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I’m always on the hunt for new CBD brands to try. That holds especially true for those made in the mountains of Colorado. There’s something about the state that just makes me feel good and healthy. Today’s brand is Imbue Botanicals and I’m covering everything you need to know about them down to the coupon codes and ingredients.

On my list of CBD brands is none other than Imbue Botanicals. This one is up at the very top of the list for many reasons. One of these is the innovative hemp growing method high in the Colorado Mountains that enables the hemp to produce more diverse terpene content. Another is their packaging – they select to package their products in completely recyclable packaging. Then there is the assistance program, veterans discount and the benefits for the disabled.

Imbue Botanicals product

The Imbue Botanicals Brand

Imbue Botanicals is guided by the motto “for those who know” and it is rightfully so. They are absolutely devoted to raising the standards of the CBD products and with the hemp grown high in the sunny mountains of Colorado, they are able to make some very, very fine products.

The official website is also a testament to their devotion to detail, as it is full of useful information about their products, about the company and there is the journal written by Jim Bauer, the founder of Imbue Botanicals himself. The website has an extensive base with reviews, and what we found especially endearing is the section with photos of handwritten letters from very satisfied customers.

The website also offers the live chat option, where the visitors have the chance to ask the company directly and get a fast and correct answer in getting the correct product for their needs.

The Imbue Products

The Imbue Botanicals product offer includes tinctures, capsules, topicals, t-shirts and specialty products, as well as pet products (for dogs, cats, and horses). The prices are very affordable for most budgets and go from $18 up to $175.

All of their hemp is grown on their farms high in the mountains of Colorado, on sunny hillsides, via organic methods which ensures that the plants produce a very wide and potent array of natural terpenes and cannabinoids, which translates into high-quality products. The company uses the cold-pressing method to extract the CBD and terpenes from the hemp, ensuring minimal pollution of the environment. There is also their “Earth First” business model, through which they use only completely recyclable materials to package their products.

All the products undergo thorough testing and there are readily available analysis results outlining the potency and purity of the products as well as test results on the raw materials used. Imbue Botanicals is also renowned for its charity as it donates to animal rescues and is devoted to helping people in need with their assistance programs for veterans, disabled people and low-income people in need of CBD products.

The Verdict: Solid Products From Imbue Botanicals – No Doubt About It

From all the above, we can clearly conclude that Imbue Botanicals indeed makes some very nice, premium CBD products. From their proprietary farms high in the Colorado mountains to the excellent devotion to quality, their products are simple to use, yet high-quality and very effective. And certainly the many positive reviews help their case, and we can easily agree that this is a brand of CBD products worth giving a shot.’

Need more proof before trying them out? Check out their official Linkedin page and ask them questions if you have any. I know that wrote a review on them as well. Check that out too if you wish.

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