold by Honest Paws.
Honest Paws Topicals

CBD Topicals

Honest Paws sells CBD-infused topical balm with 450 mg full-spectrum hemp extract that has about 200 mg active CBD and is packed in a 60 ml roll-on bottle. This balm is for providing topical relief on paws, dry skin, and other issues. It contains coconut oil, as well as other helpful ingredients that boost its effect.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons we noted on Honest Paws:


  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil in all products
  • High potency
  • Positive product review reputation online
  • Pet-specific products with organic ingredients
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Qr Code for accessing easy info
  • The batch number provided on products
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.95


  • Customer notes on the hardness of CDB dog bites

Q & A For Pet Owners

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

In short, many vets say yes, but I recommend asking your vet next time you speak with them.

What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

There are lots of CBD products for dogs out there. I suggest reading this article to get a better understanding of all the brands. Honest Paws is a solid choice!

Can CBD oil help dogs fight cancer?

It hasn’t been confirmed that CBD oil can cure cancer, but it might be able to reduce the pain caused by cancer in many dogs.

Are Honest Paws products available for purchase in retail stores?

Yes, you’ll find them in a number of retailers in the United States, but it’s probably best to order from the official website.

Recent News About Honest Paws

Choice Pet Products, a South Florida pet product distributor recently added the Honest Paws products to their vast distribution network.

Honest Paws is donating 30% of the proceeds to local animal shelters. A gesture that needs to be celebrated for sure.

Final Recommendation

Honest Paws is a CBD company that offers only pet products. The company was founded after a pet owner helped her dog by giving it human-grade CBD. This company uses organic hemp grown on the sunny Colorado slopes and uses CO2 extraction to make the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract used in all the Honest Paws products.

The official website is solid, with plenty of information on CBD and educational content for pet owners. There is a detailed list of all the active ingredients found in the Honest Paws products, as well as the results from the lab tests done on them.

This company recognizes the love people have towards their pets, and it is why they have a strong devotion to helping as many pets as possible. If your cat or do seem to be having health issues and your vet says it’s okay to take a more natural route, then this might be the way.

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