Medterra CBD Review

Here’s my plan today. I plan on giving you a thorough introduction into a CBD company that I truly love. It’s one that I’ve been using since the beginning. The company is called MedTerra CBD.

Yes, they’re pretty much awesome.

If you’re new to the industry and don’t have much knowledge, then this article will inform you of some general ideas and facts about the industry along with providing a solid review of the Medterra products.

Is CBD and Medterra Popular?

The short answer – heck yes!

I cannot stress enough how high the popularity of CBD has risen in recent times, but I’ll give you a few numbers: in 2016 the market value of CBD was about $202 million a year and is expected to exceed the staggering mark of $2 billion by 2020. That’s a lot of CBD sales!

Even though the FDA does not approve of CBD as a medicine or a remedy, still, this is a highly popular food supplement, as they prefer to call it, and as such is legal in the USA. CBD is a very popular product, many companies relentlessly work to become the best CBD manufacturer on the market. And one CBD brand that has been among the top rated companies is MedTerra CBD.

Here I’ll bring you a proper introduction into the brand, as well as a detailed overview of their products and tell you what is the thing that makes them stand above the competition.

Who is MedTerra CBD?

This brand of CBD products originates from Kentucky and adheres to the very rigorous guidelines that govern the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program of Kentucky’s Department of Agriculture. The industrial hemp MedTerra uses is grown organically and completely GMO-free. The CBD is extracted via CO2 extraction, a food-safe extraction process which results in a 99%+ pure isolate (with zero THC) which is then used to produce MedTerra CBD’s products.

According to the official company website, the company performs thorough testing on all their products and ensures that there are no pollutants of any kind, as well as no pesticides, no herbicides, no heavy metals, and no residual solvents. The site also says that the company employs third-party labs to test their products for purity and potency (see the test results here).

Is MedTerra Any Good?

Because the market is flooded with different CBD brands, some with a suspicious origin, it is only natural to be doubtful about many of these. To ease your doubts, here are the main pros and cons about MedTerra CBD, and if you look closely, you will notice important pros and some minor cons, which is always a good thing and is a trait of serious brands.


  • Pure 99%+ CBD isolate, THC-free
  • Organically grown, GMO-free hemp
  • Transparent – Third-party lab test results readily published online
  • Excellent customer support, online char, active on social media
  • Produced under strict agricultural rules
  • Available across the USA
  • 30-day money back option
  • Rewards program


  • No vaping products
  • High threshold for free shipping – $125

The Product Lineup

Their product offer is interesting, addressing several health issues with specific products. All of these are made with 99%+ pure CBD isolate, blended with an appropriate carrier oil and additional components (on several of these), to get superior quality CBD products that work.

  • MedOil CBD Tincture
  • CBD Gel Capsules
  • CBD Good Morning
  • CBD + Melatonin
  • CBD Women’s Monthly Wellness
  • CBD Rapid Cooling Cream
  • CBD Pet Products

Keep reading for a more detailed overview of all the MedTerra CBD products.

MedOil CBD Tincture

Taking CBD oil tincture is one of the most widespread ways of using CBD. Following the trends, MedTerra CBD has created their MedOil CBD Tincture. It helps with pain relief, anxiety and stress relief, alleviated chronic pain issues, helps with depression and a variety of other health concerns.

MedTerra’s MedOil CBD Tincture is made from 99.6% pure CBD mixed with MCT coconut carrier oil. The company claims that all their products are completely THC-free and made in accordance with strict food-safe regulations.

This tincture is available in three concentrations of CBD:

  • 500mg per 30ml bottle/30 portions – 16mg per portion
  • 1000mg per 30ml bottle/30 portions – 33mg per portion
  • 3000mg per 30ml bottle/30 portions – 100mg per portion

The MedOil CBD tincture should be taken orally/sublingually for best results, but it can also be added into the food or in a drink.

