SkinPro’s Medical Grade Skin Care Line Releases Hemp Eye Cream


If you’re anything like me, then chances are you’re all about keeping your body in tip-top shape. Guess what, that means your skin too! Have you been testing lots of hemp-based skin care products over the years, I bet you have. Which is exactly why I wanted to share this with you. There’s a new hemp eye cream in town and it’s made by a company called Medical Grade Skin Care.

hemp under eye cream product released

I know what you want to know, “Does it work?”

Well, that’s part of the reason why I’m writing this article today. It’s time to find out if this hemp eye cream makes the cut.

But first:

Time to share some information and details about this company…

The first thing that I want you to know is that this company is just getting into the hemp business. They’ve previously released a couple of hemp-based products but are virtually new to the game.

However, when it comes to topical skin care treatments, this company is what I’d consider a veteran on the scene. The parent company is SkinPro International and they’ve been around for years. Based on my research, the company operates a number of collections such as Seductiva, Medical Grade Skin Care, Elite Serum, and Delfogo (see the product listings here).

They sell their products on and most of them have pretty positive reviews. My guess is that this one might work just as well as their other products. However, I cannot say 100% whether or not this hemp under eye cream will work because I haven’t had a chance to try it. Why? Well, it’s literally that new!

medical grade skin care hemp under eye cream
Photo of MGSC Hemp Under Eye Cream by SkinPro

Should you consider hemp for skin care and under eye treatment?

In my opinion, unless someone is allergic to hemp, I cannot see why you wouldn’t want to use hemp to push your skin care efforts to the brink of youthfulness being reached once again.

People tend to work in hemp creams and serums to improve their skin not because it’s trendy or cool, but because it works. The common ingredients are what make that happen. I’m talking about the essential fatty acids (EFAs) and the essential amino acids (AMAs). Both help to improve your skin and rid it of wrinkles.

These creams also typically help improve the production of collagen and it helps keep moisture levels up to snuff.

Before you buy any hemp eye cream or any hemp skin care products in general, do your homework.

Please report your findings to us as well!

As for where to find all the best hemp eye creams, I suggest checking out all the product listings here.

Or buy the hemp eye cream directly on – Click Here To Buy Now!

  1. I’ve been a customer of Skinpro since 2012. They have always had unbelievable customer service and I’ve liked about 80% of their products. This one is one that I’m very much looking forward to trying. I’ll report back with my review when I get it in the mail. Thanks for the notice.

    1. Margie,
      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and opinion on this brand. We love hearing from people like you that contribute to the greater cause. If you have anything else to share or have some specific comments about any of the hemp-based products they have, please do share! Have a nice day!

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