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I come across an unknown CBD company or a newly created company just about every day. One of the most recent brands that I’ve come to know is AON Mother Nature. The AON Mother Nature brand has advertised itself as carrying the best natural CBD products, and we have decided to look into it further and find out as much as we can about them.
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AON Mother Nature products

Official Rundown of AON Mother Nature CBD

Their brand motto is Authentic, Organic and Natural – deriving the abbreviation AON and they claim that they only use all-natural ingredients for their products, but somehow don’t offer any credible support for this claim. The company has been founded on a simple idea in mind – to create the most cost-effective CBD products for their customers while preserving the quality of the product and improving the health of the consumer. They believe in the Hippocratic statement that people should let the food be their medicine, which is something we also happen to agree with.

The AON Mother Nature brand offers many different products: pure terpene juice, flavored blends of terpene juice, vape kits, edibles, CBD powders, capsules, water-soluble pills, pain-relief salves and balms, pet CBD products, CBD bath bombs and even CBD suppositories, with prices ranging from $6 to $130.

Reading through all of these, we found that their unflavored CBD terpene oil is their most famous product. Containing 900mg of CBD and a mix of other terpenes in a 30 ml bottle, this is a high-potency oil with many beneficial effects. On their website, there is a simple instruction about the proposed methods of taking and proposed dosage of all their products.

After a thorough review of all the offered data on their website, we have concluded that they don’t offer details about the source of the hemp, but they claim that they use organic agricultural hemp grown in Colorado in their products instead of the commonly used industrial hemp. They claim that the organic agricultural hemp in their products is superior in many ways and contains a broad spectrum of natural terpenes as opposed to the lower quality of the industrial hemp that is predominantly grown as animal feed or fiber raw material. But they still don’t offer any credible information about their preferred extraction method and or about testing their products as there is a lack of data about third-party lab tests; something that many users find very important.

Another thing that we found somewhat confusing is their website, as at first glance, it is confusing and most information is just thrown around with no significant order. What we also noticed is the lack of detailed information about CBD, and no educational information is offered. The AON Mother Nature brand is dedicated to bringing fresh products on the market, like the water-soluble CBD products and their high-potency terpene juices.

What we found really compelling are their amazing discounts, for example, the weekend sale or 10% off the first purchase. And they do have good customer support as they offer a toll-free phone number where anyone can find out more about the AON Mother Nature products.

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