CBD Gel Capsules

Another popular way of taking CBD is the gel capsule. MedTerra CBD makes CBD gel capsules from their 99% pure CBD isolate along with an MCT carrier oil, wrapped in a soft gel capsule for simple and discreet consumption.

The gel capsules from MedTerra come in two concentrations of CBD – 25mg per capsule and 50mg per capsule, both packed in bottles of 30 capsules. The recommended dose is one capsule a day in the morning or at night, but you can adjust the dose as necessary.

MedTerra CBD + Wellness

This is a product category that uses the healing powers of CBD and adds to that the healing powers of natural remedies, resulting in superior quality products designed for specific applications.

CBD Good Morning

Wake up and jump-start your day with the CBD Good Morning capsule. Each of these contains 25mg of CBD isolate, along with caffeine, Vitamins B6 and B12 and the amino acids L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine.

This is Medterra’s proprietary blend that helps by boosting energy levels, alleviating pain, increasing mental focus, which is better than the best pep talk you’ve ever gotten.

The CBD Good Morning capsules come in a bottle of 60 capsules, and the recommended dose is 2 capsules in the morning.

CBD + Melatonin

The Dissolvable Sleep Tablets by MedTerra combine the powers of CBD and melatonin, providing stress-relieving help and improving the quality of sleep. The Dissolvable Sleep Tablets from MedTerra are made with 25 mg of CBD per tablet, along with 10mg of melatonin, which will knock out even the most hard-core insomniac.

The capsules are made with the 99%+ pure CBD isolate, pure melatonin for assisting sleep, stevia for natural sweetness and spearmint for fresh flavor, along with ingredients necessary for ensuring the stability of the tablet. These can be broken in half along the scored line, should you find that 10 mg of melatonin is too much for you.

CBD Women’s Monthly Wellness

A product specifically designed to help with the problems many women suffer during their monthly cycles. The CBD Women’s Monthly Wellness uses the power of CBD for pain relief but combines it with the extracts from cramp bark, chaste berry tree, dong quai, valerian root and caffeine for excellent relief.

These come in a bottle of 60 capsules, with 25mg of CBD per capsule, and the recommended dose is two a day and can be adjusted as necessary.

CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

The fourth product to round up the CBD + Wellness program is the CBD Rapid Cooling Cream. Because CBD is such an amazing molecule, it works wonders from inside the body, and also when applied topically. That is why MedTerra CBD have created their CBD Rapid Cooling Cream that helps with muscle pain, joint pain, arthritic pain and general relief from old injuries.

This product combines the healing powers of CBD along with ingredients like natural oils, plant extracts, and menthol that provide a cooling effect and pain relief. The cream comes in a 100ml bottle with a pump for easy application, with two concentrations of CBD: a 250mg per bottle and a 750mg CBD per bottle. The Rapid Cooling Cream can be applied at any time during the day, it gets easily absorbed into the skin and provides long-lasting pain relief.

CBD Pet Products

MedTerra CBD has not forgotten about our dearest furry little friends, and that is why they have created the MedTerra Pets program. This includes products specifically designed to provide pain and stress relief for dogs and cats.

The Pet Oil CBD tinctures come in different flavors like beef and chicken, as well as an unflavored version that can also be given to horses. There are three different concentrations of CBD – 150mg/30ml bottle, 300mg/30ml bottle and 750mg/30ml bottle. Their Pet Oil CBD Tinctures are an inexpensive way of providing pain relief and increasing the comfort of your pet.

MedTerra? Yes, Indeed

The many, and I mean many satisfied user reviews only point to good things about the MedTerra products. There are consistent 5-out-of-5 ratings from users that have found relief from pain and other long-lasting health issues.

When all things considered, like the strict agricultural rules in Kentucky, the organic hemp production, the CO2 extraction process, guaranteed THC-free products, third-party lab tests, and a lot more positive things, MedTerra is deservedly on its place among the top-rated CBD brands in the USA.

If you are considering starting a CBD regiment, then it is my sincere suggestion to give the MedTerra CBD products a try, as these are affordable, potent, and, of course, made in the USA.

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