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HATH is a CBD brand that has hit the CBD market in 2018. Since then, this brand has brought two CBD-based products on the market made with CBD-rich hemp extract made from organic hemp grown in the USA. They don’t do their own extraction of the CBD but use the services of another manufacturing facility and it is why they lack in-detail extraction information.

This company makes third-party lab tests on its products and has the results available by scanning the QR code of the product. From everything I learned about HATH and its products, I can say that this is a good CBD brand that stands by its policy of “Start Feeling Better”. If you are an active athlete or want to try the healing powers of CBD, then feel free to give the HATH products a try.

HATH CBD – The New York Brand

HATH is a NY-based brand that has brought CBD-based products to the market since March 2018. No matter the limited product offer, HATH does its best to make sure its products have high-quality, are potent and efficient. The company sources US-grown hemp but does not have its extraction facility. Instead, they rely on the services of other CBD manufacturer with high cGMP standards. The company performs third-party lab tests on the products and the customers can see the results by scanning the QR code on their particular product. This is not an open policy as I’m used to, but it is still a good practice.

The official HATH website has a very nice design with a modern theme. Still, it only provides a basic knowledge of CBD and has very little information on the company. The site offers good information on the most important members of the HATH team, and all the consultants included in the production of the HATH products.

This company offers free shipping on all their products on orders over $75. They do not accept any refunds of their products, instead, they offer an exchange option. As their products contain less than 0/3% THC and are derived from industrial hemp, the HATH products are available and are shipped across the entire USA.


HATH has a simple offer with only two types of CBD products – CBD patches and CBD capsules. After thoroughly researching the products here is an overview of all of these.

CBD Patches

HATH makes patches infused with CBD in a 24-hour release formula. The patch contains 35 mg of CBD-rich hemp extract, intended to bring relief from pain, inflammation, or aches in the muscles and improving the overall wellness of the body, especially during recovery after strenuous physical activity. The patch is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free and has less than 0.3% THC.

To get most of the HATH CBD patch, you need to clean your skin with the provided swab, then carefully peel off the protective film and stick the patch to your skin. The slow-release formula lasts 24 hours, and during this period, your body will absorb the CBD and get the intended relief. They are individually packed and come in packs of one, five, and fifty patches.

CBD Capsules

HATH makes two types of CBD capsules – Better Days Capsules and Better Nights Capsules.

  • Better Days Capsules by HATH are made with CBD-rich hemp extract and other ingredients that help improve focus, and at the same time bring relief from pain and discomfort. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD hemp extract along with 500 mg turmeric and 10 mg black pepper extracts. The recommended dose is one capsule in the morning. This way, the vegan, GMO-free capsule will dissolve in your stomach and you will feel the effect of the energy-boosting ingredients throughout the day. The Better Days Capsules are packed in a bottle with 30 capsules.
  • Better Nights Capsules by HATH could provide relief from anxiety and promote relaxation, aiding in better sleep. Each of these capsules is made with 25 mg of CBD-rich hemp extract and contains 3 mg melatonin also known as the sleep hormone. For best results, you should take one capsule a night, about half an hour before hitting the hay. These are packed in bottles with 30 capsules.

HathCBD.com Pros and Cons

During my research into HATH, I noticed some pros and some cons about this brand.


  • US-grown hemp used in their products
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Team of experts formulating the products
  • Athlete-oriented products
  • Regular discount offers


  • Limited product offer
  • No info on the extraction method used


HATH has been on the CBD market for two years now. This CBD brand uses organic hemp grown in the USA to make their CBD-rich products. They do third-party lab tests and the results are available by scanning the QR code on the product. There are only two types of products by HATH so far – their CBD patches and the CBD capsules.

The company has a proper online presence, with excellent activity on social media where customers can find info on upcoming sales and discounts. I will personally give the HATH patches a try soon and update my review. Until then, we’ll all have to rely on the word of people that have tried these products and found relief.

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